Data sales

Our team of distinguished statisticians have created the games' definitive database, which is unparalleled in its depth and accuracy. Our data is used by organisations including governing bodies, professional and amateur cricket clubs and media outlets around the world. This raw data, which includes information on scorecard, player, ground and officials is held in a set of mysql database tables.


Our data sales service comes with the following guarantees:


  • Accuracy, breadth and primacy of data peerless
  • Deliverable and able to be used/applied/exploited and exported in your preferred format
  • Support levels and expertise second to none



Research Service

Cricket Archive is the only source of fully searchable first-class, List A and T20 cricket records from around the world. The Archive database enables the team to quantify performance metrics across specific date ranges that would be rendered intangible on any other platform. Our research service includes:


Performance-based - delivering competitive on-field advantage

We provide applied statistical analysis of comprehensive player, team and ground data, designed to support coachesÂ’ understanding of how past performance can determine future outcomes.


Governance-focused - evolving the game

We provide a doctorate-level service of applied statistical analysis which is designed to assist administrators to understand the impact of past decisions, and to help strategically support future governance of the game.


Bespoke solutions

Our expertise and industry knowledge is peerless, allowing us to deliver insightful, confidential and professional research solutions. We look forward to hearing your bespoke research requirements.



Subscription - content driven solutions

Our fully automated data solutions are designed to drive traffic to your site, produce content for social feeds and to build audience loyalty through compelling subject matter. Options include:


  • Web hosting agreement - showcasing historic data on the clients' own website
  • Forthcoming milestones - driving narrative for future matches
  • Integrated player statistics with automatically updated career records
  • On This Day - providing 365 days a year content feed
  • Live scores widget - ball-by-ball live scores and commentary of all international cricket


Other packages are available including bespoke builds for clients who require a tailored solution.



Scorecard uploading to digitise your club records

Does your club or school own scorebooks that are sat gathering dust and in danger of being lost for ever? Cricket Archive provide a specialist service that digitises scorebooks and preserves their place in cricket history. As each scorecard is digitally uploaded, all players, umpires and scorers from that match are then linked to individual profiles, to build detailed career records. This information is then displayed on the club website via a web-hosting agreement.



Contact us

For more information on any of the services above, please contact Jim Hindson via


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