Other matches played on New Field, Edinburgh (56)

(count excludes the 9 matches in which no play was possible)
Note that the only matches included in this list are those for which CricketArchive has a scorecard on its database
22nd June 1946 Other matches in Scotland 1946  Edinburgh Academy v Trinity College, Glenalmondmisc120723
21st July 1952 Oxford University Authentics in Scotland 1952  East of Scotland v Oxford University Authenticsmisc410788
27th May 1981 Other matches in Scotland 1981  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc392372
26th May 1982 Other matches in Scotland 1982  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc392502
25th May 1983 Other matches in Scotland 1983  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc392634
27th June 1984 Other matches in Scotland 1984  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc392804
26th June 1985 Other matches in Scotland 1985  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc392941
18th June 1986 Other matches in Scotland 1986  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc393086
3rd June 1987 Other matches in Scotland 1987  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc393208a
1st June 1988 Other matches in Scotland 1988  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc393340
19th June 1988 National Cricket Association County Championship 1988 Group 1Edinburgh v North of Scotlandmisc182856
31st May 1989 Other matches in Scotland 1989  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc393482a
30th May 1990 Other matches in Scotland 1990  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc393620
29th May 1991 Other matches in Scotland 1991  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc393781
27th May 1992 Other matches in Scotland 1992  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc393952
2nd June 1993 Other matches in Scotland 1993  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc394161a
30th June 1993 Other matches in Scotland 1993  Scotland Under-19s v Scottish Wayfarersmisc196082
1st June 1994 Other matches in Scotland 1994  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc394367
31st May 1995 Other matches in Scotland 1995  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc394580
29th May 1996 Other matches in Scotland 1996  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc394803
21st May 1997 Other matches in Scotland 1997  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc395032
27th May 1998 Other matches in Scotland 1998  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc395263
26th May 1999 Other matches in Scotland 1999  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc395522
24th July 1999 European Under-15 Championship 1999  Scotland Under-15s v Netherlands Under-15smisc9802
25th July 1999 European Under-15 Championship 1999  Scotland Under-15s v Denmark Under-15smisc9804
24th May 2000 Other matches in Scotland 2000  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc395755
11th June 2000 Northumberland Women in Scotland 2000  Scotland Women v Northumberland Womenwmisc1600
18th June 2000 Cumbria Women in Scotland 2000  Scotland Women v Cumbria Womenwmisc1601
25th June 2000 Under-17 District Championship 2000  East of Scotland Under-17s v West of Scotland Under-17smisc640591
30th July 2000 Durham Women in Scotland 2000  Scotland Women v Durham Womenwmisc1602
23rd May 2001 Other matches in Scotland 2001  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc395985
8th July 2001 Durham Women in Scotland 2001  Scotland Women v Durham Womenwmisc1607a
15th July 2001 New South Wales Schools in British Isles 2001  Scotland Women v New South Wales Schoolsmisc43882a
26th July 2001 European Under-19 Championship 2001 Warm-upEast of Scotland Youth Select v Denmark Under-19smisc632112
29th July 2001 European Under-19 Championship 2001 Division TwoGermany Under-19s v Gibraltar Under-19smisc9964
31st July 2001 European Under-19 Championship 2001 Division TwoGibraltar Under-19s v Italy Under-19smisc9967
22nd May 2002 Other matches in Scotland 2002  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc396221
28th July 2002 European Under-17 Championship 2002  Scotland Under-17s v Ireland Under-17smisc9870
11th May 2003 Under-19 District Championship 2003  East of Scotland Under-19s v North of Scotland Under-19smisc640604
21st May 2003 Other matches in Scotland 2003  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc396455
13th August 2003 Northamptonshire Under-15s in Scotland 2003  Scotland Under-15s v Northamptonshire Under-15smisc579271
19th May 2004 Other matches in Scotland 2004  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc396697
13th June 2004 Under-17 District Championship 2004  East of Scotland Under-17s v North of Scotland Under-17smisc640610
18th May 2005 Other matches in Scotland 2005  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc396965a
12th June 2005 Other matches in Scotland 2005  East of Scotland Under-16s v Scotland Womenmisc43884a
17th May 2006 Other matches in Scotland 2006  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc397201
28th May 2006 Other matches in Scotland 2006  East of Scotland Under-16s v The Forty Clubmisc397211
12th July 2006 Northumberland Under-12s in Scotland 2006  Scotland Under-12s v Northumberland Under-12smisc522745
13th July 2006 Northumberland Under-16s in Scotland 2006  Scotland Under-15s v Northumberland Under-16smisc748172
24th July 2006 Under-16 District Championship 2006  East of Scotland Under-16s v North of Scotland Under-16smisc640620
15th May 2007 Other matches in Scotland 2007  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc397372
18th July 2007 Under-16 District Championship 2007  Central Scotland Under-16s v East of Scotland Under-16smisc643271
13th May 2008 Other matches in Scotland 2008  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc397611
12th May 2009 Other matches in Scotland 2009  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc397828
3rd July 2009 Sunshine Coast Under-14s in Scotland 2009  East of Scotland Under-14s v Sunshine Coast Under-14smisc646584
11th May 2010 Other matches in Scotland 2010  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc397976a
10th May 2011 Other matches in Scotland 2011  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc412702a
29th May 2011 Other matches in Scotland 2011  Eastern Regional Academy Under-16s v The Forty Clubmisc199801
8th May 2012 Other matches in Scotland 2012  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc398184
27th May 2012 Small Clubs Cup 2012 First RoundWoodcutters v Mortonmisc268850
7th May 2013 Other matches in Scotland 2013  Edinburgh Academy v The Forty Clubmisc398385
17th May 2013 Murgitroyd Twenty20 Cup 2013 East Section First RoundEdinburgh Academicals v Edinburgh Southmisc354837
16th June 2013 Small Clubs Cup 2013 Quarter-FinalWoodcutters v Bon Accordmisc322260
June 2014 Murgitroyd Twenty20 Cup 2014 East Section First RoundEdinburgh Academicals v Heriot'smisc432408
31st May 2015 East of Scotland Cricket Association President's Trophy 2015 First RoundEdinburgh Academicals v Falkland Second XImisc646602





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