Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium, Sharjah - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

338-4New Zealand v Bangladesh1989/90a6492
333-7West Indies v Sri Lanka1995/96a9439
332-3Australia v Sri Lanka1989/90a6511
329Sri Lanka v West Indies1995/96a9439
328-2Pakistan v New Zealand1993/94a8601
326-5Pakistan v Sri Lanka2013/14a23139
323-5Pakistan v England1998/99a11803
322-5Pakistan v Sri Lanka2013/14a23132
314-3South Africa v Pakistan1995/96a9788
313-3Pakistan v Sri Lanka1993/94a8301
311-8Pakistan v Sri Lanka1989/90a6493
311Sri Lanka v Pakistan2013/14a23132
305-5India v Pakistan1995/96a9791
299-5Sri Lanka v India2000/01a13032
297-7Sri Lanka v Pakistan2000/01a13362
295-6Pakistan v Sri Lanka2001/02a14230
295-7United Arab Emirates v Netherlands2003/04a15793
294-5Sri Lanka v India2000/01a13016
294-6Pakistan v West Indies1988/89a5817
290Netherlands v United Arab Emirates2003/04a15793
289-6Afghanistan v Canada2009/10a20423
288-6South Africa v India1995/96a9790
288-6Pakistan v New Zealand2001/02a14218
288-8Canada v Afghanistan2009/10a20423
287-5South Africa v India1995/96a9794
286-8Pakistan v Kenya2002/03a15050
285-4West Indies v Pakistan1993/94a8312
284-4Pakistan v West Indies1993/94a8312
284-7Australia v India1997/98a11107
281-3Pakistan v Sri Lanka1992/93a7932
279-6Pakistan v Zimbabwe2001/02a13771
279-8Pakistan v India1998/99a11816
278-7Pakistan v Zimbabwe2002/03a15043
278-9Pakistan v Sri Lanka2000/01a13351
277Pakistan v India1995/96a9791
276-9Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe2000/01a13012
275-4India v Australia1997/98a11109
275-7West Indies v Pakistan1997/98a10859
274-4Pakistan v India1989/90a6250
273-3Pakistan v Sri Lanka2001/02a13774
273-4India v Pakistan1989/90a6250
273-5India v United Arab Emirates1993/94a8594
273Sri Lanka v West Indies1995/96a9443
272-3Pakistan v India1999/00a12579
272-8Australia v Afghanistan2012a22101
272-9Australia v India1997/98a11109
272-9Sri Lanka v Pakistan2001/02a13774
271-5Pakistan v India1995/96a9787
271-8Pakistan v Sri Lanka1993/94a8304
270-2Pakistan v New Zealand2000/01a13347
270-6Sri Lanka v Pakistan1993/94a8304
269-9Sri Lanka v New Zealand2000/01a13345
268-7South Africa v Pakistan2013/14a23001
267-6India v New Zealand1987/88a5592
267-7West Indies v Pakistan1993/94a8299
266-5Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe1992/93a7928
266-7Pakistan v Australia1989/90a6512
266-7New Zealand v Pakistan1993/94a8601
266-7New Zealand v Pakistan2000/01a13347
266-9Pakistan v India1994/95a9163
265-8India v Zimbabwe2000/01a13006
264-7Pakistan v Sri Lanka1995/96a9430
264-9Australia v India1997/98a11098
263-6Pakistan v South Africa1999/00a12603
262-6Pakistan v India1991/92a7267
262-8Pakistan v Zimbabwe1992/93a7926
261-5Pakistan v West Indies1993/94a8303
261-5Australia v New Zealand1997/98a11104
261-5Afghanistan v Scotland2012/13a22489
261-9Pakistan v Zimbabwe2001/02a13773
260-5Pakistan v West Indies1999/00a12199
260-5West Indies v Pakistan2001/02a14071
260-9West Indies v Pakistan1993/94a8303
259-5New Zealand v Australia1997/98a11104
259-5Afghanistan v Netherlands2011/12a21942
259-7Zimbabwe v Sri Lanka1998/99a11488
259-9Scotland v Afghanistan2012/13a22489
258-5Australia v New Zealand1989/90a6490
258-5United States of America v Namibia2003/04a15773
258-6Scotland v United Arab Emirates2003/04a15786
258-8New Zealand v Sri Lanka1987/88a5594
257-7Pakistan v India1991/92a7261
256-5Sri Lanka v Kenya2002/03a15048
256-6Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe2001/02a13767
256-9Netherlands v Afghanistan2011/12a21942
255-5Pakistan v West Indies1999/00a12204
255-9Pakistan v Sri Lanka2000/01a13343
254-4India A v United Arab Emirates1995/96a9523
254-8Namibia v United States of America2003/04a15773
253-6India v Pakistan1991/92a7261
252-4Pakistan v India1989/90a6261
252-6Zimbabwe v India2000/01a13006
251-7Sri Lanka v Pakistan1996/97a10417
250-5India v Australia1997/98a11107
250-6Pakistan v India1993/94a8602
250-7India v New Zealand1987/88a5597
250-7Australia v Pakistan2012a22118
250-8Pakistan v West Indies1989/90a6248
250-8Sri Lanka v Pakistan2000/01a13351
250England v India1997/98a10857
250Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe2001/02a13772





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