Ireland Players (O)


N Oade (Drumaness)
G Oakes (Instonians)
SW Oakes (Derbyshire Second XI, North Leinster, Phoenix)
ATD Obernik (Carlisle)
N O'Brian (Ireland Development XI, Leinster Development XI)
A O'Brien (Ireland Under-13s)
A O'Brien (scorer)
A O'Brien (Merrion)
AR O'Brien
B O'Brien (scorer)
B O'Brien (The Hills Second XI)
B O'Brien (Malahide)
BA O'Brien (Ireland)
C O'Brien (Railway Union)
C O'Brien (The Hills Second XI)
CM O'Brien (Ireland Under-23s Women)
D O'Brien (Marylebone Cricket Club)
D O'Brien (Irish Universities, Munster)
D O'Brien (South Leinster)
E O' Brien (Malahide Second XI)
E O'Brien (Phoenix)
EP O'Brien (Phoenix)
G O'Brien (Railway Union)
G O'Brien (Kilkenny)
G O'Brien (umpire)
GP O'Brien (Ireland)
GP O'Brien (Malahide)
H O'Brien (Phoenix)
H O'Brien (Kilkenny)
H O'Brien (Munster Under-15s)
H O'Brien (Cork County)
H O'Brien (scorer)
J O'Brien (County Clare)
JG O'Brien (Ireland)
JG O'Brien (County Kilkenny)
K O'Brien (Munster)
K O'Brien (scorer)
KJ O'Brien (Gloucestershire, Ireland, Kandahar Kings, Leicestershire, Leinster Lightning, Northern Districts, Nottinghamshire, Rangpur Riders, Somerset, Surrey, Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel)
M O'Brien (Malahide)
MJ O'Brien (Ireland)
NJ O'Brien (Ireland, Kent, Khulna Royal Bengals, Leicestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club, North West Warriors, Northamptonshire, Rangpur Riders)
P O'Brien (Railway Union)
R O'Brien (Cambridge University, Marylebone Cricket Club)
RD O'Brien (Dublin University, Leinster)
S O'Brien (North Leinster)
S O'Brien (umpire)
S O'Brien (Malahide)
S O'Brien (Malahide)
S O'Brien (Malahide)
S O'Brien (Clontarf)
S O'Brien (Malahide)
S O'Brien (Southern Ireland Under-15s)
T O'Brien (UCC)
THP O'Brien (Old Belvedere)
PT O'Brien-Butler (Ireland)
A O'Byrne (Phoenix Third XI)
C O'Byrne (Phoenix Third XI)
C O'Callaghan (Dublin University)
M O'Callaghan (Cork Harlequins, Munster Reds)
B O'Connell (scorer)
OV O'Connell (Phoenix)
R O'Connell (Cork County Second XI)
A O'Connor (scorer)
B O'Connor (scorer)
D O'Connor (Merrion)
D O'Connor (YMCA Second XI, YMCA Third XI)
D O'Connor (Leinster Under-15s)
DJ O'Connor (Merrion)
J O'Connor (Leinster)
J O'Connor (Wexford)
JD O'Connor (Merrion)
K O'Connor (Clontarf)
K O'Connor (Dublin University)
M O'Connor (Leinster)
R O'Connor (Leinster)
R O'Connor (scorer)
S O'Connor (North County)
T O'Connor (Lisburn)
C Odlum (Munster)
F O'Doherty (Sion Mills)
F O'Doherty (Ireland Under-19s)
F O'Doherty (North West)
K O'Doherty (Eglinton, North West)
B O'Donnell (Munster)
B O'Donnell (Old Belvedere)
C O'Donnell (South)
CJ O'Donnell (Clontarf)
H O'Donnell (Military)
JA O'Donnell (Merrion)
K O'Donnell (Ulster Town Under-19s)
K O'Donnell (Instonians)
N O'Donnell (Leinster)
P O'Donnell (Leinster, Old Belvedere, The Hills)
P O'Donnell (Mullingar)
R O'Donnell (Old Belvedere)
R O'Donnell (Royal Academical Institution, Belfast)
RJ O'Donnell (Leinster)
C O'Donoghue (Merrion)
K O'Donoghue (Merrion)
MC O'Donoghue (Civil Service)
S O'Donoghue (Malahide Second XI)
R O'Donovan (CYM)
K O'Dothety (Eglinton)
J O'Driscoll (Pembroke)
M O'Driscoll (Merrion Second XI)
A Oduvelil (scorer)
A Oduveul (Muckamore)
JA O'Dwyer (Phoenix)
JP O'Dwyer (Leinster)
N O'Dwyer (Phoenix)
B O'Farrell (Pembroke)
D O'Farrell (umpire)
N Official Umpires (umpire)
B O'Flynn (Munster Under-15s)
C O'Flynn (Merrion)
D O'Flynn (Merrion)
J Ogilby (Dublin University)
S Ogilby (Cheshire)
K Ogle (Irish Universities)
O'Gorman (umpire)
B O'Gorman (Dublin University)
C O'Gorman (Ireland Under-21s Women)
C O'Gorman (Leinster)
C O'Gorman (Leinster Cricket Union Under-17s)
G O'Gorman (YMCA)
M O'Gorman (Ireland Women, Leinster Women, Young Ireland Women)
M O'Gorman (scorer)
M O'Gorman- (scorer)
S O'Gorman (YMCA)
S O'Gorman (North Leinster)
S O'Gorman (Irish Schools)
TP O'Gorman (Irish Schools)
TP O'Gorman (Munster)
SG O'Grady (YMCA)
J O'Hagan (Merrion)
FJ O'Hallaron (Dublin University)
D O' Halloran (Malahide)
D O'Halloran (Leinster Under-13s)
D O'Halloran (scorer)
DJA O'Halloran (Leinster Lightning)
F O'Halloran (Dublin University)
F O'Hanlon (Old Belvedere)
J O'Hanlon (Malahide)
M O'Hanlon (Carlow)
A O'Hara (Civil Service)
D O'Hara (Holywood Cricket Club Select XI)
EP O'Hara (Birmingham City Football Club)
G O'Hara (Lisburn Second XI)
J O'Hara (Lisburn)
J O'Hara (Ireland Under-19s)
M O'Hara (Malahide)
O O'Hara (umpire)
P OHara (umpire)
P O'Hara (Civil Service)
P O'Hara (scorer)
PL O'Hara (umpire)
V O'Hara (The Nedd)
V O'Hara (umpire)
V O'Hara (umpire)
CJH O'Hara-Moore (Ireland)
A O'Herlihy (scorer)
D O'Herlihy (South Leinster Under-19s)
I O'Herlihy (Leinster, The Hills)
K O'Herlihy (Balbriggan)
KD O'Herlihy (Munster, South Leinster)
KD O'Herlihy (Phoenix)
KD O'Herlihy (Merrion)
M O'Herlihy (Dublin University, The Hills)
M O'Herlihy (Irish Universities)
P O'Herlihy (Leinster)
PJ O'Herlihy (South Leinster)
A O'Herlihy-G Kitteringham (scorer)
M O'Higgins (Merrion)
A O'Kane (Dublin University)
J O'Kane (Ulster Under-15s)
R O'Keefe (Cork Harlequins)
R O'Keefe (Cork County)
A O'Keeffe (Merrion)
J O'Keeffe (Cork County Third XI)
RM O'Keeffe (Cork County, Cork Harlequins, North County, Pembroke)
BJ O'Kelly (Leinster Second XI)
BJD O'Kelly (Leinster)
D O'Kelly (University College, Dublin)
DC O'Kelly (Clontarf)
E O'Kelly (Kildare)
Oldfield (Na Shuler)
Oldfield (Gentlemen of the North of Ireland)
G Oldfield (North Down Second XI)
C Oldham (Phoenix)
SC Oldham (Cliftonville)
D Oldroyd (Dundrum)
D Oldroyd (Drumaness)
D Oldroyd (Downpatrick)
O'Leary (Phoenix)
B O'Leary (Cork Harlequins)
B O'Leary (Cork Harlequins Second XI)
CM O'Leary (Ireland Women)
D O'Leary (Cork County, Phoenix)
B O'Leay (Cork Harlequins)
Oliver (Royal Dublin Fusiliers)
D Oliver (Pembroke)
G Oliver (Coleraine)
JJ Oliver (Civil Service)
PR Oliver (Dublin University)
PR Oliver (Dublin University)
D Olivier (Pembroke)
J Ollman (Cork County Second XI)
B O'Loughlin (Pembroke)
D O'Loughlin (Munster)
R O'Loughlin (Pembroke)
C Olphert (scorer)
C Olphert (North West Warriors)
DM Olphert (Ireland)
M Olphert (Bready, North West)
M Olphert (North)
S Olphert (Lisburn)
SA Olphert (Eglinton)
B O'Mahony (The Hills)
E O'Mahony (The Hills)
F O'Mahony (North Leinster)
PA O'Mahony (Munster)
C O'Maille (Ireland)
CJ O'Maille (Pembroke)
MC O'Maille (Pembroke)
N O'Maille (scorer)
K O'Malley (Irish Universities)
KP O'Malley (Old Belvedere)
S O'Malley (Irish Universities)
S O'Malley (County Galway)
JD O'Mara (Ireland, Wicklow, Wexford and Carlow)
T O'Mara (Wicklow, Wexford and Carlow)
A Omarjee (Irish Universities)
G O'Meara (Railway Union)
GJ O'Meara (Irish Universities)
GP O'Meara (Railway Union)
J O'Meara (Northern Cricket Union President's XI)
JA O'Meara (Ireland)
M O'Meara (North Kildare)
A Omer (Old Belvedere)
RLD O'Moore (Dublin University)
T Omyekwely (scorer)
A O'Neil (Railway Union Second XI)
A O'Neill (Old Belvedere, Railway Union)
A O'Neill (scorer)
A O'Neill (Munster Under-19s)
A O'Neill (Ireland Under-15s)
A O'Neill (Pembroke)
A O'Neill (Southern Ireland Under-15s)
A O'Neill (Leinster Under-15s)
B O'Neill (Sion Mills)
B O'Neill (Strabane)
C O'Neill (Auckland Women, Ireland Women, Northern Districts Women)
D O'Neill (North Kildare)
D O'Neill (Woodvale)
D O'Neill (Woodvale)
DJ O'Neill (Irish Universities, North Leinster)
G O'Neill (Woodvale)
JJ O'Neill (Malahide)
K O'Neill (Malahide)
N O'Neill (Sion Mills)
R O'Neill (Viscount Massereene's Team)
R O'Neill (Sion Mills)
S O'Neill (Old Belvedere)
S O'Neill (Pembroke Second XI, Pembroke Third XI)
T O'Neill (CYM)
T O'Neill (North Leinster)
T O'Neill (Woodvale)
T O'Neill (umpire)
T O'Neill (Malahide)
T O'Neill (Leinster Second XI)
U O'Neill (umpire)
W O'Neill (Mullingar)
W O'Neill (Dublin University)
WG O'Neill (umpire)
C Oosthuizen (Leinster Second XI)
H Oppermann (Clontarf)
A Oprey (Belfast Harlequins)
A O'Prey (Belfast Harlequins, Crook)
J O'Prey (North Down)
W Orakzai (Strabane)
C O'Rawe (Belfast Harlequins)
C O'Reardon (Scorchers Women)
T O'Regan (umpire)
O'Reilly (Civil Service)
A O'Reilly (Cork County, Cork Harlequins, Irish Universities)
A O'Reilly (scorer)
A O'Reilly (Typhoons Women)
Andrew O'Reilly (Cork Harlequins Second XI, Cork Harlequins Third XI)
Anthony O'Reilly (Cork Harlequins Second XI)
F O'Reilly (Monkstown)
H O'Reilly (Leinster Women)
J O'Reilly (umpire)
K O'Reilly (Munster Under-13s)
K O'Reilly (Midleton)
K O'Reilly (Cork Harlequins)
L O'Reilly (Munster Under-13s)
L O'Reilly (Midleton)
L O'Reilly (Cork Harlequins)
L O'Reilly (Munster Heat)
LA O'Reilly (Ireland Women, Scorchers Women)
M O'Reilly (YMCA)
O O'Reilly (Leinster Cricket Union Under-19s)
P O'Reilly (Civilians)
P O'Reilly
PM O'Reilly (Ireland)
R O'Reilly (umpire)
R O'Reilly (Clontarf, Irish Universities, Leinster, North Leinster)
R O'Reilly (Clontarf Second XI)
R O'Reilly (Dublin University)
S O'Reilly (Oak Hill)
S O'Reilly (Munster Under-13s)
A O'Riordan (Northern Cricket Union President's XI)
AJ O'Riordan (Ireland)
D O'Riordan (Old Belvedere)
D O'Riordan (Pembroke Second XI)
DK O'Riordan (Cork County, Irish Universities, North Leinster, Old Belvedere)
KF O'Riordan (North Leinster, Old Belvedere)
M O'Riordan (Muckamore)
N O'Riordan (Irish Universities, North Leinster)
P O'Riordan (North Leinster)
C O'Riordon (Dragons Women)
A Orme (Leinster)
K Orme (umpire)
GS Ormerod (Dublin Garrison)
CG Ormsby (umpire)
HM Ormsby (101st Fusiliers)
A O'Rorke (North)
B O'Rourke (Leinster, Pembroke, Rush, South Leinster)
F O'Rourke (Ulster Juniors)
FJ O'Rourke (Leinster)
BH Orr (North)
HB Orr (Viscount Massereene's Team)
JV Orr (Queen's University, Belfast)
JW Orr (Queen's University, Belfast)
L Orr (Carrickfergus)
LWA Orr (Dublin University)
M Orr (Brigade Second XI)
RH Orr (North of Ireland Cricket Club)
T Orr (Phoenix)
T Orr (North)
T Orr (Eglinton)
T Orr (Emerging Warriors)
W Orr (Bromsgrove School, North)
WH Orr (Ulster)
Osama Khan (The Hills)
C Osborne (Navan)
CW Osborne (Bromsgrove School)
PJ Osborne (Civil Service)
S Osborne (Carrickfergus)
W Osborne (Rathmines School Past and Present)
WH Osborne (Civil Service)
D Osbourne (Pembroke Second XI)
O'Shaughnessy (Military, Vice Regal Lodge)
D O'Shea (South)
D O'Shea (Malahide)
D O' Shea (Malahide)
D O'Shea (scorer)
L O'Shea (Malahide)
Osmer (North)
W Ostrofsky (Leprechauns)
D O'Sullivan (referee)
DM O'Sullivan (Clontarf)
E O'Sullivan (Ireland Under-19s)
EM O'Sullivan (Cork County)
F O'Sullivan (Leinster)
G O'Sullivan (umpire)
JC O'Sullivan (Merrion)
JM O'Sullivan (Cork County)
K O'Sullivan (scorer)
K O'Sullivan (scorer)
K O'Sullivan (Cork County)
K O'Sullivan (umpire)
K O'Sullivan (scorer)
M O'Sullivan (scorer)
O O'Sullivan (Monkstown)
P O'Sullivan (YMCA)
P O'Sullivan (Cork County)
R O'Sullivan (Irish Universities, North Leinster)
R O'Sullivan (Leinster)
R O'Sullivan (Leinster Cricket Union Under-19s)
S O'Sullivan (North Down)
S O'Sullivan (Cork County Second XI)
L O'Toole (Railway Union)
D O'Tuoma (Merrion Second XI)
WL Ottaway (Pembroke)
CJ Ottway (North)
D O'Tuama (Dublin University)
J Outram (Merrion Third XI)
Ovais Ali (Knockharley)
B Ovenden (Phoenix Second XI)
S Owais Bacha (Leinster)
E Owens (Ireland Women)
F Owens (Wexford)
G Owens (Old Belvedere)
K Owens (Leinster Women)
M Owens (scorer)
R Owens (Muckamore, Saintfield)
S Owens (scorer)
SA Owens (Ireland Women)
J Ozenbrook (Laois)
M Ozenbrook (Laois)
M Ozenbrook (scorer)





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