Old Trafford, Manchester - Five Wickets in an Innings in Test cricket

10-53JC LakerEngland v Australia1956t428
9-37JC LakerEngland v Australia1956t428
8-31FJ LaverAustralia v England1909t104
8-31FS TruemanEngland v India1952t353
8-104AL ValentineWest Indies v England1950t323
8-141CJ McDermottAustralia v England1985t1020
7-22MD MarshallWest Indies v England1988t1100
7-31R PeelEngland v Australia1888t30
7-35GAR LockEngland v New Zealand1958t457
7-44RG BarlowEngland v Australia1886t22
7-52AV BedserEngland v India1946t277
7-56J LangridgeEngland v West Indies1933t228
7-58AV BedserEngland v South Africa1951t336
7-66DJG SammyWest Indies v England2007t1835
7-71AP FreemanEngland v South Africa1929t184
7-153GD McKenzieAustralia v England1964t564
7-168T RichardsonEngland v Australia1896t51
7-189WJ O'ReillyAustralia v England1934t235
6-19SJ HarmisonEngland v Pakistan2006t1811
6-29TWJ GoddardEngland v New Zealand1937t261
6-33WE BowesEngland v West Indies1939t273
6-37AME RobertsWest Indies v England1976t779
6-37MS PanesarEngland v New Zealand2008t1876
6-42HF BoyleAustralia v England1884t14
6-48WH LockwoodEngland v Australia1902t73
6-48SK WarneAustralia v England1997t1372
6-51GWA ChubbSouth Africa v England1951t336
6-53H TrumbleAustralia v England1902t73
6-53SP JonesEngland v Australia2005t1760
6-55DJ BravoWest Indies v England2004t1711
6-57RA HarperWest Indies v England1984t992
6-66DK LilleeAustralia v England1972t698
6-66DL UnderwoodEngland v Australia1977t805
6-67J CowieNew Zealand v England1937t261
6-67PM SuchEngland v Australia1993t1223
6-70R BenaudAustralia v England1961t510
6-72GF LawsonAustralia v England1989t1124
6-76T RichardsonEngland v Australia1896t51
6-79PI PocockEngland v Australia1968t637
6-84TE BaileyEngland v New Zealand1949t316
6-88AA DonaldSouth Africa v England1998t1420
6-98LR GibbsWest Indies v England1963t543
6-102DR DoshiIndia v England1982t929
6-105SJ PeglerSouth Africa v Australia1912t121
6-137MS PanesarEngland v West Indies2007t1835
6-162TB BurttNew Zealand v England1949t316
5-17MA HoldingWest Indies v England1976t779
5-24R PollardEngland v India1946t277
5-27AV BedserEngland v India1952t353
5-28WH LockwoodEngland v Australia1902t73
5-33C KellewayAustralia v South Africa1912t121
5-37LR GibbsWest Indies v England1966t605
5-38CH ParkinEngland v Australia1921t143
5-39AP FreemanEngland v West Indies1928t174
5-42ST FinnEngland v Bangladesh2010t1959
5-49T RichardsonEngland v Australia1893t41
5-53JB StathamEngland v Australia1961t510
5-54AP FreemanEngland v West Indies1928t174
5-54AV BedserEngland v South Africa1951t336
5-55WJ WhittyAustralia v South Africa1912t121
5-56SF BarnesEngland v Australia1909t104
5-57SJ HarmisonEngland v Pakistan2006t1811
5-59LR GibbsWest Indies v England1963t543
5-63C BlytheEngland v Australia1909t104
5-63R BerryEngland v West Indies1950t323
5-63WE HolliesEngland v West Indies1950t323
5-66TM AldermanAustralia v England1989t1124
5-66DL VettoriNew Zealand v England2008t1876
5-67WM BradleyEngland v Australia1899t63
5-69LR GibbsWest Indies v England1966t605
5-70P LeverEngland v India1971t691
5-72MS PanesarEngland v Pakistan2006t1811
5-73EA MartindaleWest Indies v England1933t228
5-76GP SwannEngland v Bangladesh2010t1959
5-83W RhodesEngland v Australia1909t104
5-83FJ TitmusEngland v West Indies1966t605
5-86CTB TurnerAustralia v England1888t30
5-86PS HeineSouth Africa v England1955t410
5-96L AmarnathIndia v England1946t277
5-99RJ CrispSouth Africa v England1935t245
5-100AP FreemanEngland v South Africa1929t184
5-100WE BowesEngland v South Africa1935t245
5-101MH MankadIndia v England1946t277
5-104JN ShepherdWest Indies v England1969t653
5-107T RichardsonEngland v Australia1893t41
5-109TM AldermanAustralia v England1981t907
5-115AV BedserEngland v Australia1953t374
5-115SurendranathIndia v England1959t477
5-115GD McGrathAustralia v England2005t1760
5-121Shakib Al HasanBangladesh v England2010t1959
5-124ARC FraserEngland v India1990t1149
5-125CE McLeodAustralia v England1905t86
5-128Wasim AkramPakistan v England1992t1191
5-159GP SwannEngland v Australia2013t2092





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