Queen's Park, Chesterfield - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in List A matches

3IR BuxtonNorthamptonshire v Derbyshire1969a196
3KJ BarnettWorcestershire v Derbyshire1981a3014
3G MillerWarwickshire v Derbyshire1982a3322
3MD MoxonDerbyshire v Yorkshire1984a4075
3IS AndersonLeicestershire v Derbyshire1986a4794
2TE BaileyDerbyshire v Essex1966a68
2MK KettleDerbyshire v Northamptonshire1969a196
2MA BussDerbyshire v Sussex1969a235
2D NichollsDerbyshire v Kent1969a265
2G BoycottDerbyshire v Yorkshire1970a301
2PT MarnerDerbyshire v Leicestershire1970a436
2JF HarveyNottinghamshire v Derbyshire1971a501
2RC FredericksDerbyshire v Glamorgan1971a601
2G BoycottDerbyshire v Yorkshire1972a681
2MH PageWarwickshire v Derbyshire1972a734
2RM RatcliffeDerbyshire v Lancashire1972a804
2AJ Harvey-WalkerMiddlesex v Derbyshire1973a958
2S VenkataraghavanSussex v Derbyshire1973a988
2MH PageYorkshire v Derbyshire1974a1117
2AJ Harvey-WalkerLancashire v Derbyshire1974a1212
2RA HuttonDerbyshire v Yorkshire1974a1270
2MJ SmedleyDerbyshire v Nottinghamshire1975a1358
2JH ShackletonDerbyshire v Gloucestershire1975a1453
2H CartwrightSurrey v Derbyshire1975a1511
2FW SwarbrookMiddlesex v Derbyshire1975a1525
2FJ TitmusDerbyshire v Middlesex1975a1525
2P LeverDerbyshire v Lancashire1976a1621
2AJ BorringtonLancashire v Derbyshire1976a1621
2EJ BarlowYorkshire v Derbyshire1976a1767
2DN PatelDerbyshire v Worcestershire1977a1873
2CN BoynsDerbyshire v Worcestershire1977a1873
2M HendrickSurrey v Derbyshire1977a1911
2AJ BorringtonKent v Derbyshire1977a1934
2CT RadleyDerbyshire v Middlesex1979a2430
2G FowlerDerbyshire v Lancashire1980a2634
2J SimmonsDerbyshire v Lancashire1980a2634
2DS SteeleEssex v Derbyshire1980a2700
2M HendrickSomerset v Derbyshire1980a2731
2BC BroadDerbyshire v Gloucestershire1980a2806
2A RamageDerbyshire v Yorkshire1982a3314
2RJ FinneySussex v Derbyshire1982a3439
2AW StovoldDerbyshire v Gloucestershire1985a4420
2RJ FinneyLeicestershire v Derbyshire1986a4794
2KJ BarnettIndians v Derbyshire1990a6652
2CS PicklesDerbyshire v Yorkshire1991a7063
2DE MalcolmYorkshire v Derbyshire1991a7063
2DG CorkSurrey v Derbyshire1991a7064
2CJ AdamsKent v Derbyshire1992a7697
2KJ BarnettGloucestershire v Derbyshire1994a8754
2AP GraysonDerbyshire v Yorkshire1995a9222
2DG CorkDurham v Derbyshire1996a9793
2M WatkinsonDerbyshire v Lancashire1996a9812
2DM JonesLancashire v Derbyshire1996a9812
2CJ AdamsHampshire v Derbyshire1997a10549
2PAJ DeFreitasGlamorgan v Derbyshire1997a10632
2AS RollinsGlamorgan v Derbyshire1997a10632
2TJ MurtaghDerbyshire v Surrey2006a17530
2GJ MuchallDerbyshire v Durham2007a18368
2AU RashidDerbyshire v Yorkshire2010a20690
2SP CrookDerbyshire v Middlesex2011a21477
2SD RobsonDerbyshire v Middlesex2011a21477
2LE BeavenDerbyshire v Unicorns2012a22038
2WL MadsenYorkshire v Derbyshire2012a22053





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