Scotland National Cricket League Division One 2008

 Points Table
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 Averages by [Team]

26 Apr 2008  Aberdeenshire v Arbroath United Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2371
26 Apr 2008  Drumpellier v Forfarshire Langloan, Coatbridge csl2372b
26 Apr 2008  Freuchie v Penicuik The Park, Freuchie csl2373c
26 Apr 2008  Stenhousemuir v Stirling County The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2373e
26 Apr 2008  West Lothian v West of Scotland Boghall, Linlithgow csl2376a
03 May 2008  Arbroath United v Stenhousemuir Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2378
03 May 2008  Penicuik v Aberdeenshire Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2383
03 May 2008  Stirling County v Freuchie New Williamfield, Stirling csl2387
03 May 2008  West Lothian v Drumpellier Boghall, Linlithgow csl2390
03 May 2008  West of Scotland v Forfarshire Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2391
10 May 2008  Aberdeenshire v West Lothian Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2393
10 May 2008  Arbroath United v Stirling County Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2394
10 May 2008  Drumpellier v West of Scotland Langloan, Coatbridge csl2397
10 May 2008  Forfarshire v Penicuik Forthill, Dundee csl2402
10 May 2008  Freuchie v Stenhousemuir The Park, Freuchie csl2403
17 May 2008  Aberdeenshire v Drumpellier Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2409
17 May 2008  Stenhousemuir v Penicuik The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2416
17 May 2008  Stirling County v Forfarshire New Williamfield, Stirling csl2418
17 May 2008  West Lothian v Freuchie Boghall, Linlithgow csl2422
17 May 2008  West of Scotland v Arbroath United Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2423
24 May 2008  Arbroath United v Drumpellier Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2425
24 May 2008  Forfarshire v Stenhousemuir Forthill, Dundee csl2428
24 May 2008  Freuchie v Aberdeenshire The Park, Freuchie csl2429
24 May 2008  Penicuik v West Lothian Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2432
24 May 2008  West of Scotland v Stirling County Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2438
31 May 2008  Aberdeenshire v West of Scotland Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2441
31 May 2008  Drumpellier v Freuchie Langloan, Coatbridge csl2444
31 May 2008  Forfarshire v Arbroath United Forthill, Dundee csl2448
31 May 2008  Stenhousemuir v West Lothian The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2452
31 May 2008  Stirling County v Penicuik New Williamfield, Stirling csl2453
07 Jun 2008  Freuchie v Forfarshire The Park, Freuchie csl2458
07 Jun 2008  Penicuik v West of Scotland Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2461
07 Jun 2008  Stenhousemuir v Drumpellier The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2465
07 Jun 2008  Stirling County v Aberdeenshire New Williamfield, Stirling csl2466
07 Jun 2008  West Lothian v Arbroath United Boghall, Linlithgow csl2470
14 Jun 2008  Aberdeenshire v Stenhousemuir Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2471
14 Jun 2008  Arbroath United v Penicuik Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2472
14 Jun 2008  Drumpellier v Stirling County Langloan, Coatbridge csl2474
14 Jun 2008  Forfarshire v West Lothian Forthill, Dundee csl2479
14 Jun 2008  West of Scotland v Freuchie Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2485
21 Jun 2008  Arbroath United v Freuchie Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2487
21 Jun 2008  Forfarshire v Aberdeenshire Forthill, Dundee csl2492
21 Jun 2008  Penicuik v Drumpellier Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2495
21 Jun 2008  Stenhousemuir v West of Scotland The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2498
21 Jun 2008  West Lothian v Stirling County Boghall, Linlithgow csl2500
28 Jun 2008  Arbroath United v Aberdeenshire Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2501
28 Jun 2008  Forfarshire v Drumpellier Forthill, Dundee csl2504
28 Jun 2008  Penicuik v Freuchie Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2508
28 Jun 2008  Stirling County v Stenhousemuir New Williamfield, Stirling csl2512
28 Jun 2008  West of Scotland v West Lothian Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2514
05 Jul 2008  Aberdeenshire v Penicuik Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2515
05 Jul 2008  Drumpellier v West Lothian Langloan, Coatbridge csl2517a
05 Jul 2008  Forfarshire v West of Scotland Forthill, Dundee csl2521
05 Jul 2008  Freuchie v Stirling County The Park, Freuchie csl2522
05 Jul 2008  Stenhousemuir v Arbroath United The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2526
12 Jul 2008  Penicuik v Forfarshire Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2532
12 Jul 2008  Stenhousemuir v Freuchie The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2535
12 Jul 2008  Stirling County v Arbroath United New Williamfield, Stirling csl2537
12 Jul 2008  West Lothian v Aberdeenshire Boghall, Linlithgow csl2541
12 Jul 2008  West of Scotland v Drumpellier Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2542
19 Jul 2008  Arbroath United v West of Scotland Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2544
19 Jul 2008  Drumpellier v Aberdeenshire Langloan, Coatbridge csl2546
19 Jul 2008  Forfarshire v Stirling County Forthill, Dundee csl2550
19 Jul 2008  Freuchie v West Lothian The Park, Freuchie csl2550a
19 Jul 2008  Penicuik v Stenhousemuir Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2551a
26 Jul 2008  Aberdeenshire v Freuchie Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2554
26 Jul 2008  Drumpellier v Arbroath United Langloan, Coatbridge csl2557
26 Jul 2008  Stenhousemuir v Forfarshire The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2563
26 Jul 2008  Stirling County v West of Scotland New Williamfield, Stirling csl2564
26 Jul 2008  West Lothian v Penicuik Boghall, Linlithgow csl2568
02 Aug 2008  Arbroath United v Forfarshire Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2570
02 Aug 2008  Freuchie v Drumpellier The Park, Freuchie csl2574
02 Aug 2008  Penicuik v Stirling County Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2576
02 Aug 2008  West Lothian v Stenhousemuir Boghall, Linlithgow csl2583
02 Aug 2008  West of Scotland v Aberdeenshire Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2584
09 Aug 2008  Aberdeenshire v Stirling County Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2585
09 Aug 2008  Arbroath United v West Lothian Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl2585a
09 Aug 2008  Drumpellier v Stenhousemuir Langloan, Coatbridge csl2585d
09 Aug 2008  Forfarshire v Freuchie Forthill, Dundee csl2585i
09 Aug 2008  West of Scotland v Penicuik Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2587
16 Aug 2008  Freuchie v West of Scotland The Park, Freuchie csl2590
16 Aug 2008  Penicuik v Arbroath United Kirkhill, Penicuik csl2592
16 Aug 2008  Stenhousemuir v Aberdeenshire The Tryst, Stenhousemuir csl2595
16 Aug 2008  Stirling County v Drumpellier New Williamfield, Stirling csl2597
16 Aug 2008  West Lothian v Forfarshire Boghall, Linlithgow csl2600
23 Aug 2008  Aberdeenshire v Forfarshire Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2601
23 Aug 2008  Drumpellier v Penicuik Langloan, Coatbridge csl2602a
23 Aug 2008  Freuchie v Arbroath United The Park, Freuchie csl2603a
23 Aug 2008  Stirling County v West Lothian New Williamfield, Stirling csl2608
23 Aug 2008  West of Scotland v Stenhousemuir Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2611





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