Netherlands Players (B)


S Badshah (Bijlmer)
GS Baidwan (ACC, Rood en Wit, Voorburg, VRA)
RS Baidwan (Netherlands)
A Bailey (Rood en Wit, Sparta)
O Bailey (ACC)
E Baily (Netherlands Cricket Board XI)
A Bajwa (Sparta)
MRR Bakas (Netherlands)
P Bakas (Netherlands)
Bakker (Hamburger's XI)
A Bakker (Netherlands)
CRP Bakker (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's, Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, Netherlands)
CWV Bakker (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's, HBS, Netherlands)
DB Bakker (Netherlands)
EWP Bakker (HBS)
M Bakker (Kampong)
MM Bakker (Netherlands, Netherlands Under-15s, Netherlands Under-19s, VOC)
O Bakker (Groninger)
PJ Bakker (Hampshire, Netherlands)
R Bakker (Excelsior '20)
J Bal (Ajax Women)
A Balk (umpire)
HR Balk (ACC)
J Balk (Netherlands Under-19s)
JT Balk (ACC)
P Balk (Netherlands Under-23s, North Netherlands)
N Ball (HBS)
M Balm (Netherlands Under-13s, Netherlands Under-15s, Netherlands Under-17s)
N Balwantsingh (Sparta)
S Balwantsingh (Netherlands Under-15s)
A Barca (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's, Netherlands Under-19s, VOC)
F Bardewijk (Koninklijke UD)
O Barents (Rood en Wit)
AH Barentsen (North Holland)
A Bari (Jinnah)
M Barnhoorn (Rood en Wit)
P Barren (Netherlands Under-19s)
W Barresi (Easterns, Netherlands)
A Battenberg-Venturini (Netherlands Women)
E Baugurt (Netherlands)
R Baugurt (Netherlands)
A Beecheno-van Lier (Netherlands Women)
GRA Beekhof
GRA Beekhof (Voorburg)
M Beekhof (Netherlands Under-23s Women)
F Beekman (Haarlem Women)
FAM Beekman (Netherlands)
M Beerman (Netherlands)
JJ Beijer (Hermes DVS, Hermes DVS Second XI, Netherlands, Netherlands A)
M Beijer (Hermes DVS)
FH Beijma t'Kingma (Bloemendaal)
P Beirns (Netherlands Schools)
CC Bekedam (Netherlands Under-17s, VRA)
DJ Bekedam (Koninklijke UD)
DW Bekedam (Netherlands)
P Bekker (Netherlands Under-15s)
PF Bekker (HBS)
PH Bekker (HBS)
J Bell (Voorburg)
LK Bennett (Netherlands Women)
N Benoist (Netherlands Under-13s, Netherlands Under-15s)
M Bertsch (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's)
Besier (VRA)
N Bett (Netherlands Under-15s)
KWA Beukema (Netherlands)
RM Beuth (North Holland)
M Beverhuis (Netherlands Under-23s Women)
IAF Bevers (umpire, scorer)
J Beyee (Netherlands)
CGA Beyers (Netherlands)
P Bhangoo (Groninger)
AS Bhatti (Bijlmer)
BS Bhatti (ACC, VVV)
S Bhatti (VRA, VRA Second XI)
MA Bhoelan (Netherlands Under-15s, Netherlands Under-17s, Netherlands Under-19s, Suriname)
MAR Bhoelan (Rood en Wit)
NG Bhoelan (K-Gandhi)
AR Bhutta (Excelsior '20, K-Gandhi, VVV)
J Bierhuizen (Excelsior '20)
H Bijl (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
MA Bijl (scorer)
D Bijleveld (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's, Netherlands)
RR Bijloos (HCC, HCC Juniors, HCC Second XI, South Holland Seafarers)
HJG Bijlsma (Koninklijke UD)
A Bijlstra (Quick Haag)
Bilal Ahmed (VRA)
D Billeveld (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's)
FM Binder (Concordia)
GA Bins (Netherlands Under-19s, Voorburg, Voorburg Second XI)
DR Birch (Voorburg)
SA Blaisse
SA Blaisse (HCC)
DK Blake (umpire)
G Bloein (Young Netherlands Women)
AH Blommers (Netherlands Under-19s, Quick Haag)
D Bodde (Netherlands Under-13s, Netherlands Under-15s, Netherlands Under-17s)
JP Boddé (VOC)
D Boelhouwer (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's)
MDJ Boelhouwer (Quick Haag)
A Boer (Sparta)
H Boeree (KNCB)
A Boeren (Hermes DVS)
A Boerman (Netherlands Women)
TA Boers (VOC, VOC Second XI)
HJH Boerstra (Netherlands)
LWA Bogaartz (Quick Haag)
J Bogard (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
L Bogers (Hippopotamus Women)
WF Bok (umpire)
R Bol (Netherlands Under-19s, Quick Haag)
R Bol (Quick Haag)
E Booij (ACC)
M Boon (Netherlands Under-13s)
C Boonen (umpire)
C Boonen (Kampong)
CA Boonen (Bloemendaal)
G Borba Lefebvre (HBS, Netherlands A)
M Bordewijk (Groninger)
R Borgers (Netherlands Cricket Board XI)
G Borrani (Hermes DVS)
L Borrani (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
R Borrani (Hermes DVS, Hermes DVS Second XI)
R Borrani (Hermes DVS)
VL Borrani (Netherlands, Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
VL Borrani (Hermes DVS, Hermes DVS Second XI)
PW Borren (Central Districts, Netherlands, Netherlands A)
EP Bos (The Hague XI)
FJF Bos (HCC, HCC Second XI)
SR Bos (Koninklijke UD, Sparta, VRA)
M Boseker (scorer)
A Bosman (Netherlands Women)
EWJ Bouman (Quick Haag)
PAL Bouman (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's, Netherlands)
G Boumeester (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's, HCC, Netherlands)
EGS Bourlier (Gentlemen of Netherlands, Netherlands)
CE Bousquet (HBS)
G Bouter (HCC, HCC Second XI)
L Bouter (Netherlands)
F Bouv (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
P Bouwman (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's, Netherlands)
J Bovelander (Bloemendaal)
F Braam (Netherlands Schools)
DM Braat (Netherlands Women)
M Braat (Hermes DVS)
TS Braat (Netherlands)
JR Bradley (Netherlands Under-17s)
RRAF Bradley (Netherlands, Northern Districts)
JA Brand (Netherlands)
WA Brand (Netherlands)
E Brandenberg (Netherlands Women)
F Brandenberg (Netherlands Women)
N Brandsen (Kampong, Netherlands, Netherlands B, Netherlands Under-15s)
S Brandsen (Kampong, Netherlands Under-19s)
WA Brathwaite (Netherlands)
A Braun (North Netherlands)
J Bregman (Netherlands, Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
C Breuning (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
EF Broda (HBS)
P Broedegom (Leiden University)
A Broese van Groenou (Netherlands)
P Bromberg (Still Going Strong Cricket Club)
PA Brous (VOC)
DG Brouwer (Quick Haag, Quick Haag Second XI)
F Brouwer (Netherlands Women)
K Brouwer (Netherlands Under-15s, Rood en Wit)
P Brouwer (Netherlands)
L Brouwers (Netherlands Women)
L Brouwers (Netherlands A, Netherlands Under-15s, Netherlands Under-17s, Netherlands Under-19s)
GA Brown (VRA)
S Brown (Netherlands Coaches XI)
MHJ Bruin (Rood en Wit)
JW Bruins (Netherlands Under-19s, VRA)
W Bruning (Excelsior '20)
E Brynestein (Netherlands B Women, Netherlands Women)
S Brüning (Netherlands Women)
WA Buckers (Excelsior '20)
H Buitenrust (Kampong)
F Bukhari (ACC)
J Bullen (Concordia)
Bultman (Rood en Wit)
T Buma (scorer)
E Burg (Netherlands Under-19s)
AC Burger (VRA)
RA Burger (Quick Haag)
R Burgers (Cricket Touring Club de Flamingo's)
C Burki (Netherlands)
H Burki (Netherlands)
A Butt (HBS)
A Butt (VRA)
Amer Butt (Arnhem Cricket Club)
Asif Butt (Arnhem Cricket Club)
G Butt (Arnhem Cricket Club)
H Butt (Arnhem Cricket Club)
I Butt (Koninklijke UD)
ME Butt (Bijlmer, VVV)
SY Butt (VOC, VOC Second XI)
W Butt (VRA)
Z Butt (VRA)
AF Buurman (Netherlands, Netherlands A)
R Byloos (HCC)
JS Byrom (HBS)
JG Börnemann (North Holland)





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