England Teams (N)


N Atkin's XI
N Buchanan's XI
N C and W L
N Chamberlain's XI
N Clinton's XI
N Donati's XI
N Felix's XI
N Hussain's XI
N Kilner's XI
N Liebert's XI
N Patel's XI
N Rheinberg's XI
N Sharp's XI
N to Z
N Whitfield's XI
NA Riddell's XI
NA Stanley's XI
Nailsea Over-40s
NAM Walker's XI
Nantwich Nomads
Napier's Athletic Club
Napier's Sports Club
Narborough (Leicestershire)
Narborough (Norfolk)
Narborough and Littlethorpe
National Association of Young Cricketers
National Association of Young Cricketers North
National Association of Young Cricketers South
National Association of Young Cricketers Under-19s
National Association of Young Cricketers West
National Coal Board, Barnsley
National Coal Board, Stoke Orchard
National Cricket Association
National Cricket Association Young Cricketers
National Cricket Conference Women
National Cricket League
National Deaf Cricket League
National Farmers Union
National Fire Service
National History Museum
National Hunt Jockeys
National Liberal Club
National Physical Laboratory Teddington
National Physical Laboratory Teddington Fourth XI
National Physical Laboratory Teddington Second XI
National Physical Laboratory Teddington Third XI
National Physical Laboratory Teddington Women
National Police
National Provident Institute Select XI
National Provincial Bank
National Recreational Cricket Conferences
National Trust
National Union of Students
National University of Singapore Under-18s
National Westminster Bank
National Westminster Bank (Southampton)
National Westminster Bank Second XI
Nationwide House
Naval XI
Navestock Ardleigh Green
Navigation School, Portsmouth
Nawab of Pataudi's XI (Oxford University)
Nazeing Common
NC Baker's XI
NC Cooper's XI
NC Joseph Limited
NC Tufnell's XI
NCF Bloy's XI
ND Howard's XI
ND Impey's XI
ND Tagart's XI
NE Partridge's XI
Neath Port Talbot College
Nechells Hall Methodist
Needingworth Women
Nelson (Lancashire)
Nelson (Warwickshire)
Nelson A (Lancashire)
Nelson Second XI (Lancashire)
Nelson Third XI (Lancashire)
Nerja Modi Cricket Academy Veterans
Neston Second XI
Neston Third XI
Neston Under-14s
Neston Under-16s
Neston Under-17s
Neston Women
Nether Broughton
Nether Whitacre
Nether Whitacre Second XI
Netherfield Second XI
Netherseal Colliery
Netherseal Young Farmers
Netherton Second XI
Netley Casuals
Netley Sports
Nettlefolds Kings Norton
Nettlefolds Smethwick
Nettleham Second XI
Neville's Sports
New All England Eleven
New Ash Green
New Ash Green Second XI
New Brighton
New Brighton A
New Brighton Colts
New Brighton Football Club
New Brighton Over-30s
New Brighton Reserves
New Brighton Rugby Club
New Brighton Schoolboys
New Brighton Second XI
New Brighton Sunday XI
New Brighton Third XI
New Brighton Third XI (CJ)
New Brighton Third XI (DC)
New Brighton Third XI (ET Williams' XI)
New Brighton Third XI (RJ Leach's XI)
New Brighton Under-14s
New Brighton Under-16s
New Brighton Under-17s
New Brighton Under-21s
New Brighton Women
New Brighton XI
New College Nomads
New College Servants
New College, Oxford
New College, Sandhurst
New College, Worcester
New Cross Albion
New Durham County League
New Earswick
New Earswick Second XI
New England Eleven
New Farnley
New Farnley Second XI
New Farnley Women
New Forest
New Forest and Bingham Clubs
New Forest Club
New Forest Club Cricket Association
New Forest Club Cricket Association Under-20s
New Forest District Colts XI
New Forest Rangers
New Forest Women
New Hall School, Chelmsford
New Houghton
New Houghton Second XI
New Hucknall
New Hucknall Second XI
New Ifield
New Longton
New Longton Second XI
New Longton Third XI
New Mills
New Milton
New Milton Fourth XI
New Milton Second XI
New Milton Sunday XI
New Milton Third XI
New Milton Under-11s
New Milton Under-13s
New Milton Under-15s
New Milton Under-15s A
New Milton Under-15s B
New Milton Under-17s
New Milton Under-19s
New Oscott
New Romney
New Southgate Social
New Swindon
New United South of England Eleven
New Victoria
New XI
Newark (Nottinghamshire)
Newark and District Colts
Newark and Sherwood Women
Newark Ransome and Marles
Newark Ransome and Marles Fifth XI
Newark Ransome and Marles Fourth XI
Newark Ransome and Marles Newark
Newark Ransome and Marles Newark Second XI
Newark Ransome and Marles Second XI
Newark Ransome and Marles Sunday Second XI
Newark Ransome and Marles Sunday XI
Newark Ransome and Marles Third XI
Newbold College
Newbold on Avon
Newbold on Avon Second XI
Newbold Revel
Newbold Verdon
Newborough (Huntingdonshire)
Newborough (Staffordshire)
Newborough Second XI (Huntingdonshire)
Newburgh Park
Newbury Second XI
Newbury Third XI
Newcastle (Northumberland)
Newcastle and District (England)
Newcastle and Hartshill
Newcastle City (Northumberland)
Newcastle Emlyn
Newcastle Garrison
Newcastle High School
Newcastle High School, Newcastle-under-Lyme
Newcastle Press XII
Newcastle Second XI
Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne
Newcastle Wanderers
Newcastle-under-Lyme School
Newchapel and Horne
Newdigate (Surrey)
Newdigate (Warwickshire)
Newdigate Second XI (Warwickshire)
Newham Sixth Form College
Newhey Second XI
Newland Park College
Newland Swan
Newlife Foundation
Newmarket (England)
Newmarket and District
Newmarket Festival XI
Newmarket Racing XI
Newmarket Tramps
Newmarket, Cambridge Town Club and Saffron Walden
Newport (Essex)
Newport (Isle of Wight)
Newport (Shropshire)
Newport (Yorkshire)
Newport Gentlemen
Newport Pagnell
Newport Second XI (Shropshire)
Newport Second XI (Yorkshire)
Newstead Abbey and Village
Newstead Abbey and Village Second XI
Newstead Abbey and Village Third XI
Newton (Lancashire)
Newton (Northumberland)
Newton Abbot College
Newton Aycliffe
Newton Aycliffe Second XI
Newton Bank
Newton Blues
Newton Bridge
Newton College
Newton Heath
Newton Heath London and North Western
Newton Heath London Midland and Scottish Railway
Newton Heath London Midland and Scottish Railway Second XI
Newton Heath Second XI
Newton Heath St Anne's
Newton Heath Third XI
Newton Poppleford
Newton Regis
Newton St Cyres
Newton Tracey
Newton Tracey Second XI
Newton Tracey Third XI
Newton-le-Willows Fourth XI
Newton-le-Willows Second XI
Newton-le-Willows Third XI
Newtown Linford
Newtown Linford Second XI
Newtown Second XI
NF Druce's XI
NF Gibbs' XI
NG Wykes' XI
NH Wilkins' XI
Nidderdale Amateur Cricket League
Nidderdale Amateur Cricket League Overseas XI
Nidderdale Amateur Cricket League Under-22s
Nidderdale Women
Nigerian Cricket Association
NJ Awdry's XI
NJ Ferraby's XI
NJ Gregory's XI
NJ Irens' XI
NJ Lamb's XI
NJ Muschamp and Company
NJ Muschamp and Company Second XI
NJ Trainor's XI
NJ Whitehead's XI
NL Majendie's XI
NM Ford's XI
No 1 Royal Fleet Auxiliary Cadet School
No 1 Training Depot Station Royal Air Force Stamford
No 2 Balloon Centre
No 30 Balloon Barrage
No 4 Balloon Centre
No 6 Infantry Training Centre Strensall
Noah's Ark
Noak Hill
Noak Hill Taverners
Noak Hill Taverners Second XI
Noakes and Company Metallic Cask Works
Nomads (England)
Nomads and Lashings
Nomads and Virgin
Nomads East African Wanderers
Nomads President's XI
Nomads Second XI
Nomansland Tuesday XI
Non-Smokers (England)
Nonconformist Grammar School, Bishop's Stortford
Nondescripts (England)
Nonington CPE Women
Nonington Second XI
Norbury Park
Norbury Park Second XI
Norcross Second XI
Norden (Lancashire)
Norden (Yorkshire)
Norden Second XI (Lancashire)
Norden Third XI (Lancashire)
Norfolk and Norwich Club
Norfolk and Suffolk
Norfolk and Suffolk Over-70s
Norfolk Arms Hotel
Norfolk Club and Ground
Norfolk Colts
Norfolk County Colts
Norfolk Cricket Alliance
Norfolk Cricket Association
Norfolk Cricket Board
Norfolk Development Squad
Norfolk Grammar Schools
Norfolk Next XIV
Norfolk Next XV
Norfolk Next XVI
Norfolk Next XVIII
Norfolk Nomads
Norfolk Over-50s
Norfolk Over-60s
Norfolk Over-60s Second XI
Norfolk Over-70s
Norfolk Park TA
Norfolk Second XI
Norfolk Select XI
Norfolk Under-10s
Norfolk Under-11s
Norfolk Under-12s
Norfolk Under-13s
Norfolk Under-13s Women
Norfolk Under-14s
Norfolk Under-15s
Norfolk Under-15s Women
Norfolk Under-16s
Norfolk Under-17s
Norfolk Under-17s Women
Norfolk Under-18s
Norfolk Under-19s
Norfolk Under-19s Women
Norfolk Under-21s
Norfolk Under-25s
Norfolk Women
Norfolk Women Development Squad
Norfolk XI
Norfolk Young Amateurs
Norfolk Young Cricketers
Norland Place School
Norley Hall
Norley Hall Third XI
Norman Blyth's XI
Normanby Hall
Normanby Hall Second XI
Normanby Park
Normanby Park Second XI
Normanby Park Under-11s
Normanby Park Under-15s
Normanby Park Under-17s
Normanby Park Works
Normanby Park Works Under-15s
Normanby Park Works Under-17s
Normanby Park Works Under-18s
Normanby Park Works Under-19s
Normandy Women
North Abingdon
North Allerton Women
North and Durham Women
North and East Ridings
North and South of the Thames Licensed Victuallers
North and South Staffordshire Regiments
North and West of England Women
North Baddesley
North Baddesley and Knightwood Second XI
North Baddesley Second XI
North Bedfordshire
North Cave
North Chapel
North Cheshire Cricket League
North Cotswold Hunt
North Crawley
North Curry
North Dalton
North Derbyshire Colts
North Derbyshire Women
North Devon
North Devon Second XI
North Devon Sunday XI
North Dorset
North Duffield
North Durham
North Durham Juniors
North Durham League
North Durham Second XI
North East Durham Cricket League
North East Essex Cricket Association
North East Essex Cricket Association Seniors
North East Friends
North East Hampshire Club Cricket Association
North East Lancashire Amateur Cricket League
North East Premier League
North East Premier League President's XI
North East Premier League Select XI
North East Premier League Under-21s
North East Warriors Under-17s Women
North East Warriors Women
North Eastern Railway Engineers
North Enfield
North Enfield Second XI
North Essex Cricket League
North Ferriby
North Ferriby Second XI
North Gloucestershire Colts
North Hampshire
North Hants Club
North Harrow Second XI
North Hertfordshire
North Hertfordshire Public Schools
North Kent
North Kent Cricket League
North Kent Metropolitan Cricket League
North Lancashire
North Lancashire and Cumbria Cricket League
North Lancashire and District Cricket League
North Lancashire and District Cricket League Chairman's XI
North Lancashire and District Cricket League Under-25s
North Lancashire Schools
North Leeds
North Leeds Nomads
North Leeds Second XI
North Leicestershire Cricket League
North Leicestershire Miners Welfare
North Lincolnshire
North London
North London Area
North London Balloon Barrage
North London Polytechnic
North London Polytechnic Third XI
North London Schools
North Maidenhead
North Maidenhead Academy
North Maidenhead Colts
North Maidenhead Fourth XI
North Maidenhead Second XI
North Maidenhead Third XI
North Manchester
North Marches Women
North Melting Shop
North Middlesex
North Middlesex Clubs
North Middlesex Second XI
North Midlands Women
North Molton
North Moreton
North Mymms
North Mymms Second XI
North Mymms Sunday XI
North Norfolk
North Northamptonshire
North Northamptonshire Women
North Northumberland
North Notts Women
North of Bury St Edmunds Public Schoolboys
North of England
North of England Eleven
North of England Junior Women
North of England Public Schools
North of England Schools
North of England Under-15s
North of England Under-17s Women
North of England Under-19s Women
North of England Women
North of Lancashire
North of Nottinghamshire
North of Thames Civil Defence Services
North of Thames Public Schools
North of the Thames
North Ormesby
North Ormesby Second XI
North Oxford
North Park
North Perrott
North Perrott Colts Women
North Petherton
North Reddish
North Region Second XIs
North Riding
North Riding Asylum
North Riding Women
North Runcton
North Shields
North Somerset Clergy
North Somerset Cricket League
North Somerset League
North Springfield Wanderers
North Staffordshire
North Staffordshire and District Cricket League
North Staffordshire and South Cheshire Cricket League
North Staffordshire and South Cheshire Cricket League Development XI
North Staffordshire and South Cheshire Cricket League Umpires Club Academy
North Staffordshire College
North Staffordshire Hunt
North Staffordshire Railway
North Staffordshire University
North Star
North Stoneham
North Surrey
North Town Juniors
North Two
North Wales and Cheshire Cricket League
North Wales Cricket Competition
North Warwickshire
North Warwickshire Cricket League
North Warwickshire Second XI
North Warwickshire Third XI
North Weald
North West Counties Cricket League
North West Durham League
North West Lancashire League
North West Leicestershire Miners Welfare Second XI
North West London Schools
North West Schools XI
North Western Polytechnic
North Western Sports Club
North Wheatley with Leverton
North Wheatley with Leverton Second XI
North Wiltshire
North Worcestershire
North Yorkshire
North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League
North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League Development XI
North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League Division B
North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League Durham Players XI
North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League Durham XI
North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League Juniors
North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League Under-17s
North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League Under-21s
North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League Under-22s
North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League Yorkshire XI
North Yorkshire Junior Women
North Yorkshire Police
North Yorkshire Schools Cricket Association
North Yorkshire Senior Cricket Association Under-19s
North Yorkshire Under-15s
North-East Essex Alliance Cricket Association
North-East Manchester
North-Eastern Electric Supply Company
Northallerton Second XI
Northam Caledonians
Northampton (England)
Northampton Borough Clubs
Northampton Brewery
Northampton Exiles
Northampton Saints
Northampton Saints Fifth XI
Northampton Saints Second XI
Northampton Saints Third XI
Northampton Saints Under-16s
Northampton School for Boys
Northampton Spencer
Northampton St Andrews
Northampton University
Northampton Wanderers
Northampton Women
Northamptonshire Amateurs
Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire Second XIs
Northamptonshire and Sussex
Northamptonshire Club and Ground
Northamptonshire Colts
Northamptonshire County Colts
Northamptonshire County Hall
Northamptonshire Cricket Academy
Northamptonshire Cricket Association
Northamptonshire Cricket Association Under-19s
Northamptonshire Cricket Board
Northamptonshire Gentlemen
Northamptonshire Over-50s
Northamptonshire Over-60s
Northamptonshire Premier League
Northamptonshire Schools Cricket Association
Northamptonshire Second XI
Northamptonshire Under-10s
Northamptonshire Under-11s
Northamptonshire Under-12s
Northamptonshire Under-13s
Northamptonshire Under-13s Women
Northamptonshire Under-14s
Northamptonshire Under-15s
Northamptonshire Under-15s Women
Northamptonshire Under-16s
Northamptonshire Under-17s
Northamptonshire Under-17s Women
Northamptonshire Under-18s
Northamptonshire Under-19s
Northamptonshire Under-21s
Northamptonshire Under-25s
Northamptonshire Women
Northamptonshire XI
Northamptonshire Young Amateurs
Northants Amasileurs
Northants Bedouins
Northants Championship
Northaw Place
Northbrook Second XI
Northchurch Under-17s
Northern (Lancashire)
Northern Aluminium Company, Banbury
Northern and Southern Schools A
Northern and Southern Schools B
Northern Club
Northern Command (England)
Northern Command Army XI
Northern Counties (England)
Northern Counties Women
Northern Counties Young Cricketers
Northern Cricket League
Northern Cricket League Colts
Northern Cricket Society
Northern Diamonds
Northern Fifth XI
Northern Fire Service
Northern Fourth XI
Northern General Hospital
Northern Leagues XI
Northern Marches Women
Northern Militia
Northern Nomads (England)
Northern Police Cricket League
Northern Premier League Under-21s
Northern Schools
Northern Second XI
Northern Superchargers
Northern Superchargers Women
Northern Third XI
Northern Universities
Northern Universities Student Club Community Cricketers Elite
Northern Wanderers
Northern Young Cricketers
Northern Zingari
Northfield Unity
Northgate Grammar School
Northgate Grammar School Old Boys
Northowram Fields
Northowram Fields Second XI
Northowram Wesleyans
Northumberland (pre county club)
Northumberland Academy
Northumberland and Durham
Northumberland and Durham Over-60s
Northumberland and Durham Women
Northumberland and Durham Women Second XI
Northumberland and Durham Young Cricketers
Northumberland and Tyneside Senior Cricket League Under-21s
Northumberland and Tyneside Senior League
Northumberland Banks
Northumberland Club
Northumberland Club and Ground
Northumberland Club Second XI
Northumberland Colts
Northumberland County Cricket League
Northumberland County Cricket League Under-25s
Northumberland Cricket Association
Northumberland Cricket Association Under-21s
Northumberland Cricket Board
Northumberland Cricket League
Northumberland Cricket League Under-21s
Northumberland Development XI
Northumberland Fusiliers
Northumberland Invitation XI
Northumberland Juniors
Northumberland Next XV
Northumberland Next XVI
Northumberland Over-50s
Northumberland Over-60s
Northumberland President's XI
Northumberland Schoolboys
Northumberland Second XI
Northumberland Under-12s
Northumberland Under-13s
Northumberland Under-13s Women
Northumberland Under-14s
Northumberland Under-15s
Northumberland Under-15s Women
Northumberland Under-16s
Northumberland Under-17s
Northumberland Under-17s Women
Northumberland Under-18s
Northumberland Under-19s
Northumberland Under-21s
Northumberland Under-25s
Northumberland Women
Northumberland XI
Northumbria University
Northwich A
Northwich Second XI
Northwick Park
Northwood (Isle of Wight)
Northwood (Middlesex)
Northwood Hills
Northwood Second XI
Northwood Town
Northwood Town Third XI
Norton (Durham)
Norton (Norfolk)
Norton (Staffordshire)
Norton Barracks
Norton Lindsey and Wolverton
Norton Lindsey and Wolverton President's XI
Norton Lindsey and Wolverton Second XI
Norton Lindsey and Wolverton Third XI
Norton Lindsey Village
Norton Oakes
Norton Oakes Third XI
Norton Second XI (Durham)
Norton Second XI (Staffordshire)
Norton Women
Norwich (England)
Norwich and Coltishall Wanderers
Norwich and District Junior Colts
Norwich and Ely Clergy
Norwich Barleycorns
Norwich City
Norwich City Colts
Norwich Clergy
Norwich Garrison
Norwich Grammar School
Norwich Police
Norwich School
Norwich Second XI
Norwich Union
Norwich Wanderers
Norwich Women
Norwood (Surrey)
Norwood Club
Norwood Club Second XI
Norwood Exiles
Norwood Green
Nottingham and Sheffield Colts
Nottingham Badshahs
Nottingham Badshahs Second XI
Nottingham Boys
Nottingham City Cup XI
Nottingham City Planners
Nottingham City Secretaries
Nottingham Commercial Club
Nottingham Community Protection
Nottingham Evening Post
Nottingham Forest Football Club
Nottingham High School
Nottingham High School Second XI
Nottingham High School Under-14s
Nottingham High School Under-15s
Nottingham Invitation XI
Nottingham Masters Sunday XI
Nottingham Panthers
Nottingham Probation Service
Nottingham Royals
Nottingham Second XI
Nottingham Select XI
Nottingham Squash Club
Nottingham Trent University
Nottingham Trent University Second XI
Nottingham Trent University Third XI
Nottingham Trent University Women
Nottingham University
Nottingham University Old Boys
Nottingham University School of Agriculture
Nottingham University Second XI
Nottingham University Women
Nottingham Women
Nottinghamshire A
Nottinghamshire Amateur Cricket League
Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Border Cricket League
Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Services
Nottinghamshire and Lancashire
Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire
Nottinghamshire and Sussex
Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire
Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire Colts
Nottinghamshire B
Nottinghamshire Club Alliance
Nottinghamshire Club and Ground
Nottinghamshire Colts
Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club Groundstaff
Nottinghamshire County Highways
Nottinghamshire County Officers
Nottinghamshire Cricket Academy
Nottinghamshire Cricket Association
Nottinghamshire Cricket Association Under-19s
Nottinghamshire Cricket Board
Nottinghamshire Cricket Combination
Nottinghamshire Cricket Development XI
Nottinghamshire Deaf
Nottinghamshire Development XI
Nottinghamshire Emerging Players
Nottinghamshire Highway Planning
Nottinghamshire Juniors
Nottinghamshire Next XV
Nottinghamshire Next XXII
Nottinghamshire Nomads
Nottinghamshire Old County Cricketers Association
Nottinghamshire Over-50s
Nottinghamshire Premier Cricket League
Nottinghamshire Public Schoolboys
Nottinghamshire Public Schools
Nottinghamshire Schools Women
Nottinghamshire Second XI
Nottinghamshire Secondary Schools
Nottinghamshire Under-13s
Nottinghamshire Under-13s Women
Nottinghamshire Under-14s
Nottinghamshire Under-15s
Nottinghamshire Under-15s B
Nottinghamshire Under-15s Women
Nottinghamshire Under-16s
Nottinghamshire Under-17s
Nottinghamshire Under-17s Women
Nottinghamshire Under-18s
Nottinghamshire Under-19s
Nottinghamshire Under-19s Women
Nottinghamshire Under-21s
Nottinghamshire Under-23s
Nottinghamshire Under-25s
Nottinghamshire Village Cricket League
Nottinghamshire Women
Nottinghamshire Women Second XI
Nottinghamshire XI
Nottinghamshire Young Amateurs
Nottinghamshire Young Cricketers
Nottinghamshire Youth
Nottinghamshire Youth Council
Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire Women
Notts Amateurs
Notts and Arnold Amateur
Notts and Arnold Amateur Fifth XI
Notts and Arnold Amateur Fourth XI
Notts and Arnold Amateur Second XI
Notts and Arnold Amateur Sunday Fourth XI
Notts and Arnold Amateur Sunday Second XI
Notts and Arnold Amateur Sunday Third XI
Notts and Arnold Amateur Sunday XI
Notts and Arnold Amateur Third XI
Notts and Arnold Amateur Under-19s
Notts Castle
Notts Collieries
Notts County Football Club
Notts Federation
Notts Forest
Notts Forest Second XI
Notts Harrington
Notts Magdala
Notts Unity Casuals
Notts Unity Casuals Second XI
Notts Unity Casuals Third XI
NRD Compton's XI
NS Hawkins' Public Schools XI
NS Mitchell-Innes' XI
NS Strathairn's XI
NSK Youth XI
Nuform Sports
Nuneaton Abbey
Nuneaton and District Cricket Association
Nuneaton Co-operative Sports
Nuneaton Fifth XI
Nuneaton Fourth XI
Nuneaton Schoolmasters
Nuneaton Second XI
Nuneaton Third XI
Nuneaton Town
Nuneaton Under-16s
Nursling and Rownhams
Nutbrook Second XI
Nutbrook Third XI
Nutbrook Women
Nutfield Women
NV Knight's XI
NW Playing Fields Committee
NWD Yardley's XI
Nyasaland Leopards





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