Liverpool and District Cricket Competition Division One 2008

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

12 Apr 2008  Highfield v Ainsdale Billinge Road, Highfield misc245767a
12 Apr 2008  Liverpool v St Helens Aigburth, Liverpool misc245768a
12 Apr 2008  Northop Hall v Newton-le-Willows Smithy Lane, Northop Hall misc245769
12 Apr 2008  Sefton Park v Leigh Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc245770
12 Apr 2008  Skelmersdale v Huyton Scott Rees Park, Skelmersdale misc245771a
12 Apr 2008  Wavertree v Orrell Red Triangle Sandown Lane, Wavertree misc245772a
12 Apr 2008  Wigan v Rainford Bull Hey, Wigan misc245773a
19 Apr 2008  Ainsdale v Liverpool Liverpool Road, Ainsdale misc245774
19 Apr 2008  Huyton v Northop Hall Huyton Lane, Huyton misc245775
19 Apr 2008  Leigh v Highfield Beech Walk, Leigh misc245776
19 Apr 2008  Newton-le-Willows v Sefton Park Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc245780
19 Apr 2008  Orrell Red Triangle v Wigan YMCA Ground, Billinge misc245777
19 Apr 2008  Rainford v Skelmersdale Jubilee Recreation Ground, Rainford misc245778
19 Apr 2008  St Helens v Wavertree Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc245779
26 Apr 2008  Highfield v Newton-le-Willows Billinge Road, Highfield misc245781
26 Apr 2008  Liverpool v Leigh Aigburth, Liverpool misc245782
26 Apr 2008  Northop Hall v Rainford Smithy Lane, Northop Hall misc245783
26 Apr 2008  Orrell Red Triangle v St Helens YMCA Ground, Billinge misc245784
26 Apr 2008  Sefton Park v Huyton Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc245785
26 Apr 2008  Wavertree v Ainsdale Sandown Lane, Wavertree misc245786
26 Apr 2008  Wigan v Skelmersdale Bull Hey, Wigan misc245787
03 May 2008  Ainsdale v Orrell Red Triangle Liverpool Road, Ainsdale misc245788
03 May 2008  Huyton v Highfield Huyton Lane, Huyton misc245789
03 May 2008  Leigh v Wavertree Beech Walk, Leigh misc245790
03 May 2008  Newton-le-Willows v Liverpool Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc245791
03 May 2008  Rainford v Sefton Park Jubilee Recreation Ground, Rainford misc245792
03 May 2008  Skelmersdale v Northop Hall Scott Rees Park, Skelmersdale misc245793
03 May 2008  St Helens v Wigan Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc245794
05 May 2008  Highfield v Rainford Billinge Road, Highfield misc245795
05 May 2008  Liverpool v Huyton Aigburth, Liverpool misc245796
05 May 2008  Orrell Red Triangle v Leigh YMCA Ground, Billinge misc245797
05 May 2008  Sefton Park v Skelmersdale Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc245798
05 May 2008  St Helens v Ainsdale Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc245799a
05 May 2008  Wavertree v Newton-le-Willows Sandown Lane, Wavertree misc245800
05 May 2008  Wigan v Northop Hall Bull Hey, Wigan misc245801
10 May 2008  Ainsdale v Wigan Liverpool Road, Ainsdale misc245802
10 May 2008  Huyton v Wavertree Huyton Lane, Huyton misc245803
10 May 2008  Leigh v St Helens Beech Walk, Leigh misc245804
10 May 2008  Newton-le-Willows v Orrell Red Triangle Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc245805
10 May 2008  Northop Hall v Sefton Park Smithy Lane, Northop Hall misc245806
10 May 2008  Rainford v Liverpool Jubilee Recreation Ground, Rainford misc245807
10 May 2008  Skelmersdale v Highfield Scott Rees Park, Skelmersdale misc245808
17 May 2008  Ainsdale v Leigh Liverpool Road, Ainsdale misc245809
17 May 2008  Highfield v Northop Hall Billinge Road, Highfield misc245810
17 May 2008  Liverpool v Skelmersdale Aigburth, Liverpool misc245811
17 May 2008  Orrell Red Triangle v Huyton YMCA Ground, Billinge misc245812
17 May 2008  St Helens v Newton-le-Willows Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc245813
17 May 2008  Wavertree v Rainford Sandown Lane, Wavertree misc245814
17 May 2008  Wigan v Sefton Park Bull Hey, Wigan misc245815
24 May 2008  Huyton v St Helens Huyton Lane, Huyton misc245816
24 May 2008  Leigh v Wigan Beech Walk, Leigh misc245817
24 May 2008  Newton-le-Willows v Ainsdale Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc245818
24 May 2008  Northop Hall v Liverpool Smithy Lane, Northop Hall misc245819
24 May 2008  Rainford v Orrell Red Triangle Jubilee Recreation Ground, Rainford misc245820
24 May 2008  Sefton Park v Highfield Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc245821
24 May 2008  Skelmersdale v Wavertree Scott Rees Park, Skelmersdale misc245822
26 May 2008  Ainsdale v Huyton Liverpool Road, Ainsdale misc245823
26 May 2008  Leigh v Newton-le-Willows Beech Walk, Leigh misc245824
26 May 2008  Liverpool v Sefton Park Aigburth, Liverpool misc245825
26 May 2008  Orrell Red Triangle v Skelmersdale YMCA Ground, Billinge misc245826
26 May 2008  St Helens v Rainford Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc245827
26 May 2008  Wavertree v Northop Hall Sandown Lane, Wavertree misc245828
26 May 2008  Wigan v Highfield Bull Hey, Wigan misc245829
31 May 2008  Highfield v Liverpool Billinge Road, Highfield misc245830
31 May 2008  Huyton v Leigh Huyton Lane, Huyton misc245831
31 May 2008  Newton-le-Willows v Wigan Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc245832
31 May 2008  Northop Hall v Orrell Red Triangle Smithy Lane, Northop Hall misc245833
31 May 2008  Rainford v Ainsdale Jubilee Recreation Ground, Rainford misc245834
31 May 2008  Sefton Park v Wavertree Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc245835
31 May 2008  Skelmersdale v St Helens Scott Rees Park, Skelmersdale misc245836
07 Jun 2008  Ainsdale v Skelmersdale Liverpool Road, Ainsdale misc245837
07 Jun 2008  Leigh v Rainford Beech Walk, Leigh misc245838
07 Jun 2008  Newton-le-Willows v Huyton Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc245839
07 Jun 2008  Orrell Red Triangle v Sefton Park YMCA Ground, Billinge misc245840
07 Jun 2008  St Helens v Northop Hall Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc245841
07 Jun 2008  Wavertree v Highfield Sandown Lane, Wavertree misc245842
07 Jun 2008  Wigan v Liverpool Bull Hey, Wigan misc245843
14 Jun 2008  Highfield v Orrell Red Triangle Billinge Road, Highfield misc245844
14 Jun 2008  Liverpool v Wavertree Aigburth, Liverpool misc245845
14 Jun 2008  Northop Hall v Ainsdale Smithy Lane, Northop Hall misc245846
14 Jun 2008  Rainford v Newton-le-Willows Jubilee Recreation Ground, Rainford misc245847
14 Jun 2008  Sefton Park v St Helens Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc245848
14 Jun 2008  Skelmersdale v Leigh Scott Rees Park, Skelmersdale misc245849
14 Jun 2008  Wigan v Huyton Bull Hey, Wigan misc245850
21 Jun 2008  Ainsdale v Sefton Park Liverpool Road, Ainsdale misc245851a
21 Jun 2008  Huyton v Rainford Huyton Lane, Huyton misc245852
21 Jun 2008  Leigh v Northop Hall Beech Walk, Leigh misc245853
21 Jun 2008  Liverpool v Orrell Red Triangle Aigburth, Liverpool misc245854
21 Jun 2008  Newton-le-Willows v Skelmersdale Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc245855
21 Jun 2008  St Helens v Highfield Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc245856
21 Jun 2008  Wavertree v Wigan Sandown Lane, Wavertree misc245857
22 Jun 2008  Ainsdale v Wavertree Liverpool Road, Ainsdale misc245858
28 Jun 2008  Ainsdale v Highfield Liverpool Road, Ainsdale misc245859
28 Jun 2008  Huyton v Skelmersdale Huyton Lane, Huyton misc245860
28 Jun 2008  Leigh v Sefton Park Beech Walk, Leigh misc245861
28 Jun 2008  Newton-le-Willows v Northop Hall Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc245862
28 Jun 2008  Orrell Red Triangle v Wavertree YMCA Ground, Billinge misc245863
28 Jun 2008  Rainford v Wigan Jubilee Recreation Ground, Rainford misc245864
28 Jun 2008  St Helens v Liverpool Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc245865
05 Jul 2008  Highfield v Leigh Billinge Road, Highfield misc245866
05 Jul 2008  Northop Hall v Huyton Smithy Lane, Northop Hall misc245867
05 Jul 2008  Sefton Park v Newton-le-Willows Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc245868
05 Jul 2008  Skelmersdale v Rainford Scott Rees Park, Skelmersdale misc245869
05 Jul 2008  Wavertree v St Helens Sandown Lane, Wavertree misc245870
05 Jul 2008  Wigan v Orrell Red Triangle Bull Hey, Wigan misc245871
12 Jul 2008  Huyton v Sefton Park Huyton Lane, Huyton misc245872
12 Jul 2008  Leigh v Liverpool Beech Walk, Leigh misc245873
12 Jul 2008  Newton-le-Willows v Highfield Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc245874
12 Jul 2008  Rainford v Northop Hall Jubilee Recreation Ground, Rainford misc245875
12 Jul 2008  Skelmersdale v Wigan Scott Rees Park, Skelmersdale misc245876
12 Jul 2008  St Helens v Orrell Red Triangle Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc245877
19 Jul 2008  Highfield v Huyton Billinge Road, Highfield misc245878
19 Jul 2008  Northop Hall v Skelmersdale Smithy Lane, Northop Hall misc245879
19 Jul 2008  Orrell Red Triangle v Ainsdale YMCA Ground, Billinge misc245880
19 Jul 2008  Sefton Park v Rainford Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc245881
19 Jul 2008  Wavertree v Leigh Sandown Lane, Wavertree misc245882
19 Jul 2008  Wigan v St Helens Bull Hey, Wigan misc245883a
26 Jul 2008  Ainsdale v St Helens Liverpool Road, Ainsdale misc245884
26 Jul 2008  Huyton v Liverpool Huyton Lane, Huyton misc245885
26 Jul 2008  Leigh v Orrell Red Triangle Beech Walk, Leigh misc245886
26 Jul 2008  Newton-le-Willows v Wavertree Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc245887
26 Jul 2008  Northop Hall v Wigan Smithy Lane, Northop Hall misc245888
26 Jul 2008  Rainford v Highfield Jubilee Recreation Ground, Rainford misc245889
26 Jul 2008  Skelmersdale v Sefton Park Scott Rees Park, Skelmersdale misc245890
27 Jul 2008  Liverpool v Ainsdale Aigburth, Liverpool misc245891
02 Aug 2008  Highfield v Skelmersdale Billinge Road, Highfield misc245892
02 Aug 2008  Liverpool v Rainford Aigburth, Liverpool misc245893
02 Aug 2008  Orrell Red Triangle v Newton-le-Willows YMCA Ground, Billinge misc245894
02 Aug 2008  Sefton Park v Northop Hall Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc245895
02 Aug 2008  St Helens v Leigh Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc245896
02 Aug 2008  Wavertree v Huyton Sandown Lane, Wavertree misc245897
02 Aug 2008  Wigan v Ainsdale Bull Hey, Wigan misc245898
09 Aug 2008  Huyton v Orrell Red Triangle Huyton Lane, Huyton misc245899a
09 Aug 2008  Leigh v Ainsdale Beech Walk, Leigh misc245900a
09 Aug 2008  Newton-le-Willows v St Helens Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc245901a
09 Aug 2008  Northop Hall v Highfield Smithy Lane, Northop Hall misc245902
09 Aug 2008  Rainford v Wavertree Jubilee Recreation Ground, Rainford misc245903a
09 Aug 2008  Sefton Park v Wigan Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc245904a
09 Aug 2008  Skelmersdale v Liverpool Scott Rees Park, Skelmersdale misc245905a
10 Aug 2008  Liverpool v Newton-le-Willows Aigburth, Liverpool misc245906
16 Aug 2008  Ainsdale v Newton-le-Willows Liverpool Road, Ainsdale misc245907
16 Aug 2008  Highfield v Sefton Park Billinge Road, Highfield misc245908
16 Aug 2008  Liverpool v Northop Hall Aigburth, Liverpool misc245909
16 Aug 2008  Orrell Red Triangle v Rainford YMCA Ground, Billinge misc245910
16 Aug 2008  St Helens v Huyton Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc245911
16 Aug 2008  Wavertree v Skelmersdale Sandown Lane, Wavertree misc245912
16 Aug 2008  Wigan v Leigh Bull Hey, Wigan misc245913
23 Aug 2008  Ainsdale v Rainford Liverpool Road, Ainsdale misc245914
23 Aug 2008  Leigh v Huyton Beech Walk, Leigh misc245916
23 Aug 2008  Liverpool v Highfield Aigburth, Liverpool misc245915
23 Aug 2008  Orrell Red Triangle v Northop Hall YMCA Ground, Billinge misc245917
23 Aug 2008  St Helens v Skelmersdale Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc245918
23 Aug 2008  Wavertree v Sefton Park Sandown Lane, Wavertree misc245919
23 Aug 2008  Wigan v Newton-le-Willows Bull Hey, Wigan misc245920
25 Aug 2008  Highfield v Wigan Billinge Road, Highfield misc245921
25 Aug 2008  Huyton v Ainsdale Huyton Lane, Huyton misc245922a
25 Aug 2008  Newton-le-Willows v Leigh Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc245923
25 Aug 2008  Northop Hall v Wavertree Smithy Lane, Northop Hall misc245924
25 Aug 2008  Rainford v St Helens Jubilee Recreation Ground, Rainford misc245925
25 Aug 2008  Sefton Park v Liverpool Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc245926
25 Aug 2008  Skelmersdale v Orrell Red Triangle Scott Rees Park, Skelmersdale misc245927
30 Aug 2008  Highfield v Wavertree Billinge Road, Highfield misc245928
30 Aug 2008  Huyton v Newton-le-Willows Huyton Lane, Huyton misc245929
30 Aug 2008  Liverpool v Wigan Aigburth, Liverpool misc245930
30 Aug 2008  Northop Hall v St Helens Smithy Lane, Northop Hall misc245931
30 Aug 2008  Rainford v Leigh Jubilee Recreation Ground, Rainford misc245932
30 Aug 2008  Sefton Park v Orrell Red Triangle Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc245933
30 Aug 2008  Skelmersdale v Ainsdale Scott Rees Park, Skelmersdale misc245934
06 Sep 2008  Ainsdale v Northop Hall Liverpool Road, Ainsdale misc245935a
06 Sep 2008  Huyton v Wigan Huyton Lane, Huyton misc245936a
06 Sep 2008  Leigh v Skelmersdale Beech Walk, Leigh misc245937a
06 Sep 2008  Newton-le-Willows v Rainford Crow Lane East, Newton-le-Willows misc245938a
06 Sep 2008  Orrell Red Triangle v Highfield YMCA Ground, Billinge misc245939
06 Sep 2008  St Helens v Sefton Park Windleshaw Road, St Helens misc245940a
06 Sep 2008  Wavertree v Liverpool Sandown Lane, Wavertree misc245941a
13 Sep 2008  Highfield v St Helens Billinge Road, Highfield misc245942
13 Sep 2008  Northop Hall v Leigh Smithy Lane, Northop Hall misc245943
13 Sep 2008  Orrell Red Triangle v Liverpool YMCA Ground, Billinge misc245944
13 Sep 2008  Rainford v Huyton Jubilee Recreation Ground, Rainford misc245945
13 Sep 2008  Sefton Park v Ainsdale Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc245946
13 Sep 2008  Skelmersdale v Newton-le-Willows Scott Rees Park, Skelmersdale misc245947
13 Sep 2008  Wigan v Wavertree Bull Hey, Wigan misc268835





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