Bangladesh Players (I)


Iad (Madaripur)
Ibne Tahsin (Barisal Division Under-14s)
Ibnul Haider (Chittagong Division)
Ibnul Inam (Chittagong Division Under-14s)
Ibnul In An (Chittagong Division Under-14s)
Ibnul Inan (Chittagong Division Under-14s)
Ibrahim (MUI High School)
Ibrahim (Madaripur United High School)
Ibrahim (Barisal Under-19s)
Ibrahim (Kathal Bagan Green Crescent Club)
M Ibrahim (Dhanmondi Progoty Shangha)
Ibrahim Azad (Bandarban Under-19s)
Ibrahim Kamal Ibrahim (Barisal Under-19s)
Ibrahim Khalil (Barisal Division Under-16s)
Ibrahim Khalil (Chittagong Division Under-14s)
Ifran Hossain (Dhanmondi Progoty Shangha)
Iftaker Ahmed (Sylhet Division Under-18s)
Iftakhar (City Bank Limited)
Iftakhar Alam Rony (Chittagong)
Iftekhaer (Dhaka Government Laboratory School)
Iftekhar (Tech Valley Computers)
Iftekhar (Khulna Zilla School)
Iftekhar Ahmed (Dhaka Division)
Iftekhar Habib (Rajshahi Under-19s)
Iftekhar Hossain (umpire)
Iftekhar Khan Labbu (Rajshahi Under-19s)
Iftekhar Nayem (Abahani Limited, Barisal Division)
Iftekhar Parvez (Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protisthan Under-14s)
Iftekhar Sajjad (Brothers Union, Chittagong Division)
Iftekharuddin (umpire)
Iftekher Amin (Dhaka Division North Under-18s)
Iftikhar Hossain (Khulna Division Under-14s)
Iftikharul Islam (Agrani Bank, Bangladesh Under-17s, Bangladesh Under-19s)
IR Ihsan (umpire)
Ihsan Annoor (Nabin Sangha)
Ihsanur Rahman (umpire)
Ijaj Ahmed (Bangladesh Boys Club)
Ijaj Ahmed Rokey (Young Pegasus)
Ijaz Ahmed (Biman Bangladesh Airlines)
ATM Ikram (umpire)
Ikramul Haq (Chittagong District B)
Ikramul Haque Duke (umpire)
Ikramul Karim (Chittagong District B)
Iktedar Ahmed (Bangladesh Under-15s)
Ilias Miah (Barisal Division)
Imam Hasan Sobuj (scorer)
Imam Hossain (Chittagong Division Under-18s)
Imam Hossain (Dhaka Metropolis Under-14s)
Imamul (Moulvibazar)
Imamul (Tangail)
Imam-ul-Haq (Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protisthan Under-19s)
Imamul Hossain (Kala Bagan Krira Chakra)
Imamul Hossain (Baridhara Dazzlers)
Imamul Mustakim (Brothers Union, Cricket Coaching School, Gazi Group Cricketers)
Imamul Mustakim (Jahangirnagar University)
Imamul Mustakim (American International University Bangladesh)
Imdadul Bashar (Agrani Bank)
Imdadul Haque (Sylhet Under-19s)
Imdadul Islam Rinku (Jessore Zilla School)
Imdu (Dhanmondi Club)
Immam-ul-Hossain (Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protisthan Under-19s)
Imon (Chittagong Division B)
Imran (Surjo Torun Club)
Imran (Jessore Under-19s)
Imran (Comilla Under-19s)
Imran (Sylhet Under-19s)
Imran (Rajshahi Under-19s)
Imran (Dhaka Udayan Biddalaya School)
Imran (Comilla Zilla School)
Imran (Scholastica High School, Dhaka)
Imran (Magura)
Imran (Chuadanga)
Imran (Pabna)
Imran (Feni)
Imran (Noakhali)
Imran (Jessore)
Imran Ahmed (Bangladesh Under-23s, Barisal Division, Dhaka Division)
Imran Ahmed (Mymensingh)
Imran Ahmed (ANZ Grindlays Bank)
Imran Ahmed (Cricket Coaching School)
Imran Ahmed Emon (Mirpur Cricket Club)
Imran Alam (Rangpur Division Under-16s)
Imran Ali (Sylhet Division)
Imran Ali (Partex Sporting Club)
Imran Ali Enam (Sylhet)
Imran Chowdhury (Gopibagh Friends Association)
Imran Fahad (Dhaka Division North Under-14s)
Imran Habib (Dhaka Metropolis Under-18s)
Imran Hamid (Gulshan Youth Club)
Imran Hasan (Barisal Division Under-18s)
Imran Hosain (Indira Road Krira Chakra)
Imran Hosain Raj (Indira Road Krira Chakra)
Imran Hossain (Khulna Division)
Imran Hossain (Pabna)
Imran Hossain (Rapid Foundation)
Imran Hossain (Barisal Division Under-16s)
Imran Hossain (Dhaka Division South Under-16s, Dhaka Division South Under-18s)
Imran Hossain (Magnum Cricketers)
Imran Hossain (Bangladesh Boys Club)
Imran Hossain (Dhaka Mariner Young's Club)
Imran Hossain (Kalindi Krira Chakra)
Imran Hossain Bhuia (Udayachal Club)
Imran Hossain Raj (Indira Road Krira Chakra)
Imran Khan (Khulna Zilla School)
Imran Khan (Comilla Under-19s)
Imran Mahamud (Rangpur Division Under-14s)
Imran Makki (scorer)
Imran Miah (Sylhet Division Under-18s)
Imran Parvez (Rajshahi Division)
Imran Parvez (Dhaka Mariner Young's Club)
Imran Rahim (Sylhet Division)
Imranuzzaman (Khulna Division Under-18s)
Imranuzzaman (Jessore)
Imran Uzzaman (Dhanmondi Progoty Shangha)
Imrose (Rajshahi Mayor's XI)
Imrul (Rajbari)
Imrul (Chittagong)
Imrul Hassan (Comilla Under-19s)
Imrul Karim (Chittagong District B)
Imrul Karim (Chittagong)
Imrul Karim (Dhanmondi Progoty Shangha)
Imrul Kayes (Bangladesh, Brothers Union, Comilla Victorians, Gazi Tank Cricketers, Khulna Division, Rangpur Riders, Sylhet Royals, Victoria Sporting Club)
Imrul Rashid (Chittagong)
Imteaz Alam Riad (Chittagong Division Under-16s)
Imtiaz (Amarjoti Club)
Imtiaz (Nilphamari Under-19s)
Imtiaz (Nilphamari Islamia High School)
Imtiaz (Sariatpur)
Imtiaz Ahmed (Dhaka Division South Under-18s)
Imtiaz Ahmed (Bangladesh Under-17s)
Imtiaz Ahmed Bablu (Barisal Under-19s)
Imtiaz Ahmed Pablo (Barisal Under-19s)
Imtiaz Alam (Eastern Bank Limited)
Imtiaz Babu (Jessore, Jessore Under-19s)
Imtiaz Hosan (Khulna Division Under-18s)
Imtiaz Hossain (Brothers Union, Kala Bagan Cricket Academy, Khulna Division, Prime Doleshwar Sporting Club, Sylhet Division, Sylhet Royals)
Imtiaz Hossain Viki (Azad Sporting Club)
Imtiaz Mitul (Barisal Division Under-18s)
Imtiazur Rahman (Kala Bagan Krira Chakra)
SM Intesar (University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh)
Intoo (Agrani Bank)
Inzamamul Haq (Mirpur Cricket Club)
Iqbal (Barisal)
Iqbal (Ghazipur, Ghazipur Under-19s)
Iqbal (Lankershaire)
Iqbal (Udayachal Club)
Iqbal (Dinajpur Zilla School)
Iqbal (Noakhali)
Iqbal (Rangamati)
A Iqbal (umpire)
ATM Iqbal (Bangladesh National University)
F Iqbal (scorer)
H Iqbal (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)
M Iqbal (scorer)
Iqbal Ahmed (Surjo Torun Club)
Iqbal Biplob (Adarsha High School, Chuadanga)
Iqbal Hossain (Chittagong Division, Sylhet Division)
Iqbal Hossain (Uttara Sporting Club)
Iqbal Hossain (Fisons Bangladesh Limited)
MD Iqbal Hossain (umpire)
MD Iqbal Hossain David (umpire)
Iqbal Nayeem (University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh)
Iqbal Sheikh (Surjo Torun Club)
Irfan (Young Pegasus A)
Irfan (Nasirabad Government High School, Chittagong)
Irfan (Chittagong)
Irfan Cowdhury (Chittagong Government High School)
Irfan Hussain (Sylhet Division Under-18s)
Irfan Sukkur (Chittagong Division, Dhaka Dynamites, Kala Bagan Cricket Academy)
Irfanullah (Surjo Torun Club)
Irhtiaf (Aquamarine Distributions Limited)
Irin Akter (Indira Road Krira Chakra Women)
Irin Sultana (Bangladesh Women, Barisal Division Women, Dipali Juba Sangha Women, Sylhet Division Women)
Isam (Old DOHS Sports Club)
Ishad (Netrakona)
Ishak Ali (Sylhet Division Under-16s, Sylhet Division Under-18s)
Ishak Ali (Bangladesh Under-16s, Bangladesh Under-17s)
Ishan (Manikganj)
Ishaq (Dhaka)
Ishaque (Agrani Bank)
Ishaque Sajal (Agrani Bank)
Ishaque Shajal (Agrani Bank)
Isharul Islam (Young Pegasus)
Isharul Islam (Rajshahi)
Ishat (Netrakona)
Ishma Tanjim (Chittagong Division Women, Rupali Bank Krira Parishad Women)
Ishraq Sonet (Barisal Division)
Ishrat Jahan (Dhaka Northern Women's Cricket Club, Indira Road Krira Chakra Women)
Ishtiak Nadim (Lankershaire)
Ishtiaq (Chattagram Jilla Krira Parishad)
Ishtiaq (Chittagong Division)
Ishtiaq (Dhaka Udayan Biddalaya School)
Ishtiaq Ahmed (Barisal Division)
Ishtiaq Ahmed (Victoria Sporting Club)
Ishtiaq Ahmed (Rapid Foundation)
Ishtiaq Ahmed Nadim (umpire)
Ishtiaq Nadim (Lankershaire)
Ishtiaque (Kala Bagan Krira Chakra)
Ishtiaque (Somatec Pharma Limited)
Ishtiaque Ahmed (Eastern Bank Limited)
Ishtiaque Ahmed (AB Bank Limited)
Ishtiaque Islam (AB Bank Limited)
Islam (Tangail Under-19s)
M Islam (Rajshahi Division XI)
M Islam (Orient Sporting Club)
M Islam (University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh)
R Islam (Bangladesh Boys Club)
S Islam (Bangladesh Railway, Banque Indosuez)
S Islam (Rajshahi Division XI)
Islamul Ahsan (Barisal Division, Kala Bagan Krira Chakra)
Islamul Hasan (Kala Bagan Krira Chakra)
Isma Anjum (Dhaka Division Women)
Ismail (Baly Keds Sports)
Ismail (Tarule High School)
Ismail (Rupali Bank)
Ismail (Sadharan Bima Krira Sangha)
Ismail Hossain (Chittagong Division Under-14s)
Ismail Islam (Baly Keds Sports, Barisal, Dhaka Wanderers, Young Cricketers Club)
Ismail Mia (Agrani Bank)
Ismot Jahan (Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protisthan Women)
Ismyl Kudrat (Rajshahi Division Under-14s)
Israfil Alam (Dhaka Metropolis Under-14s)
Istakul Islam (Rajshahi Division Under-18s)
Istakul Islam (Rajshahi)
Istiack Nawez (Chittagong Division Under-18s)
Istiak Ahmed (Rajshahi Division Under-14s)
Istiak Ahmed Nadim (umpire)
Istiak Ahmed Omi (Chittagong Mohammedan Sporting Club)
Istiak Jamil (Abahani Limited)
Istiak Sarkar (Bangladesh Boys Club)
Istiak Sarker (Bangladesh Boys Club)
Istiaq (Aquamarine Distributions Limited)
Istiaq (Netrakona)
Istiaq Ahmed (Eskaton Shabuj Shangha)
Istiaq Ahmed (Old DOHS Sports Club)
Istiaque Ahmed Nadim (Rapid Foundation)
Istiyak Ashraf (Bangladesh Under-16s)
Izal Ahmed (University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh)
Izal Ahmed Khan (City Club)
Izal Khan (University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh)
Izaz Mahmud (Moulvibazar)





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