Zimbabwe Players (C)


R Calasse (Harare Sports Club)
N Calver (Rhodesia Schools)
Calvert (Rhodesia Schools)
DP Cameron (Natal B, Rhodesia, Western Province)
JG Cameron (Worcestershire)
P Cameron (Rhodesia Schools)
S Cameron (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
A Campbell (Rhodesia)
ADR Campbell (Manicaland, Mashonaland, Mashonaland Country Districts, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Country Districts)
C Campbell (Mashonaland)
D Campbell (Zimbabwe Development XI)
DJR Campbell (Mashonaland, Mashonaland Country Districts, Matabeleland, Midlands, Zimbabwe Country Districts)
J Campbell (Harare Kings)
JMR Campbell (Boost Defenders, Rangers, Rhinos, Speen Ghar Tigers)
JC Campbell-Rodger (Eastern Province, Rhodesia)
J Campell (Harare Kings)
P Campin (umpire)
Candler (Rhodesia Schools)
P Candler (Zimbabwe-Rhodesia Schools)
K Cantrell (Rhodesia Schools)
S Capon (The Wonderers)
Carbutt (Rhodesia Schools)
AS Carew (Rhodesia, Western Province)
B Carew (Rhodesia Schools)
BJ Carew (Rhodesia)
DG Carle (Mashonaland Country Districts)
D Carlen (Goromonzi)
B Carlisle (Peterhouse School, Marondera)
H Carlisle (Matabeleland)
SV Carlisle (Mashonaland, Zimbabwe)
PR Carlstein (Natal, Natal B, Orange Free State, Rhodesia, Rhodesia B, South Africa, Transvaal, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia B)
W Carne (MacDonald Club)
WJ Carne (MacDonald Club)
S Carroll (Zimbabwe Schools)
JA Carse (Border, Eastern Province, Eastern Province B, Griqualand West, Northamptonshire, Rhodesia, Rhodesia B, Western Province B, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia B)
A Carter-Renaud (The Occasionals)
G Caruthers-Smith (Peterhouse School, Marondera)
R Cary (Mashonaland Country Districts, Zimbabwe Country Districts)
R Cary (The Stragglers)
S Cary (Harare Sports Club)
RH Catterall (Natal, Orange Free State, Rhodesia, South Africa, Transvaal)
S Chabaya (Jameson School)
I Chabi (umpire)
E Chademamna (Manicaland)
C Chadhani (Mashonaland Under-24s)
TO Chaeruka (Midlands)
V Chaitezvi (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
VT Chaitezvi (Mashonaland)
RW Chakabva (Eagles, Harare Metropolitan Eagles, Mashonaland Eagles, Northerns, Zimbabwe)
Chalmers (Midlands)
M Chamburuka (Mid West Rhinos B)
Chana (Hillcrest College)
I Chand (Zimbabwe Development XI)
T Chando (Gladiators)
J Chanjack (Centrals Women)
Chappel (Prince Edward School, Harare)
D Chappell (Prince Edward School, Harare)
BM Chapungu (Centrals, Mid West Rhinos, Midlands, Midlands Rhinos, Rhinos, Southern Rocks)
BB Chari (Bulawayo Metropolitan Tuskers, Matabeleland Tuskers, Tuskers, Zimbabwe)
F Chari (scorer, referee)
N Chari (Mashonaland, Midlands, Northerns)
N Chari (Prince Edward School, Harare)
W Charinda
JH Charsley (Rhodesia)
CW Charter (Mashonaland, Salisbury)
C Charumbira
P Charumbira (Masvingo, Northerns, Southern Rocks, Southerns)
P Charumbira (Zimbabwe Women)
TL Chatara (Band-e-Amir Dragons, Kabul Eagles, Manicaland Mountaineers, Mountaineers, Zimbabwe)
C Chatonzwa (Zimbabwe Women)
P Chatora (Easterns, Mountaineers)
E Chauluka (Centrals, Manicaland, Mashonaland, Midlands, Southern Rocks)
B Chavundika (MacDonald Club)
C Chavunduka (Queens Sports Club)
WR Chawaguta (Centrals)
PT Chesa (Zimbabwe Cubs, Zimbabwe Under-19s)
A Chibanda (Gladiators)
CJ Chibhabha (Centrals, Eagles, Harare Metropolitan Eagles, Mashonaland, Mashonaland Eagles, Southern Rocks, Southerns, Zimbabwe)
J Chibhabha (Zimbabwe Women)
L Chibunhe (Eagles Women)
T Chibusha (Northerns Under-19s)
N Chibuwe (scorer)
TT Chibvongodze (Midlands Rhinos, Rhinos)
A Chibvuri (Zimbabwe Under-17s)
S Chideya (Zimbabwe Development XI)
G Chidume (scorer)
P Chidzana (Southern Rocks B)
MS Chifamba (Mashonaland Eagles)
T Chigariro (umpire, referee)
AG Chigoma (Bulawayo Metropolitan Tuskers, Tuskers)
FT Chigovera (scorer)
K Chigulupate (Gladiators)
E Chigumbura (African XI, Barbados Tridents, Chittagong Vikings, Eagles, Harare Metropolitan Eagles, Kala Bagan Krira Chakra, Manicaland, Mashonaland, Mashonaland Eagles, Northamptonshire, Northerns, Quetta Gladiators, Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club, Southern Rocks, Speen Ghar Tigers, Sylhet Royals, Zimbabwe)
SG Chigumbura (Queens Sports Club)
A Chihera (Southern Rocks B)
A Chihera (Great Zimbabwe)
T Chihota (KwaZulu-Natal Inland, Manicaland, Mashonaland)
N Chikandiga (Rhinos Women)
J Chikange (referee)
M Chikoki (Northerns Women)
HT Chikomba (Harare Metropolitan Eagles, Mashonaland Eagles, Mountaineers)
R Chikomborero (Rhinos Women)
JE Chikowero (Midlands Rhinos)
M Chikowero (Midlands Rhinos, Rangers, Rhinos)
M Chikowero
I Chikunya (Centrals, Mid West Rhinos, Midlands)
MT Chikuwa (Gladiators)
B Chilapula (Mashonaland, Northerns)
TB Chimbambo (Manicaland Mountaineers, Mashonaland, Mountaineers, Northerns)
N Chimbirimbiri (Great Zimbabwe)
WD Chimene
SD Chimhamhiwa (Bulawayo Metropolitan Tuskers, Matabeleland Tuskers, Tuskers)
RT Chimhinya (Zimbabwe Under-13s, Zimbabwe Under-19s)
BL Chimowitz (Rhodesia)
L Chimudondo (Westerns Under-19s)
S Chinamora (Matabeleland Tuskers B)
A Chinevhu (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
PF Chingoka (South Africa African XI)
T Chingwara (Mid West Rhinos, Midlands Rhinos, Rhinos)
Chiniyani (Prince Edward School, Harare)
MT Chinouya (Centrals, Mid West Rhinos, Midlands, Midlands Rhinos, Rhinos, Southern Rocks, Zimbabwe)
RC Chinyemba (Zimbabwe Women)
J Chinyengetere (Masvingo, Southerns)
R Chinyengetere (Centrals, Masvingo, Southern Rocks, Southerns)
IM Chinyoka (Manicaland, Mashonaland Eagles, Midlands, Southerns)
IM Chinyoka
R Chiokunyunga (Mid West Rhinos B)
RG Chiora (Easterns)
TRG Chiorah (Mountaineers)
S Chioza (Manicaland, Mashonaland)
D Chipangura (Southerns Under-19s)
F Chipare (Mountaineers Women)
T Chipare (Matabeleland Tuskers, Westerns)
B Chipungu (Takashinga)
BT Chipungu (Mountaineers)
AR Chiradza (Rangers)
T Chiradza (Gresham's School, Zimbabwe Cubs, Zimbabwe Under-13s, Zimbabwe Under-17s, Zimbabwe Under-19s)
AT Chiranda (Midlands)
G Chirau (Rainbow)
G Chirawu (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
GF Chirawu (Eagles)
G Chirimuuta (Centrals, Harare Metropolitan Eagles, Mashonaland Eagles, Mountaineers)
O Chirombe (umpire, referee)
N Chirova (Great Zimbabwe)
K Chirume (Harare Kings)
T Chirwa (Queens Sports Club)
V Chirwa (Easterns Under-19s, Zimbabwe Under-13s)
P Chisaka (Southern Rocks B, Zimbabwe Under-19s)
T Chisango (Northerns Under-19s)
E Chisingarambwi (Mountaineers Women)
A Chisirimunhu (Tuskers Women)
TS Chisoro (Centrals, Masvingo, Mid West Rhinos, Midlands Rhinos, Rhinos, Southern Rocks, Southerns, Speen Ghar Tigers, Zimbabwe)
M Chitare (Mashonaland)
M Chitare (Prince Edward School, Harare)
J Chitate (Zimbabwe Under-17s)
T Chitongo (Centrals, Mid West Rhinos, Midlands Rhinos, Southern Rocks)
Chittenden (Mashonaland)
C Chitumba (Manicaland Mountaineers, Mountaineers, Rangers)
E Chitumba (Eagles Women)
M Chiturumani (Easterns, Masvingo, Southerns)
T Chivanga (Eagles)
D Chivunga (Old Hararians)
T Chiwanza (Westerns Under-19s)
L Chiwara (scorer)
T Chiwara (M and M Signs Strikers)
E Chiwashira (Jameson School)
E Chiwashira (Midlands Select XI)
M Chizanhi (Centrals Women)
RM Chokununga (Mid West Rhinos)
A Chouhan (Matabeleland Tuskers B)
AK Chouhan (Zimbabwe Under-19s)
N Chouhan (Northerns, Titans)
C Christiansen (Slammers)
A Christie (referee)
J Clack (Goats)
BA Clark (Matabeleland)
R Clark (Jameson School)
B Clarke (Matabeleland)
JK Clarke (Rhodesia)
R Clarke (Goats)
PB Clift (Leicestershire, Natal, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia)
M Clive
D Cloete (Dragons)
S Cloete (Mashonaland)
Coaten (Manicaland)
G Cochrane (Goats)
C Coetzer (Lomagundi College)
HO Coker (Rhodesia)
M Colley (Lomagundi College)
J Combe (Harare South Country Club)
SR Commerford (Matabeleland)
KM Connelly (Midlands)
JM Connolly (Zimbabwe Cubs, Zimbabwe High Performance XI, Zimbabwe Under-13s, Zimbabwe Under-19s)
M Connolly (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
M Connolly (Zimbabwe Under-17s)
M Connor (Peterhouse School, Marondera)
S Conolly (Harare South Country Club)
M Corken (Mashonaland Country Districts)
M Corkew (Zimbabwe Country Districts)
A Corkin (Dragons)
K Corkin (Dragons)
DJ Cornish (Rhodesia)
DJL Cornwall (Rhodesia)
CW Cosnett (Bulawayo)
TD Coughlan (Mashonaland Country Districts, Zimbabwe Country Districts, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia B)
IM Coulson (Manicaland, Midlands)
C Coultons (umpire)
CK Coventry (Duronto Rajshahi, Matabeleland, Matabeleland Tuskers, Westerns, Zimbabwe)
CK Coventry (umpire)
RW Coventry (Rhodesia)
SA Cowper (Rhodesia, Western Province)
CJ Cox (Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe B, Zimbabwe Cricket Union President's XI, Zimbabweans)
J Cox (scorer)
JR Craig (Matabeleland, Zimbabwe Country Districts)
AG Cremer (Comilla Victorians, Mashonaland, Mid West Rhinos, Midlands Rhinos, Northerns, Rhinos, Zimbabwe)
C Crisp (Peterhouse School, Marondera)
RJ Crisp (Rhodesia, South Africa, Western Province, Worcestershire)
D Crockart (Harare Sports Club)
S Crockart (The Occasionals)
GJ Crocker (Mashonaland Country Districts, Zimbabwe)
R Crockford (Mashonaland)
D Crouch (Zimbabwe Under-15s)
J Crouch (Dragons)
GM Croxford (Manicaland)
T Cummings (Mutare Sports Club Casuals)
KM Curran (Boland, Gloucestershire, Natal, Northamptonshire, Zimbabwe)
KP Curran (Rhodesia)
PJ Curran (Rhodesia)
B Currin (Zimbabwe-Rhodesia Schools)
A Curtis (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
GM Curtis (Zimbabwe Under-13s)





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