West Indies Players (E)


Eaglestone (Barbados Garrison)
H Earings (West Indies Young Cricketers)
Earle (scorer)
Earle (Barbados Community College)
E Earle Hughes (Grenada)
I Easahak (University of West Indies)
H Eastmond (scorer)
FAD Eaves (Jamaica North Side)
D Ebanks (Jamaica)
D Ebanks (Melbourne Cricket Club)
KF Ebanks (Jamaica)
W Eccles (Trinidad)
H Eccleston (scorer)
J Eckstein (Trinidad)
J Ecstein (Trinidad and Tobago Women)
Eddy (scorer)
A Eddy (scorer)
AG Eddy (Leeward Islands, St Kitts)
F Eddy (RJ Christiani's XI)
VA Eddy (Combined Leeward and Windward Islands, Leeward Islands)
L Edgar (Grenada Women)
V Edgar (Grenada Women)
D Edghill (East Trinidad)
T Edghill (Windward)
H Edgings (St Kitts)
D Edmond (Jamaica Under-15s)
G Edmonds (Jamaica Under-15s)
J Edmund (Barbados Under-15s)
J Edmund (Barbados Under-19s)
Z Edmund (Dennery)
F Edmunds (Windward Islands Under-19s, Windward Islands Youth)
B Edun (Guyana Under-19s)
WV Edun (British Guiana)
A Edward (St Lucia Women)
A Edward (Gros Islet, Windward Islands Under-19s)
A Edward (scorer)
D Edward (Windward Islands Under-15s)
D Edward (Gros Islet)
D Edward (Windward Islands Under-17s)
D Edward (St Lucia)
DC Edward (Windward Islands Under-19s)
K Edward (St Lucia)
K Edward (Gros Islet)
L Edward (Gros Islet)
LM Edward (Combined Campuses and Colleges, Windward Islands)
M Edward (St Lucia Women)
SA Edward (Windward Islands Under-19s)
W Edward (The Ambassadors)
W Edward (St Lucia Under-19s)
W Edward (Windward Islands Under-19s)
Edwards (Jamaica Defence Force)
Edwards (Barclays)
A Edwards (umpire)
A Edwards (Windward Islands Under-19s)
A Edwards (Leeward Islands Women)
A Edwards (St Maarten)
A Edwards (Central Jamaica)
C Edwards (Tobago Women)
C Edwards (Tobago United)
C Edwards (St Lucia)
C Edwards
CR Edwards (Barbados)
D Edwards (Jamaica Colts)
D Edwards (umpire)
D Edwards
D Edwards
D Edwards (Windward Islands Under-19s)
DRV Edwards (Combined Leeward and Windward Islands, Leeward Islands)
DT Edwards (Antigua and Barbuda)
E Edwards (Trinidad and Tobago Under-20s)
E Edwards (umpire)
FH Edwards (Barbados, Deccan Chargers, Dolphins, Hampshire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Sylhet Superstars, Warwickshire, West Indies)
G Edwards (Leeward Islands)
G Edwards (Windward Islands Under-19s)
G Edwards (Demerara)
H Edwards (United Services)
J Edwards (Antigua and Barbuda, Leeward Islands)
J Edwards (Empire)
JP Edwards (Barbados Under-17s)
JR Edwards (Barbados)
K Edwards (St Lucia)
KA Edwards (Barbados, Barbados Tridents, Combined Campuses and Colleges, Jamaica, West Indies, Windward Islands)
KG Edwards (Berbice, Guyana)
M Edwards (Trinidad and Tobago Women, West Indies Women)
M Edwards (Dark View Explorers)
R Edwards (Anguilla)
R Edwards (Cornwall County)
R Edwards (Windward Islands Under-19s)
R Edwards (Tobago United)
R Edwards (Gros Islet)
R Edwards (Barbados Wanderers)
R Edwards (Wanderers)
RB Edwards (Windward Islands Under-19s)
RM Edwards (Barbados, West Indies)
S Edwards (Tobago Women)
T Edwards (East Trinidad)
T Edwards (Jamaica Under-19s)
T Edwards (Barbados Under-17s)
T Edwards (Barbados Defence Force)
V Edwards (Combined Leeward and Windward Islands, Leeward Islands)
W Edwards (Windward Islands Under-19s, Windward Islands Youth)
W Edwards (St Kitts)
W Edwards (Windward Islands Under-19s)
K Edwards-Baltimore (scorer)
R Edwin (Pickwick)
R Elahie (Windward Islands Under-15s)
N Elcock (Essequibo Women)
S Elcock (SC Snow's XI)
K Elder (North and East Trinidad, North Trinidad)
N Elexy (Essequibo Women)
DA Elgin (St Maarten)
W Elgin (St Maarten)
V Eli (Windward Islands)
N Elibox (Windward Islands Under-15s, Windward Islands Under-17s)
B Eligon (Trinidad and Tobago)
D Eligon (Trinidad)
D Eligor (Riversdale)
K Elizee (Dominica Under-19s Women)
S Elizee (St Lucia Women)
DE Ellcock (Barbados)
A Elliott (Barbados Women)
C Elliott (Tobago)
G Elliott (Barbados)
KO Elliott (Barbados Women)
YR Elliott (Jamaica)
Ellis (Barbados Garrison)
Ellis (Melbourne Cricket Club)
H Ellis (Cornwall County)
M Ellis (Barbados Women)
S Ellis (Foundation)
V Ellis (Middlesex County)
GDV Eloi (Dominica Women)
RE Elvin (Trinidad and Tobago)
J Elvis (British Guiana)
CA Elwin (Windward Islands)
HP Elwin (Combined Leeward and Windward Islands, Windward Islands)
J Elwin (Windward Islands)
VJ Elwin (Windward Islands)
LA Emanice (St Lucia)
S Emerson (Guyana Women)
A Emmanuel (St Lucia)
C Emmanuel (Windward Islands Under-19s)
C Emmanuel (St Lucia)
CW Emmanuel (Combined Campuses and Colleges, St Lucia, Windward Islands)
E Emmanuel (Jamaica Women)
H Emmanuel (Tobago)
H Emmanuel (Antigua and Barbuda)
J Emmanuel (Windward Islands Under-19s)
M Emmanuel (Leeward Islands Under-19s)
R Emmanuel (St Lucia Women, West Indies Women)
R Emmanuel (Army, Cove, Norwich, Royal Armoured Corps)
S Emmanuel (St Lucia)
V Emmanuel (Dennery)
W Emmanuel (St Lucia)
L Emmanus (St Lucia)
C Emrit (umpire)
RR Emrit (Barbados Tridents, Barisal Bulls, Chattogram Challengers, Chittagong Vikings, Guyana Amazon Warriors, Quetta Gladiators, St Kitts and Nevis Patriots, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies)
S Emrit (Trinidad and Tobago Under-15s)
Emtage (Pickwick)
AW Emtage (Barbados Under-19s)
HO Emtage (Pickwick)
JBD Emtage (Barbados)
J Engene (Windward Islands Under-15s)
B English (Jamaica Under-15s, Jamaica Under-17s)
M English (Jamaica Under-19s)
W English (Guyana)
W English (Demerara)
Enrique Singh (Trinidad and Tobago Under-15s)
R Erakin (Antigua Schools)
H Ernest (umpire)
Ershad Ali (Guyana Cricket Board President's Under-19s XI)
A Erskin (Evergreen)
K Esdaille (Leeward Islands Under-15s)
K Esdaille (Leeward Islands Under-15s)
S Eskstien (Trinidad and Tobago Women)
D Espirit (Dominica)
D Esprit (Dominica)
A Estafan (The Ambassadors)
A Estava (Windward Islands Under-19s)
EW Estwick (British Guiana)
M Estwick (Banks Breweries)
N Estwick (Barbados Defence Force)
OL Estwick (referee)
RO Estwick (Barbados, Lincolnshire, Transvaal)
Etienne (Dominica)
H Etienne (Dominica)
JT Etienne (Windward Islands)
L Etienne (Dominica)
M Etienne (Grenada Women)
PS Etienne (Dominica Women, West Indies Women, Windward Islands Women)
RR Etienne (Grenada, Windward Islands)
C Ettienne (scorer)
R Ettienne
Etwaroo (Berbice)
D Etwaroo (Canada)
R Etwaroo (Guyana Under-19s)
R Etwaroo (Berbice)
Reginald Etwaroo (Berbice)
Romain Etwaroo (Berbice, Guyana)
TR Etwaroo (Berbice, Guyana)
S Eudovic (umpire)
E Eugene (North America Women, Trinidad and Tobago Women)
G Eugene (East Trinidad)
J Eugene (St Maarten, Windward Islands)
J Eugene (Gros Islet, Windward Islands Under-15s, Windward Islands Under-17s, Windward Islands Under-19s)
J Eugene (St Lucia Under-19s)
J Eugene (St Lucia)
L Eugene (Combined Virgin Islands)
U Eugene (Gros Islet)
W Eugene (Combined Virgin Islands, United States Virgin Islands)
A Eusebe (United States Virgin Islands)
I Euses (Winthrops)
R Eustache (North Trinidad)
Evans (United Services)
A Evans (Demerara Under-19s)
E Evans (Demerara Under-19s)
G Evans (United States Virgin Islands)
G Evans (Combined Virgin Islands)
HJ Evans (Berbice, Guyana)
N Evans (Barbados Wanderers)
P Evans (Essequibo)
R Evans (Essequibo)
R Evans (Jamaica Under-19s)
S Evans (Berbice)
SN Evans (St Maarten)
V Evans (St Lucia)
Evanson (umpire)
PWS Evanson (Leeward Islands)
A Evelyn (Empire)
D Evelyn (Barbados Wanderers)
D Evelyn (Wanderers)
E Evelyn (St Lucia)
EE Evelyn (Barbados)
H Evelyn (St Lucia)
LD Evelyn (Barbados Colts)
S Evelyn (University of West Indies Blackbirds Women)
S Evelyn (University of West Indies Blackbirds Women)
D Evenson (Mahico)
Everton Alkins (Empire)
TA Ewart (umpire)
R Ewen (Jamaica North Side)
EB Eytle (Indian Gymkhana, Sussex, Winchmore Hill)





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