England Teams (O)


O Scott's XI
Oak Hill (England)
Oakamoor Women
Oakfield and Rowlands
Oakfield Parkonians
Oakfield Parkonians Second XI
Oakfield Second XI
Oakfield Third XI
Oakham Amateurs
Oakham Club and Ground
Oakham Institute
Oakham School
Oakham School A
Oakham School B
Oakham School Boarders
Oakham School Coach's XI
Oakham School Day Boys
Oakham School Masters
Oakham School Second XI
Oakham School Senior Professional's XI
Oakham School Staff
Oakham School Thursday XI
Oakham School Under-15s
Oakham School Under-16s
Oakham Second XI
Oaklands (Retford)
Oaklands Park
Oakleigh Wanderers
Oakley (Bedfordshire)
Oakley (Buckinghamshire)
Oakley (Hampshire)
Oakley Second XI (Hampshire)
Oakmere Women
Oakwood High School, Rotherham
Oakwood Hill
Oates and Green
Oates Sports
Oatlands Park
Occasionals (England)
Ocean T and T
Ocean Terminal
Ockbrook and Borrowash
Ockbrook and Borrowash Fourth XI
Ockbrook and Borrowash Second XI
Ockbrook and Borrowash Third XI
Ockbrook and Borrowash Women
Ockbrook School
Ockley A
Odiham and Alton
Odiham and Greywell
Odiham and Greywell Second XI
Odiham and Greywell Third XI
Odiham and Greywell Women
Odney Park
Offchurch-Lapworth Second XI
Offham Second XI
Officer Cadets, Catterick
Officers (England)
Officers 22nd and Militia
Officers 22nd Brigade Depot
Officers and Privates of the Windsor Garrison
Officers of Brigade, Woodbury Camp
Officers of Militia
Officers of Northern District
Officers of Regiments Encamped in Holderness
Officers of Royal Marine Barracks, Plymouth
Officers of the 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Officers of the Aldershot Division
Officers of the Colchester Garrison
Officers of the Fourth and Fifth West Yorkshire Regiments
Officers of the Guard
Officers of the Kentish Garrison
Officers of the Southern Division
Officers of the Western District
Officers' Cadet Unit, Lichfield
OG Radcliffe's XI
OJ Wait's XI
Old Abingdonians
Old Accringtonians
Old Actonians
Old Actonians Third XI
Old Albanians
Old Albanians Cavaliers
Old Albanians Second XI
Old Albanians Sunday XI
Old Aldenhamians
Old Alleynians
Old Alleynians A
Old Alleynians President's XI
Old Alresford
Old Aluredians
Old Amplefordians
Old Anchorians
Old Anchorians Second XI
Old Ardinians
Old Ashfordians
Old Askeans
Old Bancroftians
Old Barnardians
Old Barnes
Old Basing
Old Basing Second XI
Old Basing Third XI
Old Bedford Modernians
Old Bedfordians
Old Berkhamstedians
Old Biltonians
Old Bloxhamians
Old Bloxhamists
Old Blues
Old Blundellians
Old Bournemouthians
Old Boys Sunday Cricket League
Old Brentwoods
Old Brentwoods Second XI
Old Briggensians
Old Brightonians
Old Bristolians (England)
Old Bristolians Westbury
Old Bristolians Westbury Women
Old Brockfordians
Old Brockleians
Old Brocs
Old Bromsgrovians
Old Brutonians
Old Buckenham
Old Buckenham Hall
Old Cambridge Men
Old Camdenians
Old Camdenians Third XI
Old Carolians
Old Carthusians
Old Centralians
Old Challoners
Old Charlton
Old Chelmsfordians
Old Cheltonians
Old Chigwellians
Old Cholmeleians
Old Cicestrians
Old Citizens
Old Clarkonians
Old Clayesmorians
Old Cliftonians
Old Colfeians
Old Colfeians Second XI
Old Colonians
Old Cooperians
Old Cranleighans
Old Cranleighans Second XI
Old Creightonians
Old Crusaders
Old Cuthbertians
Old Cuthbertians Second XI
Old Dalby
Old Dartfordians
Old Dauntseians
Old Deaconians
Old Decanians
Old Denstonians
Old Derbeians
Old Derbyshire Colts
Old Dixonians
Old Dominions
Old Doms
Old Dorset
Old Dovorians
Old Down
Old Dunstonians
Old Dunstonians and CUACO
Old Dunstonians and CUACO Second XI
Old Dunstonians Second XI
Old East Hovians
Old Eastbournians
Old Eastonians
Old Edmundians
Old Edwardians (Hampshire)
Old Edwardians (Warwickshire)
Old Edwardians Association
Old Edwardians Cricket Club President's XI (Warwickshire)
Old Edwardians Second XI (Warwickshire)
Old Edwardians Statics
Old Edwardians Sunday XI (Hampshire)
Old Edwardians Third XI (Warwickshire)
Old Edwardians Under-19s (Warwickshire)
Old Eleans
Old Elizabethans (Hertfordshire)
Old Elizabethans (Mansfield)
Old Elizabethans (Worcestershire)
Old Elizabethans Fourth XI (Worcestershire)
Old Elizabethans Second XI (Worcestershire)
Old Elizabethans Third XI (Worcestershire)
Old Elizabethans Visually Impaired (Worcestershire)
Old Elizabethans Women (Worcestershire)
Old Ellesmerians
Old Elthamians
Old Elthamians Granby
Old Elthamians Granby Development XI
Old Elthamians Granby Second XI
Old Elthamians Second XI
Old Elysians
Old Emanuel
Old England Women's XI
Old England XI
Old Epsomians
Old Etonians
Old Etonians and Old Harrovians
Old Felstedians
Old Finchleians
Old Fincunians
Old Foresters
Old Fullerians
Old Georgians (England)
Old Georgians Veterans XI
Old Glamorgan
Old Glossop
Old Glossop Second XI
Old Grammarians (England)
Old Greshamians
Old Grovians
Old Guard
Old Haberdashers
Old Haberdashers Second XI
Old Halesonians
Old Halesonians Second XI
Old Hall Inn
Old Hall Masters
Old Hambledonians
Old Hambledonians Second XI
Old Hampshire
Old Hamptonians
Old Harrovian Captains
Old Harrovians
Old Hartleyans
Old Hendon
Old Herefordians
Old Hill
Old Hill Fourth XI
Old Hill Second XI
Old Hill Third XI
Old Hill Women
Old Hillsiders
Old Honitonians
Old Hurst Johnian Duck Club President's XI
Old Hurst Johnians
Old Hurst Johnians Second XI
Old Hymerians
Old Ignatians (England)
Old Ipswichians
Old Isleworthians
Old Isonians
Old Jesuans
Old Johnians
Old Kent
Old King's Scholars
Old Knox Grammarians
Old Lags
Old Lantonians
Old Latymerians
Old Latymerians Second XI
Old Laurentians
Old Leamingtonians
Old Leightonians
Old Leightonians President's XI
Old Leodiensians
Old Leysians
Old Lincolnians
Old Lincolnians Second XI
Old Llandoverians
Old Lyonians
Old Malvernians
Old Mancunians
Old Manorians
Old Marlburians
Old Meadonians
Old Meadonians Second XI
Old Meadonians Third XI
Old Meeting
Old Merchant Taylors
Old Merchant Taylors Fourth XI
Old Merchant Taylors Second XI
Old Merchant Taylors Sunday XI
Old Merchant Taylors Third XI
Old Mid-Whitgiftian
Old Millfieldians
Old Millhillians
Old Millhillians Second XI
Old Minchendenians
Old Minchendenians Second XI
Old Minor Counties
Old Modernians
Old Modernians Women
Old Monktonians
Old Monmothians
Old Mosleians
Old Netherseal
Old Netley
Old Netley and Highfield
Old Netley and Highfield Fourth XI
Old Netley and Highfield Second XI
Old Netley and Highfield Third XI
Old Netley and Highfield Tuesday XI
Old Netley Second XI
Old Newtonians
Old Northamptonians
Old Northamptonians Fourth XI
Old Northamptonians Second XI
Old Northamptonians Third XI
Old Nortonians
Old Nottinghamians
Old Novocastrians
Old Oakhamians
Old Oakhamians President's XI
Old Olavians
Old Oratorians
Old Oscotians
Old Owens
Old Owls
Old Oxford and Cambridge
Old Oxonians
Old Park
Old Parkonians (Cheshire)
Old Parkonians (Essex)
Old Parkonians Second XI (Essex)
Old Patesians
Old Pauline
Old Peterites (England)
Old Pharosians
Old Portmuthians
Old Portsmuthians
Old Priorians
Old Quidnuncs (Cambridge)
Old Radleians
Old Ratcliffians
Old Redingensians
Old Reedonians
Old Reigatians
Old Reptonians
Old Richians
Old Roan
Old Roffensians
Old Rossallians
Old Rugbeians
Old Rutlishians
Old Ruymians
Old Salopians
Old Scunthonians
Old Seafordians
Old Seagullians
Old Sedberghians
Old Sennockians
Old Sharlston
Old Shirburnians
Old Silhillians
Old Silhillians Second XI
Old Simmarians
Old Simmarians Sunday XI
Old Sinjuns
Old Southendian and Southchurch
Old Southendians
Old Springhillians
Old St Edward's
Old St Edwards
Old St Peter's
Old Stacians
Old Stacians Second XI
Old Stacians Women
Old Staffordians
Old Stationers
Old Stoics
Old Stopfordians
Old Stortfordians
Old Stramonians
Old Surbitonians
Old Surrey
Old Suttonians
Old Swinford Hospital School
Old Symondian Battery Ramblers
Old Symondian Ramblers
Old Symondian Ramblers Sunday XI
Old Symondians
Old Symondians Association
Old Tauntonians (Hampshire)
Old Tauntonians (Somerset)
Old Tauntonians and Romsey
Old Tauntonians and Romsey A
Old Tauntonians and Romsey Academy
Old Tauntonians and Romsey B
Old Tauntonians and Romsey Captain's XI
Old Tauntonians and Romsey Colts
Old Tauntonians and Romsey Fifth XI
Old Tauntonians and Romsey Fourth XI
Old Tauntonians and Romsey President's XI
Old Tauntonians and Romsey Second XI
Old Tauntonians and Romsey Sunday XI
Old Tauntonians and Romsey Third XI
Old Tauntonians and Romsey Tuesday XI
Old Tauntonians and Romsey Tuesday XI A
Old Tauntonians and Romsey Tuesday XI B
Old Tauntonians and Romsey Under-11s
Old Tauntonians and Romsey Under-13s
Old Tauntonians and Romsey Under-15s
Old Tauntonians and Romsey Under-15s 1
Old Tauntonians and Romsey Under-15s 2
Old Tauntonians and Romsey Under-17s
Old Tauntonians and Romsey Under-19s
Old Tauntonians and Romsey XI
Old Tauntonians Second XI (Hampshire)
Old Tauntonians Third XI (Hampshire)
Old Tenisonians
Old Theocsbrians
Old Tiffinians
Old Tonbridgians
Old Town
Old Trafford
Old Trafford School
Old Trafford St John
Old Uppingham Men
Old Uppinghamians
Old Victorians
Old Vigornians
Old Vigornians Second XI
Old Walcountians
Old Wallaseyans
Old Warwickians
Old Warwickshire XI
Old Waynfletes
Old Wellingburians
Old Wellingtonians
Old West Bridgfordians
Old Westcliffians
Old Westminster Citizens
Old Westminsters
Old Weymouthians
Old Whitgiftians
Old Whittington
Old Williamsonians
Old Wilsonians
Old Wilsonians Second XI
Old Wimbledonians
Old Wirralians Under-17s
Old Worksopians
Old Wrekinians
Old Wulfrunians
Old Wulfrunians Second XI
Old Wulfrunians Tettenhall
Old Wyggestonians
Old Wykehamists
Old Wyvernians
Old Xaverians (England)
Old Xaverians Second XI
Old Xaverians Third XI
Oldham and Ashton Cricket League
Oldham and Werneth
Oldham Borough
Oldham Borough Second XI
Oldham Hulme Grammar School
Oldham Second XI
Oldham Union
Oldham West
Oldknow Road
Oldswinford and Stourbridge Social
Oldswinford and Stourbridge Social Fourth XI
Oldswinford and Stourbridge Social Second XI
Oldswinford and Stourbridge Social Third XI
Olinda Women
Olivers Battery
Olivers Battery Sunday XI
Ollerton Colliery
Ollerton Colliery Second XI
Olney Town
Olton and West Warwickshire
Olton and West Warwickshire Fourth XI
Olton and West Warwickshire Second XI
Olton and West Warwickshire Third XI
Olton Cricket Club President's XI
Olton Second XI
Olton Under-16s
Olympians Second XI
OM Andrews' XI
OM Williams' XI
Ombersley Second XI
Onneley and Maer
Open University
Optimists and Clifton
OR Borradaile's XI
Order of St John
Ordnance Survey
Ordnance Survey Second XI
Ordnance Survey Sunday XI
Ordsall Bridon
Ordsall Bridon Second XI
Ore Mining Branch
Oriel College, Oxford
Orient (England)
Oriental Club
Original English Lady Cricketers Blues
Original English Lady Cricketers Reds
Orleans Club
Ormskirk Grammar School
Ormskirk Home Guard
Ormskirk School
Ormskirk School Women
Ormskirk Second XI
Ormskirk Third XI
Orpheus Club (England)
Orpington and Crockenhill
Orpington Baptist Church
Orpington District
Orpington Nomads Women
Orpington Second XI
Orpington Women
Orrell Red Triangle
Orrell Red Triangle Second XI
Orrell Red Triangle Third XI
Orsett and Thurrock
Orsett and Thurrock Second XI
Orsett Second XI
Orsett Sunday XI
Orton Park
Orton Park Women
Osbaldwick Second XI
Oscott College
Oscott College Second XI
Ossett Second XI
Oswaldtwistle Immanuel
Oswaldtwistle Immanuel B
Oswaldtwistle Immanuel Second XI
Oswaldtwistle Immanuel Third XI
Oswaldtwistle St Andrews
Oswestry Grammar School
Oswestry Second XI
Oswestry Third XI
Other Ranks
Otley Mills
Otley Second XI
Otley Wesleyan
Otterbourne Second XI
Otterbourne Third XI
Ottershaw and Hamm Moor
Ottery St Mary
Oughtrington Park
Oughtrington Second XI
Oulton (Staffordshire)
Oulton (Yorkshire)
Oulton Park
Oulton Second XI (Yorkshire)
Oundle Colts
Oundle Rovers
Oundle School
Oundle School Second XI
Oundle School Under-15s
Oundle School Under-16s
Oundle School Under-17s
Oundle Town
Oundle Town Second XI
Oundle Town Women
Ouse Valley Cricket League
Outcasts Second XI
Outcasts Third XI
Outcasts Under-13s
Outcasts Under-15s
Outcasts Under-17s
Outcasts Under-18s
Outcasts Under-19s
Oval Invincibles
Oval Invincibles Women
Over 30
Over 32
Over 33
Over 36
Over 38
Over Peover
Over Stowey
Over the Hills
Over Wallop
Over-29s Women
Over-30s Women
Overbury Second XI
Overseal Phoenix
Overstone Park
Overstone Park Second XI
Overton Second XI
Overton Third XI
Owens College
Owens College Teaching Staff
Owmby Sunday XI
Owmby Third XI
Oxcroft Colliery
Oxford (England)
Oxford and Bletchingdon
Oxford and Bletchingdon Nondescripts
Oxford and Buckinghamshire XI
Oxford and Cambridge Universities
Oxford and Cambridge Universities Past and Present
Oxford and District
Oxford and Horspath
Oxford and Horspath Women
Oxford Brookes University
Oxford Brookes University Second XI
Oxford Circuit
Oxford City
Oxford Clergy
Oxford College Servants
Oxford Conservatives
Oxford Downs
Oxford Downs Second XI
Oxford Emeriti
Oxford Eton Ramblers
Oxford Harrow Wanderers
Oxford High School for Boys
Oxford High School for Boys Second XI
Oxford Marylebone Cricket Club University
Oxford Marylebone Cricket Club University A
Oxford Marylebone Cricket Club University B
Oxford Marylebone Cricket Club University Women
Oxford Military College
Oxford Music Hall
Oxford Nondescripts
Oxford Perambulators
Oxford School
Oxford Schools
Oxford Second XI (England)
Oxford Third XI (England)
Oxford Universities
Oxford University
Oxford University (Cheltenham College and Marlborough College)
Oxford University (Eton College and Harrow School)
Oxford University (Eton College)
Oxford University (Harrow educated)
Oxford University (Harrow School)
Oxford University (New Magdalen)
Oxford University (North of Broad Street)
Oxford University (not Eton College)
Oxford University (not Winchester College)
Oxford University (Old Magdalen)
Oxford University (Rugby educated)
Oxford University (South of Broad Street)
Oxford University (Winchester College and Westminster School)
Oxford University (Winchester College)
Oxford University A
Oxford University Authentics
Oxford University Centre of Cricketing Excellence
Oxford University Colleges XI
Oxford University Freshmen
Oxford University Freshmen Second XI
Oxford University Graduates
Oxford University Long Vacation Club
Oxford University Next Five and Six Professionals
Oxford University Next XIV
Oxford University Next XV
Oxford University Next XVI
Oxford University Next XVII
Oxford University Next XVIII
Oxford University Northern Counties
Oxford University Past and Present
Oxford University Satellites
Oxford University Second XI
Oxford University Seniors
Oxford University Southern Counties
Oxford University Undergraduates
Oxford University Women
Oxford Women
Oxford Women Second XI
Oxford XI
Oxfordshire (pre county club)
Oxfordshire Academy
Oxfordshire Club and Ground
Oxfordshire Colts
Oxfordshire County Cricket Association
Oxfordshire County Cricket Club President's XI
Oxfordshire Cricket Association
Oxfordshire Cricket Board
Oxfordshire Development XI
Oxfordshire Light Infantry
Oxfordshire Mercia Under-15s
Oxfordshire Over-50s
Oxfordshire Over-60s
Oxfordshire Over-60s Second XI
Oxfordshire Saxons
Oxfordshire Schools Cricket Association
Oxfordshire Second XI
Oxfordshire Under-12s
Oxfordshire Under-13s
Oxfordshire Under-13s Women
Oxfordshire Under-14s
Oxfordshire Under-15s
Oxfordshire Under-15s Women
Oxfordshire Under-16s
Oxfordshire Under-17s
Oxfordshire Under-17s Women
Oxfordshire Under-18s
Oxfordshire Under-19s
Oxfordshire Under-21s
Oxfordshire Under-23s
Oxfordshire Under-25s
Oxfordshire Women
Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Sussex Women
Oxshott Village
Oxted and Limpsfield
Oxton (Cheshire)
Oxton (Nottinghamshire)
Oxton and Birkenhead Park
Oxton Second XI (Cheshire)
Oxton Second XI (Nottinghamshire)
Oxton Sunday XI (Nottinghamshire)
Oxton Women (Cheshire)





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