Australia Players (Y)


A Yabsley (Campbelltown-Camden)
A Yabsley (Bankstown)
DB Yabsley (Wollongong)
M Yabsley (Campbelltown)
MA Yabsley (Wollongong)
MA Yabsley (Campbelltown-Camden Third XI)
SD Yabsley (Queensland Under-17s)
TR Yabsley (Illawarra)
TR Yabsley (Campbelltown-Camden)
TR Yabsley (Wollongong)
DB Yagmich (South Australia, Western Australia)
A Yaksender (Australian Universities, Ivanhoe Grammar School, Victoria Second XI)
W Yaldwyn (Queensland I Zingari)
GN Yallop (Australia, Victoria)
AJ Yandle (Western Australia Country)
G Yandle (Western Australia Country)
G Yandle (Mount Lawley)
AS Yapagedara (Northern District Third XI)
A Yarad (umpire)
Yarde (Yarra Valley Grammar School)
B Yardley (Australia, Western Australia)
A Yarnton (Mirboo North)
B Yaseen (umpire)
Yates (umpire)
Yates (Elliot's XI)
A Yates (New South Wales Second XI)
A Yates (Burnie and Yeoman)
A Yates (Australian Capital Territory President's XI)
A Yates (Mosman)
A Yates (umpire)
AB Yates (Australian Capital Territory Women, Melbourne Renegades Women)
AC Yates (Sydney Grammar School)
AJ Yates (Australian Capital Territory)
AJ Yates (Yarraville)
B Yates (Burnie and Yeoman)
C Yates (Australia Cricket Board Indigenous)
C Yates (South Australia Second XI)
C Yates (Central Gippsland Cricket Association)
D Yates (Georges River)
D Yates (Southern)
G Yates (umpire)
G Yates (North Melbourne)
GC Yates (South Australia Colts, South Australia Second XI, South Australia Under-19s)
HL Yates (Wests Illawarra)
J Yates (New South Wales Colts)
J Yates (umpire)
K Yates (New South Wales Western Zone)
K Yates (New South Wales Country)
N Yates (Lara)
N Yates (Mount Clear)
NA Yates (Carlton)
P Yates (South Australia Women)
R Yates (Yass)
A Yaxley (Eastern Suburbs Third XI)
NM Yazdani (Mosman)
C Yeaman (Southern)
JR Yean (Footscray)
GWC Yeates (New South Wales)
HNM Yeates (Toowoomba)
JHWC Yeates (New South Wales Colts)
SFM Yeates (Queensland)
P Yeatman (Malvern)
S Yeend (umpire)
M Yell (Mosman)
GD Yelland (Grovedale)
PK Yelland (Surfers Paradise Benowa)
Yeo (Orange)
G Yeo (Victoria Over-50s Third XI)
NT Yeo (Prahran)
NW Yeo (North Melbourne, Richmond)
TA Yeo (Richmond)
VY Yeo (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
D Yeoland (Tasmania Country)
M Yeoland (Tasmania Country)
A Yeomans (Sydney University)
EC Yeomans (Northcote, Victoria)
F Yeomans (umpire)
FC Yeomans (Victoria)
MB Yeomans (South Australia Colts)
P Yeomans (Elsternwick)
B Yerbury (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
J Yerbury (Burwood Briars)
JB Yerbury (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
JC Yerbury (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
M Yersley (Fairfield)
S Yescovitch (North Melbourne, University)
D Yeung (Balmain)
H Yewers (Victoria)
A Yewes (Goldfields)
A Yews (Goldfields)
M Yiend (Eastern Suburbs)
M Yiend (Randwick-Petersham Third XI)
J Yik (Belridge Secondary College)
C Ying (Macquarie University)
RF Yock (South Melbourne)
D Yon (Pennant Hills, Strathfield)
R Yonson (Victoria Country)
T Yorgey (Hampton)
York (Wellington)
MCA York (Hawthorn-East Melbourne, North Melbourne, Ringwood)
W York (Bankstown)
W York (Fairfield)
W York (Hawkesbury)
R Yorke (South Brisbane)
S Youd (Riverside)
M Youell (Manly)
GJ Youill (New South Wales)
J Youl (South Esk)
Youlden (Bendigo)
A Youman (Armidale)
C Youman (New South Wales Far North Coast)
W Youman (Armidale)
R Younan (Georges River, Pennant Hills, South Sydney, Strathfield)
R Younan (Hawkesbury)
J Younes (Sydney University Third XI)
Young (Stawell)
Young (Marshall's XI)
A Young (Auburn)
A Young (Adelaide Wanderers)
AB Young (Royal New Zealand Navy)
AG Young (Albury)
AM Young (Victoria Over-50s)
AP Young (Victoria Metropolitan Under-17s)
AP Young (Victoria Metropolitan Under-19s)
AS Young (Queensland)
B Young (Tasmania Under-19s)
B Young (Victoria Under-17s)
B Young (New South Wales Country)
B Young (Grange)
BE Young (Adelaide Strikers, Australia, South Australia)
BR Young (Dapto)
C Young (Victoria Country)
C Young (Tasmania Under-17s, Tasmania Under-19s)
C Young (South Launceston)
C Young (umpire)
C Young (Cardiff-Boolaroo)
CF Young (scorer)
CM Young (Tasmania)
CM Young (Wurruk)
CS Young (Grovedale)
D Young (South Queensland Under-19s)
D Young (Hay)
D Young (Newcastle)
D Young (umpire)
D Young (Doubleview-Carine)
D Young (South Melbourne)
D Young (umpire)
D Young (New South Wales Under-19s)
D Young (New South Wales Near North-South)
D Young (Balmain)
DA Young (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
E Young (Southern Tasmania Junior Cricket Association, Tasmania Country)
EJ Young (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
F Young (Western Australia Women)
F Young (Newcastle)
F Young (New South Wales Schools Women)
FC Young (North)
G Young (New South Wales Country, Newcastle)
G Young (New South Wales North Coast)
G Young (South Australia XI)
G Young (umpire)
G Young (Australian Capital Territory Schools)
G Young (Fitzroy)
G Young (umpire)
GA Young (Western Australia)
H Young (Hawthorn-East Melbourne)
J Young (Hamilton)
J Young (Tasmania Second XI)
J Young (New South Wales Women)
J Young (New South Wales Cricket Association)
J Young (New South Wales Country)
J Young (University of New South Wales)
JB Young (Altona North)
JC Young (New South Wales)
JJ Young (Warringah)
JO Young (South Launceston)
JW Young (Darwin)
K Young (Subiaco-Floreat)
L Young (Ivanhoe)
L Young (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
L Young (Tasmania Over-50s)
Loth Young (Tasmania Country)
Lin Young (Tasmania Country)
M Young (Northern Tasmania Cricket Association)
MD Young (Northern Suburbs)
MJ Young (Glenorchy)
N Young (Echuca)
O Young (Sydney University)
PW Young (Victoria)
R Young (Western New South Wales Under-19s)
R Young (Victoria Country)
R Young (Tooleybuc)
R Young (Cardiff-Boolaroo)
R Young (Collingwood)
R Young (umpire)
RA Young (umpire)
RA Young (South Australia Over-50s)
RF Young (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
RJ Young (Combined Services)
RM Young (South Launceston)
RT Young (Prince Alfred College, Adelaide)
S Young (Australia, Bedfordshire, Gloucestershire, Tasmania)
S Young (Victoria Women)
S Young (umpire)
S Young (South Australia Cricket Association XI)
S Young (Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales Country Under-15s Women, New South Wales Academy Women)
S Young (South Australia Under-17s)
S Young (Municipal and Shires XI)
S Young (Westminster College)
SC Young (St Kilda, Victoria Country)
SS Young (Camberwell Magpies)
T Young (Collegians)
T Young (Northern Territory Women)
T Young (Ocean Ridge)
T Young (University)
TA Young (Old Scotch)
TA Young (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
W Young (Victoria Country)
W Young (New South Wales Teachers)
W Young (Port Melbourne)
W Young (North Melbourne)
W Young (Kew)
W Young (New South Wales Second XI)
W Young (New South Wales Country Teachers)
WA Young (umpire)
WA Young (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
WD Young (St Kilda)
WJ Young (New South Wales Western Districts)
WJ Young (Brisbane)
C Youngberry (New South Wales Far North East Colts)
G Youngberry (New South Wales Country, New South Wales Far North Coast)
J Younger (Crusaders)
R Younger (umpire)
P Youngman (Geelong)
N Youngs (Mentone)
F Yourn (umpire)
J Yovich (Sutherland)
JA Yuill (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
A Yuille (South Melbourne)
A Yuille (University)
C Yukich (Swan Athletic)
N Yunis (Hannans)
W Yunis (Hannans)
W Yunis (Queensland Under-17s)
RR Yze (Victoria Country)
YD Yze (Richmond, St Kilda)





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