West Indies Players (N)


MV Nagamootoo (Guyana, West Indies)
V Nagamootoo (Guyana)
D Nagasar (umpire)
D Nagassar (umpire)
P Nagassar (Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s)
H Nagnar (South Trinidad)
S Naidoo (West Indies B)
R Naikbarran (Demerara Under-19s)
J Naipaul (British Guiana)
V Naipaul (Trinidad and Tobago B)
N Naipaulsingh (Trinidad and Tobago Women)
S Naitram (RK Currency's XI, University of West Indies)
K Nanan (Harvard)
M Nanan (Trinidad and Tobago)
N Nanan (Nottinghamshire)
R Nanan (Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies)
R Nanan (West Indies XI)
R Nanan (Guyana Cricket Board President's XI)
T Nanan (Trinidad and Tobago University)
K Nandalal (United States of America)
T Nandkishore (British Virgin Islands)
S Nandkumar (umpire)
D Nandlal (Trinidad and Tobago Secondary Schools Cricket League)
S Nandlal (South and Central Trinidad)
A Nandu (Berbice, Guyana)
A Nandu (Berbice)
R Nandu (Guyana Under-19s)
F Nangle (Jamaica Colts)
F Nangle (Central Jamaica)
P Nangle (Jamaica Colts)
R Nannan (Demerara Under-19s)
R Nannan (Demerara)
D Nansingh (umpire)
O Nanton (St Vincent, St Vincent and the Grenadines)
R Nanton (Police)
Narace Singh (umpire)
I Narain (umpire)
D Narayan (Guyana Under-19s)
V Narayan (Guyana Under-15s, Guyana Under-19s)
D Narayan Hit-Wicket (Demerara Under-19s)
S Narayansingh (Trinidad East Indians)
A Naraynsingh (East Trinidad)
S Naraynsingh (North Trinidad)
A Narine (umpire)
B Narine (Essequibo Under-17s)
D Narine (Central Trinidad)
D Narine (Essequibo)
DJ Narine (umpire)
E Narine (Essequibo)
G Narine (West Indies Under-15s)
I Narine (Essequibo)
L Narine (Essequibo Under-15s)
M Narine (Essequibo, Grenada)
P Narine (Guyana Under-15s)
R Narine (Essequibo)
R Narine (Trinidad and Tobago University)
S Narine (Essequibo)
S Narine (Essequibo)
SP Narine (Cape Cobras, Comilla Victorians, Dhaka Dynamites, Guyana Amazon Warriors, Kolkata Knight Riders, Lahore Qalandars, Trinbago Knight Riders, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies)
V Narine (Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s)
V Narine (Essequibo)
B Narinesingh (Trinidad and Tobago University)
S Narine Singh (Berbice Under-19s, Guyana Under-19s)
S Narinesingh (Guyana Under-19s)
Narun Singh (Windward Islands Under-15s, Windward Islands Under-17s)
Narun Singh (Grenada Under-19s)
CA Nascimento (British Guiana)
BP Nash (Jamaica, Kent, Queensland, West Indies)
CT Nash (Black River, St Elizabeth)
W Nash (Black River)
H Nathan (Jamaica Women)
Nathan-Dawes (Jamaica Women)
D Nathaniel (Antigua Masters)
R Nathu (umpire)
CN Nation (Jamaica Women, West Indies Women)
SC Nation (Black River)
J Naughton (Top Level Academy)
K Naughton (Guyana Under-15s)
B Nayaik (Guyana Masters)
CE Neblett (Demerara, Guyana)
JC Neblett (Guyana)
JM Neblett (British Guiana, West Indies)
AR Nedd (West Indies Emerging Players)
D Nedd (Windward Islands Under-15s)
D Nedd (Grenada Under-19s, West Indies Under-19s, Windward Islands Under-19s)
GH Nedd (Guyana)
HH Nedd (Combined Leeward and Windward Islands, Windward Islands)
K Nedd (Grenada)
K Nedd (Windward Islands Under-15s)
K Nedd (Salt Pond Breakers)
M Nedd (Grenada)
QA Nedd (Guyana Under-19s)
A Need (Guyana Under-19s)
M Needham (Jamaica Women, West Indies Women)
P Neil (Essequibo Under-19s)
R Neil (Lucas)
G Neill (Jamaica Under-19s)
R Neill (Jamaica Under-19s)
L Neils (Demerara Under-19s)
I Neish (umpire)
D Neita (Jamaica Under-19s)
MC Neita (Jamaica)
N Neita (Jamaica)
C Neita Noel (Grenada Women)
D Nelson (Jamaica Under-19s, NE Bonner's XI, West Indies Under-15s, West Indies Under-19s)
EN Nelson (Port Antonio)
G Nelson (umpire)
H Nelson (South Trinidad)
K Nelson (Essequibo Women)
L Nelson (Jamaica Under-19s)
L Nelson (Trinidad and Tobago A)
M Nelson (scorer)
M Nelson (Grenada Women)
M Nelson (St Lucia Under-19s Women)
R Nelson (Jamaica Under-19s)
R Nelson (referee)
T Nelson (umpire)
WL Nelson (Jamaica)
J Nembhard (Jamaica Under-15s)
F Neptune (South Trinidad)
R Neptune (South Trinidad)
R Neptune (Police)
D Nereyan (Windward Islands Under-19s)
JB Nero (St Vincent and the Grenadines Women, West Indies Women, Windward Islands Women)
P Nero (referee)
PJ Nero (umpire)
GA Nesfield (Barbados)
NN Nethersole (Jamaica)
H Netto (Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s)
H Netto (Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force)
I Neverson (Combined Leeward and Windward Islands, Windward Islands)
M Neverson (West Indies Development XI, Windward Islands Under-19s)
M Newland (Berbice)
S Newman (Jamaica Under-19s)
T Newman (Leeward Islands Under-15s)
T Newman (Leeward Islands Under-17s)
L Newsome (Cornwall County)
C Newton (Trinidad Colts)
H Newton (Barbados Under-17s)
H Newton (Combermere School)
JB Newton (Barbados)
L Newton
L Newton (Nevis)
P Newton (Leeward Islands Under-19s, Leeward Islands Young Cricketers)
S Newton (Nevis)
V Newton (St Kitts)
V Newton (St Kitts)
VC Newton (Leeward Islands)
SAH Niamat (Trinidad)
B Nicholas (Moosai Sports, North and East Trinidad)
B Nicholas (Trinidad)
C Nicholas (Antigua and Barbuda)
C Nicholas (Dominica)
DE Nicholas (scorer)
E Nicholas (West Indies XI)
G Nicholas (West Indies XI)
I Nicholas (Trinidad and Tobago Under-15s)
M Nicholas (Windward Islands Under-19s)
P Nicholas (JC Guillen's XI, KYG Ottley's XI, North Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago A, Trinidad and Tobago B, Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s)
P Nicholas (Queen's Park)
R Nicholason (Jamaica Under-17s)
Nicholls (WE Reid's XI)
E Nicholls (referee)
EA Nicholls (umpire)
J Nicholls (Spare Squads 2)
M Nicholls (Guyana Under-19s)
P Nicholls (umpire)
J Nichols (Barbados Defence Force)
Nicholson (West Indies XI)
C Nicholson (South Trinidad)
CG Nicholson (West Indies XI)
E Nicholson (Trinidad and Tobago)
G Nicholson (Tobago)
B Niles (North Trinidad)
D Niles (Shamrock Sports Club)
D Niles (Barbados Under-17s, Barbados Under-19s)
G Niles (Windward Islands)
J Niles (Barbados Under-15s, Barbados Under-19s, CR Brathwaite's XI, OJ Phillips' XI)
N Niles (Combined Virgin Islands)
NW Niles (British Virgin Islands)
N Nina (Trinidad and Tobago Women)
E Nisbett
P Nisbett (Leeward Islands Under-15s)
V Nisbitt (Combined Virgin Islands)
A Nizam (Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force)
L Noble (Jamaica Women)
M Noble (umpire)
N Noble (Berbice Under-15s)
S Noble (St Maarten)
WC Nock (Trinidad)
Noel (Trinidad and Tobago Women)
CN Noel (Grenada Women, Windward Islands Women)
J Noel (Combined Campuses and Colleges)
J Noel (Windward Islands Under-15s)
J Noel (Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s Women)
J Noel (Grenada)
L Noel (Grenada)
MK Noel (Windward Islands)
P Noel (scorer)
R Noel
T Noel (Dominica Women)
E Nolan (Jamaica Under-19s)
E Noreiga (Trinidad and Tobago Women)
JM Noreiga (Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies)
A Norford (British Virgin Islands)
EA Norris (Barbados)
R Norris (West Indies XI)
A Norris Hughes (Grenada)
MK North (British Guiana, Demerara)
G Norton (Guyana Under-19s)
G Norton (Demerara Under-19s)
R Norton (St Lucia)
D Norville (Mount Gay North Stars)
N Norville (Barbados Under-15s)
WM Nugent (Port Antonio)
RK Nunes (Jamaica, West Indies)
Nurse (Barbados Community College)
Nurse (SO Dowrich's XI)
A Nurse (Barbados Under-19s, MS Graham's XI)
A Nurse (Police)
AR Nurse (Barbados, Barbados Tridents, Combined Campuses and Colleges, Sagicor High Performance Centre, Trinbago Knight Riders, West Indies)
JR Nurse (British Guiana)
M Nurse (umpire)
MA Nurse (Barbados, Combined Campuses and Colleges)
OG Nurse (Cuckney, St Kitts, West Indian Cavaliers)
P Nurse (Banks Breweries)
RPO Nurse (Barbados)
RR Nurse (Barbados)
SM Nurse (Barbados, West Indies)
T Nurse (Demerara Under-19s)
V Nurse (Barbados)
VM Nurse (Barbados Under-19s)
B Nyaik (Guyana Masters)





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