Zimbabwe Players (B)


Bailey (Old Hararians)
DC Bailey (Mashonaland Country Districts)
W Bailey (umpire)
J Bain (Mashonaland)
JJ Bain (Rhodesia)
R Baines (Zimbabwe Country Districts)
G Baker (Young Zimbabwe)
MS Bala (Northerns)
D Balance (Peterhouse School, Marondera)
JMS Baldwin (Rhodesia)
M Baldwin (Rhodesia Schools)
M Balfour (Zimbabwe Under-17s, Zimbabwe Under-19s)
GS Ballance (Derbyshire, England, Mid West Rhinos, Yorkshire)
G Banda (Mid West Rhinos, Southerns)
A Bapusha (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
Barbel (Harare Country Club)
GMH Barber (Rhodesia)
S Barber (Rhodesian Schools Fawns)
BD Barbour (Rhodesia, Rhodesia B, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia)
KC Barbour (Manicaland Select XI, Mutare Sports Club Casuals, Rhodesia XI, Zimbabwe XI)
R Barbour (Glamorgan, Harare Sports Club, Manicaland)
SA Barbour (Matabeleland)
R Barker (Zimbabwe Country Districts)
G Barret (St George's College, Harare)
D Barrett (Zimbabwe Under-18s)
GF Barrett (Manicaland, Mashonaland)
SM Barry (Midlands)
TG Bartlett (Mashonaland Country Districts, Zimbabwe Country Districts)
R Bassett (Harare South Country Club)
G Basson (Zimbabwe Under-13s, Zimbabwe Under-19s)
R Batchelor (umpire)
Bateman (umpire)
G Bates (umpire)
B Bath (Mashonaland Country Districts)
R Bathurst (Slammers)
T Batt (umpire)
GC Batte (umpire)
G Battle (umpire)
ET Bawa (Zimbabwe Under-19s)
DBE Bawden (Rhodesia, Rhodesia B, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia B)
B Baxter (Rhodesia Schools)
BM Baxter (Rhodesia)
SD Bean (Mashonaland Under-24s, Young Mashonaland)
RB Beatson (Rhodesia)
H Becker (Goats)
H Becker (scorer)
J Becker (Goats)
RJ Becks (Mashonaland Country Districts)
C Bedford (Peterhouse School, Marondera)
DJ Beets (Rhodesia)
M Bekenstein (Rhodesia Schools)
Bell (Midlands)
AJ Bell (Rhodesia, South Africa, Western Province)
AJ Bell (Mashonaland)
DSA Bell (Matabeleland Tuskers)
JL Bell (scorer)
D Benade (Kwekwe)
R Benade (Mid West Rhinos)
R Benade (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
T Benade (Mashonaland, Mid West Rhinos)
R Benadi (Zimbabwe Under-15s)
R Benadie (Zimbabwe Under-15s)
R Benard (Zimbabwe Cricket Academy)
Bendish (Rhodoc Select XI)
G Bendish-Walton (Enterprise)
A Bendyshe-Walton (scorer)
H Bendyshe-Walton (scorer)
B Benhura (Southerns)
H Benkenstein (Rhodesia Schools)
MM Benkenstein (Natal B, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia B)
BM Bennett (Rhodesia)
J Bennett (Peterhouse School, Marondera)
KB Bennett (Young Mashonaland)
RJ Bennett (Manicaland, Matabeleland)
D Bentley (The Wonderers)
M Bentley (Harare Sports Club)
M Bentley (Rhodocs)
MSM Bentley (Zimbabwe Under-17s, Zimbabwe Under-19s)
RM Bentley (Natal, Natal B, Rhodesia, Rhodesia B, Zimbabwe Country Districts, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia)
GC Berridge (scorer)
P Berridge (Rhodesia XI, Zimbabwe XI)
Berry (Rhodesia Schools)
B Berry (Old Hararians)
D Berry (Old Hararians)
R Berry (Rhodesia Schools)
RDV Berry (umpire)
C Bester (umpire)
I Bete (Northerns Women)
Bezuidenhout (Manicaland)
A Bezuidenhout (Matabeleland)
A Bezuidenhout (Hwange Select XI)
D Bezuidenhout (Alexandra Park)
RD Bezuidenhout (Mid West Rhinos, Southern Rocks)
N Bhana (Lomagundi College)
KD Bhasikoro (Harare Metropolitan Eagles, Mid West Rhinos)
R Bhasikoro (Mashonaland Eagles B)
S Bhebhe (Westerns Women)
H Bhola (Rhinos)
M Bint (Rhodocs)
M Birch (Rhodocs)
HB Birrell (Eastern Province, Oxford University, Rhodesia)
A Bitter (Rhodesia Schools)
J Bladwin (Rhodesia Schools)
M Blakeney (Bulawayo)
CH Blanckenberg (Rhodesia)
WR Blanckenberg (Rhodesia)
BW Bland (Matabeleland Schools)
KC Bland (Eastern Province, Orange Free State, Rhodesia, South Africa)
WB Bland (umpire)
RA Blankenberg (Bulawayo, Rhodesia)
E Blatch (Matabeleland)
AM Blignaut (Durham, Lions, Mashonaland, Matabeleland Tuskers, Tasmania, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Country Districts)
B Blignaut (Lomagundi College)
C Boaler (Rhodocs)
HG Board (Bulawayo, Rhodesia)
NI Boast (Rhodesia)
J Bolling (umpire)
N Bonyongwe (Mountaineers)
C Boonzaaier (scorer)
M Booth (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
Bourdillon (Zimbabwe Invitation XI)
JE Bourdillon (Zimbabwe Cricket Union President's XI)
PH Bourdillon (Mashonaland)
TE Bourdillon (Rhodesia, Sussex)
B Boursnell (St George's College, Harare)
HR Bowen (umpire)
TRC Bowes (Rhodesia)
KD Bowie (Matabeleland Tuskers)
BB Boyd (Rhodesia)
N Brackley (Papplewick and Linby, Skegness)
AJ Bradley (Rhodesia)
AJ Bradley (Midlands)
C Bradnick (Enterprise)
D Bradshaw (Zimbabwe Under-15s)
D Bradshaw (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
DH Brain (Mashonaland, Zimbabwe)
G Bramsen (Enterprise)
Brand (Matabeleland)
EA Brandes (Mashonaland, Mashonaland Country Districts, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Country Districts)
S Brandt (Christian Brothers College, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Under-13s)
S Brann (MacDonald Club)
CA Bray (Mashonaland Country Districts)
PB Breese (Midlands)
D Brent (Peterhouse School, Marondera)
G Brent (Slammers)
GB Brent (Manicaland, Mashonaland, Mashonaland Country Districts, Northerns, Southerns, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Country Districts)
JP Brent (Manicaland)
R Brent (Goats)
CH Brewer (Mashonaland, Midlands)
H Brian (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
GA Briant (Mashonaland, Zimbabwe)
AA Brookes (Mashonaland)
FB Brooks (Rhodesia)
FG Brooks (Rhodesia)
D Broughton (Zimbabwe Schools)
A Brown (Mutare Sports Club Casuals)
G Brown (Goats)
GJ Brown (Manicaland)
J Brown (MacDonald Club)
LS Brown (North Eastern Transvaal, Rhodesia, South Africa, Transvaal)
M Brown (referee)
P Brown (umpire)
P Brown (Zimbabwe Schools)
P Brown (Dragons)
RD Brown (Mashonaland Country Districts, Rhodesia, Rhodesia B, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Country Districts, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia)
SP Brown (Matabeleland)
TE Brown (umpire)
Browne (Prince Edward School, Harare)
T Browne (Harare Sports Club)
A Brownlee-Walker (Matabeleland Country Districts)
JM Bruce (Mid West Rhinos, Midlands Rhinos)
Bruce-Brand (Midlands)
GK Bruk-Jackson (Mashonaland, Mashonaland Country Districts, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Country Districts)
MRD Brundle (Matabeleland)
L Brunnette (Shamva)
KJ Brunt (Zimbabwe B)
Brunton (Midlands)
M Bryan (MacDonald Club)
M Bryant (MacDonald Club)
M Bryant (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
V Bryden (Matabeleland Tuskers B)
L Brymer (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
A Buchanan (Harare Sports Club)
D Buchanan (Zimbabwe Republic Police)
JM Buchanan (Eastern Province, Rhodesia)
I Buchart (Zimbabwe-Rhodesia Schools)
F Bukutu (Mountaineers B)
Bull (Rhodesia Schools)
J Bulling (umpire)
R Bullivant (MacDonald Club)
GS Bunyard (Rhodesia, Transvaal)
A Burdett (Zimbabwe Women)
B Burke (scorer)
E Burke (Enterprise)
Burki (Zimbabwe A)
A Burki (Old Hararians, Universals)
KA Burki (Mashonaland A)
RP Burl (Chattogram Challengers, Harare Metropolitan Eagles, Mashonaland Eagles, Rising Stars, Zimbabwe)
M Burmeister (Zimbabwe Schools)
KL Burmester (umpire)
MG Burmester (Manicaland, Mashonaland, Zimbabwe)
M Burns (Matabeleland Country Districts)
B Burphy (Zimbabwe Under-18s)
P Butawo (scorer)
FA Butchart (scorer)
IP Butchart (Mashonaland Country Districts, Zimbabwe)
M Butcher (Matabeleland Country Districts)
C Butler (Zimbabwe Under-13s)
K Butler (Shamva)
R Butler (Country Club Invitation XI)
RE Butterworth (Manicaland, Mashonaland, Mashonaland Eagles, Midlands)
M Buttler (Shamva)
M Buttress (St John's College, Harare)
P Butuwo (umpire, referee)
EJ Byrom (Rising Stars, Somerset)





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