West Indies Players (E)


Eaglestone (Barbados Garrison)
H Earings (West Indies Young Cricketers)
Earle (scorer)
Earle (Barbados Community College)
E Earle Hughes (Grenada)
I Easahak (University of West Indies)
H Eastmond (scorer)
FAD Eaves (Jamaica North Side)
D Ebanks (Jamaica, Jamaica Under-19s)
D Ebanks (Melbourne Cricket Club)
KF Ebanks (Jamaica)
W Eccles (Trinidad)
H Eccleston (scorer)
J Eckstein (Trinidad)
J Ecstein (Trinidad and Tobago Women)
Eddy (scorer)
A Eddy (scorer)
AG Eddy (Leeward Islands, St Kitts)
F Eddy (RJ Christiani's XI)
VA Eddy (Combined Leeward and Windward Islands, Leeward Islands)
L Edgar (Grenada Women)
V Edgar (Grenada Women)
D Edghill (East Trinidad)
T Edghill (Windward)
H Edgings (Leeward Islands Under-19s, St Kitts, West Indies Young Cricketers)
D Edmond (Jamaica Under-15s)
G Edmonds (Jamaica Under-15s)
J Edmund (Barbados Under-15s)
J Edmund (Barbados Under-19s)
Z Edmund (Dennery)
F Edmunds (Windward Islands Under-19s, Windward Islands Youth)
B Edun (Guyana Under-19s)
WV Edun (British Guiana)
A Edward (North Windward Islands Women, St Lucia Women)
A Edward (Gros Islet, Windward Islands Under-19s)
A Edward (scorer)
D Edward (Windward Islands Under-15s)
D Edward (Gros Islet)
D Edward (Windward Islands Under-17s)
D Edward (St Lucia)
DC Edward (Windward Islands Under-19s)
K Edward (St Lucia, Windward Islands Under-19s)
K Edward (Gros Islet)
L Edward (Gros Islet)
LM Edward (Combined Campuses and Colleges, Windward Islands)
M Edward (North Windward Islands Women, St Lucia Women)
SA Edward (Windward Islands Under-19s)
W Edward (The Ambassadors)
W Edward (St Lucia Under-19s)
W Edward (Windward Islands Under-19s)
Edwards (Jamaica Defence Force)
Edwards (Barclays)
A Edwards (umpire)
A Edwards (Windward Islands Under-19s)
A Edwards (Leeward Islands Women)
A Edwards (St Maarten)
C Edwards (Tobago Women)
C Edwards (Tobago United)
C Edwards (St Lucia)
C Edwards
CR Edwards (Barbados)
D Edwards (Jamaica Colts)
D Edwards (umpire)
D Edwards
D Edwards
D Edwards (Windward Islands Under-19s)
DT Edwards (Antigua and Barbuda)
E Edwards (Trinidad and Tobago Under-20s)
E Edwards (umpire)
F Edwards (Combined Leeward and Windward Islands, Leeward Islands)
FH Edwards (Barbados, Deccan Chargers, Dolphins, Hampshire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Rangpur Riders, St Lucia Zouks, Sydney Thunder, Sylhet Superstars, Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel, Warwickshire, West Indies)
G Edwards (Leeward Islands)
G Edwards (Windward Islands Under-19s)
G Edwards (Demerara, Guyana Under-19s)
H Edwards (United Services)
J Edwards (Antigua and Barbuda, Leeward Islands)
J Edwards (Empire)
JP Edwards (Barbados Under-17s)
JR Edwards (Barbados)
K Edwards (St Lucia)
KA Edwards (Barbados, Barbados Tridents, Combined Campuses and Colleges, Jamaica, West Indies, West Indies Under-19s, Windward Islands)
KG Edwards (Berbice, Guyana)
M Edwards (Trinidad and Tobago Women, West Indies Women)
R Edwards (Anguilla)
R Edwards (Cornwall County)
R Edwards (Windward Islands Under-19s)
R Edwards (Tobago United)
R Edwards (Gros Islet)
R Edwards (Barbados Wanderers)
R Edwards (Wanderers)
RB Edwards (Windward Islands Under-19s)
RM Edwards (Barbados, West Indies)
S Edwards (Tobago Women)
T Edwards (East Trinidad)
T Edwards (Jamaica Under-19s)
T Edwards (Barbados Under-17s)
T Edwards (Barbados Defence Force)
V Edwards (Combined Leeward and Windward Islands, Leeward Islands)
W Edwards (Windward Islands Under-19s, Windward Islands Youth)
W Edwards (St Kitts)
W Edwards (Windward Islands Under-19s)
K Edwards-Baltimore (scorer)
R Edwin (Pickwick)
R Elahie (Windward Islands Under-15s)
N Elcock (Essequibo Women)
S Elcock (SC Snow's XI)
K Elder (North and East Trinidad, North Trinidad)
N Elexy (Essequibo Women)
DA Elgin (St Maarten)
W Elgin (St Maarten)
V Eli (Windward Islands)
N Elibox (Windward Islands Under-15s, Windward Islands Under-17s)
B Eligon (East Trinidad, North Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago)
D Eligon (Trinidad)
D Eligor (Riversdale)
K Elizee (Dominica Under-19s Women)
S Elizee (St Lucia Women)
DE Ellcock (Barbados)
A Elliott (Barbados Women)
C Elliott (Tobago)
G Elliott (Barbados)
KO Elliott (Barbados Women)
YR Elliott (Jamaica)
Ellis (Barbados Garrison)
Ellis (Melbourne Cricket Club)
H Ellis (Cornwall County)
M Ellis (Barbados Women)
S Ellis (Foundation)
V Ellis (Middlesex County)
GDV Eloi (Dominica Women, North Windward Islands Women)
RE Elvin (Trinidad and Tobago)
J Elvis (British Guiana)
CA Elwin (Windward Islands)
HP Elwin (Combined Leeward and Windward Islands, Windward Islands)
J Elwin (Windward Islands)
VJ Elwin (Windward Islands)
LA Emanice (St Lucia)
S Emerson (Guyana Women)
A Emmanuel (St Lucia)
C Emmanuel (Windward Islands Under-19s)
C Emmanuel (St Lucia)
CW Emmanuel (Combined Campuses and Colleges, St Lucia, West Indies Under-19s, Windward Islands)
E Emmanuel (Jamaica Women)
H Emmanuel (Tobago)
H Emmanuel (Antigua and Barbuda)
J Emmanuel (Windward Islands Under-19s)
M Emmanuel (Leeward Islands Under-19s)
R Emmanuel (West Indies Women)
R Emmanuel (Army, Army Development XI, Army Under-25s, Combined Services Under-25s, Cove, Norwich, Royal Armoured Corps, Windward Islands Under-19s)
S Emmanuel (St Lucia)
V Emmanuel (Dennery)
W Emmanuel (St Lucia)
L Emmanus (St Lucia)
C Emrit (umpire)
RR Emrit (Barbados Tridents, Barisal Bulls, Boost Defenders, Chattogram Challengers, Chittagong Vikings, Guyana Amazon Warriors, Quetta Gladiators, St Kitts and Nevis Patriots, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies)
S Emrit (Trinidad and Tobago Under-15s)
Emtage (Pickwick)
AW Emtage (Barbados Under-19s)
HO Emtage (Pickwick)
JBD Emtage (Barbados)
J Engene (Windward Islands Under-15s)
B English (Jamaica Under-15s, Jamaica Under-17s)
M English (Jamaica Under-19s)
W English (Guyana)
W English (Demerara)
Enrique Singh (Trinidad and Tobago Under-15s)
R Erakin (Antigua Schools)
H Ernest (umpire)
Ershad Ali (Guyana Cricket Board President's Under-19s XI)
A Erskin (Evergreen)
K Esdaille (Leeward Islands Under-15s)
K Esdaille (Leeward Islands Under-15s)
S Eskstien (Trinidad and Tobago Women)
D Espirit (Dominica, Windward Islands Under-19s)
D Esprit (Dominica)
A Estafan (The Ambassadors)
A Estava (Windward Islands Under-19s)
EW Estwick (British Guiana)
M Estwick (Banks Breweries)
N Estwick (Barbados Defence Force)
OL Estwick (referee)
RO Estwick (Barbados, Lincolnshire, Transvaal)
Etienne (Dominica)
H Etienne (Dominica)
JT Etienne (Windward Islands)
L Etienne (Dominica, Windward Islands Under-19s)
M Etienne (Grenada Women)
PS Etienne (Dominica Women, West Indies Women, Windward Islands Women)
RR Etienne (Grenada, Windward Islands)
C Ettienne (scorer)
R Ettienne
Etwaroo (Berbice)
D Etwaroo (Canada)
R Etwaroo (Guyana Under-19s)
R Etwaroo (Berbice)
Reginald Etwaroo (Berbice)
Romain Etwaroo (Berbice, Guyana)
TR Etwaroo (Berbice, Guyana)
S Eudovic (umpire)
E Eugene (Trinidad and Tobago Women)
G Eugene (East Trinidad)
J Eugene (Northern Windward Islands, St Maarten, West Indies Under-23s, Windward Islands)
J Eugene (Gros Islet, Windward Islands Under-15s, Windward Islands Under-17s, Windward Islands Under-19s)
J Eugene (St Lucia Under-19s)
J Eugene (St Lucia)
L Eugene (Combined Virgin Islands)
U Eugene (Gros Islet)
W Eugene (Combined Virgin Islands, Combined Virgin Islands Under-19s, Leeward Islands Under-19s, United States Virgin Islands)
A Eusebe (United States Virgin Islands)
I Euses (Winthrops)
R Eustache (North Trinidad)
Evans (United Services)
A Evans (Demerara Under-19s)
E Evans (Demerara Under-19s)
G Evans (United States Virgin Islands)
G Evans (Combined Virgin Islands)
HJ Evans (Berbice, Guyana)
N Evans (Barbados Wanderers)
P Evans (Essequibo)
R Evans (Essequibo, Essequibo Under-17s, Essequibo Under-19s, Guyana Under-15s, Guyana Under-19s)
R Evans (Jamaica Under-19s)
S Evans (Berbice)
SN Evans (St Maarten)
V Evans (St Lucia, Windward Islands Under-19s)
Evanson (umpire)
PWS Evanson (Leeward Islands)
A Evelyn (Empire)
D Evelyn (Barbados Wanderers)
D Evelyn (Wanderers)
E Evelyn (St Lucia)
EE Evelyn (Barbados)
H Evelyn (St Lucia)
LD Evelyn (Barbados Colts)
S Evelyn (University of West Indies Blackbirds Women, University of West Indies Women)
S Evelyn (University of West Indies Blackbirds Women)
D Evenson (Mahico)
Everton Alkins (Empire)
TA Ewart (umpire)
R Ewen (Jamaica North Side)
EB Eytle (British Empire XI, Buccaneers, Indian Gymkhana, Sussex, Winchmore Hill)





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