Ireland Players (J)


A Jabbar Younus (Cork County)
Jabev (Dundrum)
Jack (Players of Dublin)
L Jack (North West)
Jackson (Officers of the Curragh Camp)
A Jackson (Civil Service North)
A Jackson (Oak Hill)
A Jackson (scorer)
A Jackson (Railway Union Second XI)
A Jackson (Railway Union)
A Jackson (YMCA Second XI)
B Jackson (Old Belvedere)
B Jackson (Civil Service North)
D Jackson (Carlisle)
F Jackson (Ulster)
FW Jackson (Ireland)
H Jackson (Ireland)
H Jackson (Ulster)
HW Jackson (Dublin University)
HW Jackson (Phoenix)
HW Jackson (Phoenix Park)
J Jackson (Templepatrick)
J Jackson (Muckamore)
P Jackson (Munster)
P Jackson (scorer)
PB Jackson (Ireland)
R Jackson (South)
R Jackson (Old Belvedere)
S Jackson (Ireland Under-15s)
S Jackson (YMCA Second XI, YMCA Third XI)
S Jackson (Leinster Cricket Union Under-15s)
S Jackson (Leinster Under-13s)
SH Jackson (Ulster)
T Jackson (Ulster Town)
W Jackson (JS Pollock's XI)
W Jackson (Bonds Glen)
W Jackson (Cork)
WER Jackson (Na Shuler)
WF Jackson (Ulster)
D Jacob (scorer)
P Jacob (Dundrum)
PR Jacob (Dublin University, Irish Universities)
V Jacob (umpire)
V Jacob (Dundrum)
V Jacob (Dundrum)
V Jacob (Leinster Second XI)
V Jacob (Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County)
W Jacob (Phoenix)
Jacobs (Royal Dublin Fusiliers)
A Jacobs (Bready)
D Jacobs (Instonians)
R Jacobs (Carlisle)
D Jacobson (Dublin University)
DA Jacobson (Carlisle)
DI Jacobson (Carlisle, South Leinster)
LC Jacobson (Ireland)
R Jacobson (Carlisle)
T Jacques (scorer)
S Jadliwala (scorer)
Jaffar Hussain (County Galway, Galway)
Jaffer (County Galway)
R Jaffer (Mullingar)
K Jaffery (National University of Ireland Galway)
IM Jaffey (Ireland)
Jaffray (Military, Vice Regal Lodge)
K Jaffri (County Galway)
K Jaffry (Dundrum)
K Jaffry (County Galway)
CD Jager (Cork Harlequins)
D Jagobson (Dublin University)
N Jagoe (Railway Union)
T Jagoe (scorer)
R Jagraguni (Ballaghadereen)
A Jahid (County Kerry)
P Jaidka (Greystones)
A Jain (Civil Service)
P Jakar (West Central)
Jamal (Limerick Raiders)
WU Jamal (Limerick)
A Jameel (Midleton)
A James (North of Ireland Cricket Club)
B James (Holywood)
C James (Lurgan Demesne)
JJ James (Cork County)
K James (Clontarf)
K James (Carrickfergus)
N James (Phoenix)
T James (Clontarf Second XI)
A Jameson (Coolattin)
A Jameson (Saintfield)
E Jameson (Phoenix)
EL Jameson (Coolattin)
J Jameson (Ulster Town)
TO Jameson (Army, Free Foresters, Hampshire, Marylebone Cricket Club)
DM Jamieson (Irish Schools)
M Jamil (Ballaghadereen)
A Jamison (Derriaghy)
JK Jamison (Irish Schools)
M Jan (Waterford Institute of Technology)
T Janes (County Clare Second XI)
C Janik (Leinster)
P Janola (scorer)
L Jansen (Rush)
T Jaques (scorer)
S Jarayiannis (Instonians)
I Jardine (YMCA)
M Jardine (Ardmore)
S Jarray (Ballaghadereen)
Y Jarwal (Old Belvedere)
Jatinder Singh (Railway Union)
A Java (Sligo)
K Javed (Midleton)
M Javed (Dundrum)
S Javed (County Kerry)
Javed Ali (Limerick Raiders)
K Javid (Limerick Raiders)
S Javid (Limerick Raiders)
Z Javid (North West)
M Jawad Mir (County Kerry Second XI)
B Jayakrishnan Prema (YMCA Third XI)
Jayakumar (Dundrum)
T Jayani (scorer)
JdC Short (Dublin University)
Jeff (scorer)
AS Jeffares (Dublin University)
GP Jeffares (Dublin University)
S Jeffers (Cork County)
J Jeffery (umpire)
J Jeffery (scorer)
S Jeffery (Bready)
J Jefferys (umpire)
AS Jeffrey (Ireland)
C Jeffrey (Irish Universities, North West)
J Jeffrey (umpire)
J Jeffrey (scorer)
J Jeffrey (umpire)
S Jeffrey (North)
J Jeffreys (scorer)
J Jeffreys (scorer)
J Jeffries (umpire)
Jeffrys (County Kildare)
R Jeggels (Phoenix)
U Jehanger (YMCA)
U Jehangir (YMCA)
U Jehangir (Pembroke Second XI, Terenure)
L Jenkinson (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society)
C Jenks (Lurgan)
T Jenks (Lurgan)
J Jenning (Civil Service)
J Jennings (Malahide)
J Jennings (Malahide Second XI)
M Jennings (Derriaghy)
S Jennings (scorer)
G Jensen (Thurles)
J Jeoffrey (umpire)
H Jephson (Phoenix)
J Jeremy (umpire)
G Jermyn (Munster)
T Jerram (Dublin University)
A Jerrold (Leinster)
Jervoise (Dublin)
KB Jeshan (scorer)
R Jessa (Irish Schools)
Jibran Khan (Merrion Third XI)
G Jillani (The Hills Second XI)
Jim (scorer)
Jitender (County Clare)
Jitendra Singh (Railway Union)
Jitendra Singh (Railway Union Second XI)
S Joanston (Lurgan)
Joe O'Mahony (Cork Harlequins)
S John (Greystones)
CM Johns (North)
E Johns (YMCA)
E Johns (scorer)
J Johns (scorer)
W Johns (Belfast Wanderers)
Johnson (North)
A Johnson (Glendermott)
A Johnson (Phoenix)
A Johnson (Dublin University)
A Johnson (Civil Service North)
B Johnson (Northern Cricket Union President's XI)
C Johnson (Dublin)
C Johnson (Instonians)
C Johnson (Civil Service)
C Johnson (umpire)
C Johnson (Ireland Under-17s Women)
CK Johnson (Dublin University)
D Johnson (Ulster Town Under-19s)
DT Johnson (Phoenix, YMCA)
FF Johnson (Dublin University)
GW Johnson (Leinster)
J Johnson (Clontarf)
M Johnson (Northern Cricket Union Under-13s)
N Johnson (Ulster Town)
P Johnson (Ireland Development XI)
P Johnson (Leinster Development XI)
R Johnson (Instonians, YMCA)
R Johnson (Leinster)
R Johnson (YMCA Second XI)
R Johnson (umpire)
R Johnson (scorer)
RJ Johnson (scorer)
W Johnson (Dublin University)
Johnston (Woodvale)
Johnston (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society)
A Johnston (Northern Cricket Union Under-15s)
A Johnston (Glendermott)
A Johnston (Leinster)
A Johnston (Civil Service North)
A Johnston (Northern Cricket Union Under-13s)
A Johnston (Civil Service Second XI)
A Johnston (Cregagh)
AD Johnston (Ireland)
AG Johnston (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society)
AG Johnston (Emerging Knights)
AP Johnston (Ulster Schools)
B Johnston (Coleraine Second XI)
B Johnston (North West Under-17s)
BR Johnston (Irish Schools, Northern Cricket Union Under-23s)
C Johnston (umpire)
D Johnston (Ulster Town)
D Johnston (scorer)
DG Johnston (Irish Schools, Northern Cricket Union Under-23s)
DT Johnston (Ireland, New South Wales)
FF Johnston (Vice Regal Lodge)
J Johnston (Ulster)
JM Johnston (JW Walsh's XI)
L Johnston (Carrickfergus)
M Johnston (North County)
M Johnston (North Leinster Under-19s)
M Johnston (Cregagh)
N Johnston (Ulster Town)
P Johnston (Leinster, Railway Union)
PH Johnston (Cork)
R Johnston (Gentlemen of Ireland)
R Johnston (Eglinton)
R Johnston (scorer)
R Johnston (umpire)
R Johnston (King William's College)
R Johnston (Instonians)
RI Johnston (Ireland)
RW Johnston (Phoenix)
S Johnston (Bangor, Lurgan, Woodvale)
T Johnston (YMCA)
TM Johnston (Ulster)
W Johnston (1st Battalion West India Regiment, Gentlemen of Ireland, Ireland)
W Johnston (Viscount Massereene's Team)
W Johnston (Dublin University)
W Johnston (Dublin University)
WH Johnston (Phoenix)
A Johnstone (Glendermott)
C Johnstone (Dublin University)
M Johnstone (Belfast Under-14s)
P Johnstone (Cork)
R Johnstone (Military)
WL Jolley (Pembroke)
Jolli (County Clare)
J Jolly (Ballymena)
Jonash (Limerick Raiders)
Jones (Dublin University)
C Jones (Phoenix)
C Jones (Imperial Tobacco Company)
C Jones (Leinster Second XI)
C Jones (Phoenix Third XI)
CP Jones (Portora Royal School)
CW Jones (Leinster)
CWP Jones (Dublin University, Irish Universities, South Leinster)
E Jones (Phoenix, South Leinster)
E Jones (JS Pollock's XI)
E Jones (Pembroke)
E Jones (Leinster)
G Jones (Ireland)
IH Jones (Dublin University)
J Jones (Leinster)
J Jones (United Ireland Eleven)
JC Jones (Civil Service)
JW Jones (Clontarf)
K Jones (scorer)
K Jones (scorer)
K Jones (Cork Harlequins Third XI)
LR Jones (Leinster)
M Jones (Ireland A)
M Jones (Leinster)
M Jones (scorer)
M Jones (Carrickfergus)
MA Jones (Leinster)
MJ Jones (Clontarf)
MSC Jones (Armagh, Bessbrook)
N Jones (umpire)
N Jones (scorer)
NG Jones (Ireland, Northern Knights)
OW Jones (Clontarf)
P Jones (Ireland Women)
R Jones (Leinster, Phoenix)
R Jones (W Allen's XI)
R Jones (Munster Under-15s)
R Jones (North County)
R Jones (scorer)
R Jones (Terenure)
R Jones (North)
R Jones (YMCA)
R Jones (Civil Service)
RP Jones (Munster Reds)
RP Jones (Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s)
S Jones (Southern Ireland Under-15s)
S Jones (Munster Under-13s)
S Jones (Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s)
SNC Jones (Dublin University)
SR Jones (Munster Reds)
WD Jones (umpire)
WR Jones (Leinster, Phoenix)
LB Jonker (Old Belvedere)
P Jonker (Greystones)
P Jonnala (scorer)
I Joosub (South Leinster)
DA Jordan (Northern Ireland Universities, Queen's University, Belfast)
H Jordan (Cork County)
J Jordan (Westland)
D Jose (Dundrum)
D Jose (Dundrum)
J Jose (Balbriggan)
A Joseph (Phoenix)
A Joseph (scorer)
B Joseph (Nenagh)
D Joseph (Dundrum)
D Joseph (Dundrum)
J Joseph (Nenagh)
J Joseph (Nenagh)
J Joseph (Nenagh)
R Joseph (Lurgan)
S Joseph (Nenagh)
M Joshi (Civil Service)
N Joshi (Civil Service)
N Joshi (scorer)
S Joshi (Cork County, Munster Reds)
W Josib (Civil Service)
G Joy (Phoenix)
H Joy (Phoenix)
J Joy (Pembroke Under-15s)
JM Joy (Ireland)
Joyce (Ireland Development XI)
A Joyce (Ireland)
C Joyce (Typhoons Women)
CNIM Joyce (Dragons Women, Ireland Women, Scorchers Women)
D Joyce (Merrion, Oak Hill)
D Joyce (scorer)
D Joyce (umpire)
D Joyce (Greystones)
DI Joyce (Ireland)
EC Joyce (England, Ireland, Leinster Lightning, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, Sussex)
IMHC Joyce (Hobart Hurricanes Women, Ireland Women, Scorchers Women, Tasmania Women)
J Joyce (umpire)
J Joyce (Oak Hill)
J Joyce (Ireland Development XI)
J Joyce (scorer)
M Joyce (scorer)
M Joyce (umpire)
C Judd (YMCA)
P Juganew (County Clare Second XI)
M Junaid (County Kerry)
M Junaid Amin (Cork County)
N Junaideen (Dublin University)
MA Jutt (Cork County)





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