Netherlands Players (W)


bOMR W (Wanica Star)
T Waagmeester (Rood en Wit)
EF Wackwitz (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's)
D Wagenborg (Bloemendaal)
H Wagenvoort (Still Going Strong Cricket Club, The Forty Club)
A Wahid (Netherlands Under-17s)
AW Wahid (Ghausia Feijenoord)
H Wahid (Netherlands Under-19s)
W Wahid (Netherlands Under-17s, Netherlands Under-19s)
P Waidjan (Netherlands Under-19s)
MR Wain (Groen en Wit, Groen en Wit Second XI)
MR Wain (VVV)
MR Wain (United Haarlem)
MR Wain (Amstelland United)
Wajdan Alim (Netherlands Under-15s, Netherlands Under-17s)
Waldest (Netherlands)
D Walhain (Netherlands Under-19s)
DL Walhain (Bloemendaal)
M Walhain (Netherlands Under-15s, Netherlands Under-17s)
M Walhain (scorer)
S Walia (Groninger)
Walker (Commonwealth Club)
J Walker (KZKC Women)
Wallinga (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
GJ Wallinga (Kampong)
M Wallinga (Kampong)
T Wallinga (Kampong)
SAJ Walsh (ACC, Brighouse, Brighouse Second XI, Netherlands Under-15s, Netherlands Under-19s, Young Hurricanes)
F Waltmann (Ajax)
F Wander (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's)
Wanklyn (Concordia)
B Wansink (Netherlands Women)
Waqar Khan (Netherlands Under-17s)
F Warburton (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's)
ADE Ward (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
JP Ward (VRA)
VG Ward (HBS)
SS Warya (Punjab Rotterdam, Punjab Rotterdam Second XI)
SS Warya (Ajax)
M Wasim (Dosti, Sparta)
M Wasim (Sparta 1888)
C Wason (VVV Third XI)
K Wassenber (Bloemendaal)
T Wassenberg (Bloemendaal)
Waters (Rood en Wit Third XI)
MG Watson (HCC, HCC Second XI, Unley)
VCE Wattenberg (Netherlands Women, Warwickshire Women)
MJ Watts (ACC)
K Wazerri (VRA)
K Waziri (VRA)
T Weber (Rood en Wit)
HV Weelde (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
HV Weelde (Bloemendaal)
JV Weelde (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
F Weenink (Netherlands Under-17s)
F Weenink (HCC Juniors)
S Weenink (Netherlands Under-15s)
GVD Weerdhoff (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
A Weidema (Netherlands Women)
FD Weijden (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
RVD Weijl (Koninklijke UD)
JE Weiss (Bedfordshire, Gentlemen of Netherlands)
A Wempe (Amsterdam)
Wepster (Sparta)
JS Werle (Koninklijke UD, Netherlands, Rood en Wit)
N Werle (Netherlands Women)
KW Wernars (VRA)
V Wesenhagen (Netherlands Women)
IMG Westbury (Diamonds, Emeralds, Middlesex Women, Netherlands Women, Somerset Women)
BA Westdijk (Netherlands)
T Westdijk (Netherlands Under-15s)
T Westendorp (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
TA Westendorp (umpire)
L Westerhout (Young Netherlands Women)
EJ Westerink (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's, VRA)
W Westerink (Leiden University)
JJJ Westermann (Netherlands)
J Westland (Excelsior '20)
J Westland (Excelsior '20 Second XI)
A Westman (Ajax)
S Westrup (Koninklijke UD Third XI)
S Weurman (Netherlands)
I Wever (Voorburg)
J Wever (Groninger)
M Wever (Netherlands Under-17s, Voorburg)
FVD Weyden (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
C Weyerman (Kampong Combined XI)
B Wharton (Voorburg Second XI)
BH Wharton (Kieviten)
D White (Netherlands Coaches XI)
P White (Voorburg Second XI)
S Whitty (Kampong Second XI)
HDC Wickramasinghe (Hercules)
MAP Wiegers (scorer)
nMAP Wiegers (scorer)
D Wiersum (Groninger)
P Wijffels (Groninger)
HAG Wijkhuizen (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's, Netherlands)
HAG Wijkhuizen (Rood en Wit)
D Wijn (umpire)
P Wijnstra
P Wijnstra (Quick Haag)
P Wijnstra (Quick Haag Second XI)
J Wikkerink (Kampong)
J Wikkerink (Kampong Second XI)
HDC Wikramasinghe (Hercules)
CA Wilkes (HCC Second XI)
R Willemson (KNCB)
B Williams (VOC, VOC Second XI)
B Williams (VOC Second XI)
R Williams (VOC, VOC Second XI)
J Willinge (Concordia)
S Williss (Excelsior '20)
AJ Wilts (Netherlands Under-23s)
F Wilts (umpire)
HJ Wilts (Ducks, VRA)
JO Wilts (umpire)
JO Wilts (Netherlands Under-19s, VRA)
M Wimmers (umpire)
W Wimmers (umpire)
J Winchester (Bloemendaal)
WE Winckel (umpire)
Winter (umpire)
HW Winter (KNCB)
B Winters (Koninklijke UD)
M Winters (Koninklijke UD)
P Winther (umpire)
N Wisse (Netherlands Under-15s)
N Wisse (Netherlands B)
NE Wisse (HBS)
J Witerwaal (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
W Wittabow (Hamburger's XI)
W Wittebol (Amsterdam)
WOF Wittebol (KNCB, Netherlands)
W Wittehol (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's)
Witteveen (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
S Witteveen (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's, Quick Haag)
S Witteveen (Quick Haag Second XI)
N Woemeijer (Hermes DVS Second XI)
N Woermeijer (Hermes DVS, Hermes DVS Second XI, Netherlands Under-13s)
G Wolet (Hermes DVS)
Wolf (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
Wolf (Hermes DVS Third XI)
A Wolf (Hermes DVS, Hermes DVS Juniors)
S Wolf (Hermes DVS Juniors)
H Wories (scorer)
JH Wories (umpire)
JO Wories (umpire)
JW Wories (umpire)
NO Wories (Netherlands Under-13s, Netherlands Under-15s, Netherlands Under-17s, Netherlands Under-19s, VRA)
RO Wouters (Netherlands Under-15s, Netherlands Under-17s, Netherlands Under-19s, Rood en Wit)
AD Woutersen (Excelsior '20, Netherlands A, Netherlands Under-15s, Netherlands Under-17s, Netherlands Under-19s)
DA Woutersen (Excelsior '20, Excelsior '20 Second XI, Netherlands Under-15s, Netherlands Under-17s)
LR Wright (Quick Haag, Quick Haag Second XI)
OQ Wttewsall (A Dutch XI)
S Wubben (Kampong Second XI)
P Wuite (HBS, HBS Second XI)
LCF Wunder (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's, HBS, KNCB)
WV Wyk (Hermes DVS)





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