Netherlands Players (A)


G Aalbersberg (Almere)
S Aalbersberg (Almere)
Abbanhuis (umpire)
F Abbas (VVV)
SN Abbas (Netherlands)
W Abbas (Voorburg, Voorburg Second XI)
W Abbas (Kieviten)
N Abbasi Lasi (Jinnah)
N Abbasi Lasist Thampinayagam (Jinnah)
B Abbas Lasi (Jinnah)
GAJM Abbenhuis (umpire)
J Abdul Latheep (Groen en Wit)
Y Abdul Qadir (PSV Tegenbosch)
Abed (HCC)
R Abed (HBS)
S Abed (Enfield, Lancashire Second XI, Netherlands, Surrey Second XI, Warwickshire Second XI, Worcestershire Second XI)
D Abendanon (ACC)
EJ Abendanon (Netherlands)
J Abendanon (HCC)
R Abendanon (HCC)
B Abrahams (Kampong)
J Abrahamsz (KZKC Women)
S Achaibar (K-Gandhi Third XI)
B Achmad (VRA)
PT Achterberg (Kampong)
R Ackerman (umpire)
CN Ackermann (Dosti)
R Ackermann (umpire)
QM Adams (Hercules)
Adeel Raja (Netherlands)
Adil Ahmed (Netherlands Under-13s, Netherlands Under-15s)
P Aernout (Netherlands)
W Aernout (Netherlands)
Z Afzaal (Jinnah)
R Agarwal (VRA Second XI)
A Ahmad (HCC, HCC Second XI)
B Ahmad (VRA Second XI)
M Ahmad (Jinnah)
NA Ahmad (Wanica Star)
Z Ahmad (Excelsior '20 Second XI)
O Ahmadi (Rood en Wit)
A Ahmed (Jinnah)
A Ahmed (VVV)
A Ahmed (HBS, HBS Second XI)
A Ahmed (Dosti)
A Ahmed (HBS)
F Ahmed (HCC)
I Ahmed (Pak Dutch)
I Ahmed (VVV, VVV Second XI)
I Ahmed (Bijlmer)
K Ahmed (VVV Second XI)
M Ahmed (Jinnah)
N Ahmed (Jinnah)
N Ahmed (United Haarlem)
N Ahmed (Amstelland United)
N Ahmed (Groen en Wit)
N Ahmed (Groen en Wit)
R Ahmed (South Holland Seafarers)
RI Ahmed (Netherlands)
U Ahmed (Hermes DVS Juniors)
U Ahmed (PSV Tegenbosch)
W Ahmed (VRA)
C Ahochugo (Koninklijke UD)
CM Aim (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's)
G Aim (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's)
A Aimal (Wanica Star)
S Airley (Rood en Wit)
A Akhtar (VVV)
N Akhtar (Jinnah, VVV)
N Akhtar (Dosti)
N Akhtar (United Haarlem)
S Akhtar (ACC, VVV)
S Akhtar (United Haarlem)
V Akkeren (umpire)
R Akkerman (umpire)
R Akkermann (umpire)
S Akkiraju (Hilversum)
F Akram (Excelsior '20, Excelsior '20 Second XI)
M Akram (umpire)
R Akram (Groen en Wit, Groen en Wit Second XI)
RJ Akram (ACC, VVV)
RJ Akram (umpire)
Z Akram (Groen en Wit Second XI)
Z Akram (ACC Second XI)
ZJ Akram (ACC, Netherlands Under-17s, VVV)
S Aladinc Spencer (Still Going Strong Cricket Club President's XI)
N Alam (Wanica Star)
C Alandt (Amsterdam)
J Alders (Princess Wilhelmina)
JJ Alders (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's, KNCB, Netherlands)
V Aleven (VRA)
R Alexander (HCC)
A Ali (Voorburg, Voorburg Second XI)
A Ali (Bijlmer)
A Ali (Kieviten)
G Ali (Pak Dutch)
L Ali (scorer)
N Ali (Ghausia Feijenoord)
NA Ali (Kieviten)
NA Ali (United Haarlem)
NAA Ali (Voorburg, Voorburg Second XI)
R Ali (Groen en Wit)
R Ali (Groen en Wit, Groen en Wit Second XI)
RA Ali (Amstelland United)
S Ali (Voorburg, Voorburg Second XI)
S Ali (Kieviten)
S Ali (HCC Second XI)
S Ali (VRA Women)
SR Ali (VRA Women)
Z Ali (umpire)
Z Ali (Voorburg)
Z Ali (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
Ali Ahmed (Netherlands Under-15s, Netherlands Under-17s)
J Alibocus (K-Gandhi)
R Alibocus (K-Gandhi Third XI)
AB Alim (Jinnah)
AB Alim (VRA)
IB Alim (Jinnah)
W Alim (ACC)
W Alim (VRA)
Ali Rashid (Netherlands Under-15s)
JWV Alkemade (HCC)
MS Alladin (umpire)
MS Alladin (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
S Alladin (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
SJ Allema (Netherlands, Netherlands A, Netherlands Under-13s, Netherlands Under-15s, Netherlands Under-17s, Netherlands Under-19s, Quick Haag, Quick Haag Second XI)
D Allen (Bloemendaal)
G Allum (Rood en Wit)
M Alphonse (Netherlands Under-15s)
MR Alphonse (ACC)
R Alphonse (ACC)
R Alphonse (Young Hurricanes)
R Alphonse (Netherlands Under-13s, Netherlands Under-15s, Netherlands Under-19s)
R Alphonse (Kampong)
AR Altaf (VOC, VOC Second XI)
H Altaf (Kieviten)
HR Altaf (Voorburg, Voorburg Second XI)
H Alvi (VRA Second XI)
RA Alvi (VVV Second XI)
S Alvi (Bijlmer)
S Alvi (Jinnah)
U Alvi (Bijlmer)
UM Alvi (VVV Second XI)
KR Ambler (Rood en Wit)
C Ambrose (VOC, VOC Second XI)
R Amin (Excelsior '20, Netherlands, VRA)
A Amjad (Jinnah)
A Amons (umpire)
W Amons (umpire, scorer)
A Anand Sinha (Qui Vive Second XI)
L Anderson (Groninger)
R Anderton (HBS, Netherlands Under-17s, Netherlands Under-19s)
S Andrews (CC Arnhem)
S Anjum (Jinnah)
Anoop (Koninklijke UD Third XI)
SJ Ansell (Haileybury Hermits, Hertford, Marylebone Cricket Club, St Margaretsbury, United Haarlem)
L Anwar (HBS)
R Anwar (CC Arnhem)
S Anwar (Netherlands Under-15s)
S Anwar (Voorburg, Voorburg Second XI)
S Anwar (VRA)
GJAF Aponso (Netherlands, Sebastianites Cricket and Athletic Club, Sri Lanka Under-25s)
B Appel (Netherlands Under-17s)
B Appel (Hercules)
CV Appel (Netherlands Women)
J Appel (Hercules)
S Archbold (scorer)
L Ardon (scorer)
JJ Arendse (Olympia)
CJ Arendsen de Wolff (HCC)
WGK Arendsen de Wolff (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's, KNCB)
Z Arfi (Heerlen)
PFNJ Arntzenius (Netherlands)
V Arsh Baldewpersad Tewarie (Dosti)
Asad Zulfiqar (ACC, ACC Second XI, Kampong Second XI, Netherlands B, Netherlands Under-15s, Netherlands Under-17s, Netherlands Under-19s, North Holland Hurricanes, Young Hurricanes)
M Asghar (Heerlen)
MQ Asghar (Punjab Rotterdam Second XI)
MQ Asghar (Ghausia Feijenoord)
Ashir Khan (Netherlands Under-15s)
M Ashraf (HBS)
T Ashraf (Punjab Rotterdam)
Asim Khan (Netherlands)
H Asin (Jinnah)
M Aslam (Jinnah)
M Aslam (United Haarlem)
M Aslam (Groen en Wit)
M Aslam (Groen en Wit)
Assem (Groen Geel Women)
FV Assem (Netherlands Women)
J Atkinson (Rood en Wit)
M Atkinson (Excelsior '20)
C Atlas (Ajax Women)
D Atlas (Ajax Women)
A Atwarie (Dosti, Dosti Third XI)
K Atwarie (K-Gandhi, K-Gandhi Third XI)
BA Auld (scorer)
A Avhale (Qui Vive)
PB Avison (The Hague XI)
A Awan (VVV)
A Awzullah (Kampong Second XI)
I Azam (Pak Dutch)
M Azam (Pak Dutch)
MI Azam (Punjab Rotterdam)
MI Azam (Ghausia Feijenoord)
S Azam (K-Gandhi)
MA Aziz (Kampong, VRA)
T Aziz (Jinnah)
Z Aziz (Rood en Wit)
Z Aziz (United Haarlem)
Z Aziz (Dosti, Dosti Second XI)
S Azmi (Heerlen)





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