Deaths of Cricketers in 2024

17th FebruaryMJ Procter(Gloucestershire, Natal, Orange Free State, Rhodesia, South Africa, Western Province)
16th FebruaryG Myles(Strathmore)
13th FebruaryDK Gaekwad(Baroda, India, Western India States)
13th FebruaryT Rogers(Lutterworth)
11th FebruaryAL Robinson(Yorkshire)
7th FebruaryR Boyd(Carnforth)
5th FebruaryM Jayston(Lord's Taverners)
2nd FebruaryAI Lavender(Lord's Taverners, Sparks)
FebruaryR Dovey(Old Hill, Staffordshire, Worcestershire Second XI)
FebruaryW Jordan(umpire)
28th JanuaryKM Ricketts(Hythe and Dibden)
27th JanuaryNG Marks(New South Wales)
25th JanuaryKR Booth(The Forty Club)
22nd JanuaryJT McMahon(Queensland)
20th JanuaryAli Zia(House Building Finance Corporation, Lahore City, Lahore City Whites, National Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan Universities, Punjab, United Bank Limited)
20th JanuaryNTA Fiennes(Army, Eton College, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University, Oxfordshire)
20th JanuaryDEV Padgett(England, Marylebone Cricket Club, Yorkshire)
19th JanuaryPS Graham(Accrington, Church)
13th JanuaryB Goffrey(umpire)
13th JanuaryD Hercus(Outcasts)
13th JanuaryRVC Robins(Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex)
12th JanuaryR Milton(Kent Over-70s)
9th JanuaryTFE Grierson(Hawick, South of Scotland)
8th JanuaryK Ryder(Accrington, Church, Lang Bridges, Old Accringtonians, Whalley Road)
8th JanuaryJPR Williams(Bridgend Schools, Lady Taverners, Lord's Taverners, Robertson's XI, Rugby XI, Wales Celebrity XI)
3rd JanuaryRSR Pattison(Charterhouse School)
1st JanuaryGM Tripp(Somerset)





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