Afghanistan Players (M)


Mahbob Shah (Amo Region)
Mahboob (Paktika Under-17s)
Mahboob Khan (Ghor)
M Mahir (Balkh Under-17s)
Mahmood (Afghan Wireless Cricket Club)
Mahmood (umpire)
Mahmood Ahmadzai (Logar Under-16s)
Mahmood Kharoti (umpire)
Maiwand (Maidan Wardak, Maidan Wardak Under-16s)
Maiwand Khan (Herat Under-16s)
Majeedullah (Nangarhar Under-16s)
Makatullah (Parwan Under-16s)
Mander Karim (Paktika Under-16s)
Mansoor (Speen Ghar Cricket Club)
Mansoor (Maidan Wardak, Maidan Wardak Under-16s, Maidan Wardak Under-17s)
Mansoor (Paktia Under-17s)
Mansoor (MTN)
Mansoor Ahmad (Herat Under-16s)
Mansoor Khan (Panjshir)
Mansoor Khan (Herat)
Marwand (Kapisa Under-16s, Parwan Under-17s)
Mashoqullah (Nangarhar)
MashoqullahMalakzai (Badghes)
Mateen (LLU Cricket Club)
Mateen Khan (Nimroz)
Matiullah (Band-e-Amir Region Under-16s, Maidan Wardak, Maidan Wardak Under-16s, Maidan Wardak Under-17s)
Matiullah (Zabul Under-17s)
Matiullah (Afghan Wireless Cricket Club)
Matiullah (LLU Cricket Club)
Matiullah (Herat Under-16s)
Matiullah (Speen Ghar Region Under-16s)
Matiullah Hussinkhil (Maidan Wardak)
Matiullah Niazai (Laghman)
Matiullan Nazari (Afghanistan Under-15s, Afghanistan Under-17s)
Mayar (Kapisa Under-16s)
Mehmood Kharotai (umpire)
Mehmood Kharoti (umpire, referee)
Milad (Paktika Under-17s)
Milad Habibi (Afghanistan Under-16s)
Mir Hamza (Afghanistan Under-15s)
Mir Parwani (Afghanistan Under-19s)
Mirwais (Speen Ghar Cricket Club)
Mirwais (Kabul)
Mirwais Ashraf (Afghanistan, Afghanistan A, Amo Region, Amo Sharks, Balkh Legends, Band-e-Amir Region)
Mirwais Khan (Maidan Wardak)
Mirwais Khan (Kandahar Under-16s)
Mirwais Naziri (Afghanistan)
Mirwais Wali (Maidan Wardak)
Mirwais Zazai (Band-e-Amir Region, Kabul)
Mir Zaman (Herat)
Misbah (Kunar, Kunar Under-17s)
Mohabat Momand (Kunar)
Mohammad (Khost Under-16s)
Mohammad (Kunar Under-16s)
Mohammad Akbar (Paktika Under-16s)
Mohammad Alam (Afghanistan)
Mohammad Alam (Ghazni)
Mohammad Alam (Boost Region, Herat)
Mohammad Ameen (Paktika Under-16s)
Mohammad Ameen (Paktia Under-16s)
Mohammad Amin (Logar)
Mohammad Anwar (Afghanistan Under-15s, Afghanistan Under-19s, Band-e-Amir Region)
Mohammad Arif (Maidan Wardak)
Mohammad Asam (Badghes)
Mohammad Ashraf (Afghanistan Disabled, Afghanistan Physical Disability XI)
Mohammad Asif (Herat)
Mohammad Asmet (Urzgan)
Mohammad Atif (Kabul Under-16s)
Mohammad Ayoub (Logar Under-16s)
Mohammad Bahauddin (Panjshir)
Mohammad Bilal (Afghan Wireless Cricket Club)
Mohammad Fahim (Ghor)
Mohammad Haroon (Afghanistan Under-17s)
Mohammad Hassan (Afghanistan Under-16s, Balkh)
Mohammad Hazrat (LLU Cricket Club)
Mohammad Ibrahim (Afghanistan A, Amo Region, Band-e-Amir Region, Kabul Eagles, Speen Ghar Region)
Mohammad Ibrahim (Boost Region, Kandahar)
Mohammad Ibrahim (Herat)
Mohammad Ibrahim (Urzgan)
Mohammad Ibrahim (Balkh Under-16s, Balkh Under-17s)
Mohammad Idrees (Kabul Kings)
Mohammad Ihsan (Urzgan)
Mohammad Ijaz (Badghes)
Mohammad Imran (Mis Ainak Region)
Mohammad Imran (Zabul Under-16s)
Mohammad Inamullah (Band-e-Amir Region, Kabul, Kabul Region)
Mohammad Iqbal (Kabul)
Mohammad Ishaq (Mis Ainak Region, Paktia)
Mohammad Ishaq (Speen Ghar Region)
Mohammad Islam (Afghanistan Under-16s)
Mohammad Islam (Bamyan)
Mohammad Ismail (Nangarhar Under-16s)
Mohammad Kabir (Boost Region, Herat, Kandahar)
Mohammad Kaif (Afghanistan Under-17s)
Mohammad Khalid (LLU Cricket Club)
Mohammad Khalid (Balkh Under-16s, Balkh Under-17s)
Mohammad Khalil (Zabul)
Mohammad Khan (Afghanistan)
Mohammad Khan (Afghanistan Under-19s)
Mohammad Mansoor (Peace Cricket Club)
Mohammad Mujtaba (Afghanistan)
Mohammad Muqadas (Maidan Wardak)
Mohammad Nabi (Afghanistan, Balkh Legends, Chittagong Vikings, Comilla Victorians, Kent, Leicestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Melbourne Renegades, Mis Ainak Knights, Mohammedan Sporting Club, Pakistan Customs, Quetta Gladiators, Rangpur Rangers, Rangpur Riders, St Kitts and Nevis Patriots, Sunrisers, Sylhet Royals)
Mohammad Naeem (Urzgan)
Mohammad Najib (Urzgan)
Mohammad Naqeeb (Afghanistan Under-17s)
Mohammad Naseeb (Urzgan)
Mohammad Naseem (Khost Under-16s)
Mohammad Naseem (Logar Under-16s)
Mohammad Naseer (Gorbat Cricket Club)
Mohammad Nasim (Afghanistan)
Mohammad Nasir (Boost Region)
Mohammad Nazir (Afghanistan Under-15s)
Mohammad Rafiq (Band-e-Amir Dragons, Kabul Cricket Club, Kabul Green, Miwand Rangers)
Mohammad Rasool (Band-e-Amir Region Under-16s, Parwan Under-16s, Parwan Under-17s)
Mohammad Rasool (Zabul)
Mohammad Riaz (Band-e-Amir Region, Paktia)
Mohammad Saber (Afghanistan Under-16s)
Mohammad Sabir (Paktika)
Mohammad Sabir (Boost Region)
Mohammad Sabir (Kabul Under-17s, Miwand Rangers)
Mohammad Sabir (umpire, referee)
Mohammad Sabir (Kabul Region, Logar, Mis Ainak Region)
Mohammad Sabir (Takhar Under-16s)
Mohammad Saboor (Takhar Under-16s)
Mohammad Sadiq (Afghanistan)
Mohammad Saleem (Herat)
Mohammad Sardar (Band-e-Amir Region, Kabul, Kabul Eagles, Mis Ainak Region, Paktia Royals)
Mohammad Shahzad (Afghanistan, Chittagong Vikings, Habib Bank Limited, Paktia Royals, Rangpur Rangers, Rangpur Riders, Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club, Speen Ghar Region)
Mohammad Shahzaib (Kandahar)
Mohammad Sharif (Gorbat Cricket Club)
Mohammad Shazib (Kabul Kings, Wazirai Champion)
Mohammad Shir (Urzgan)
Mohammad Shiraz (Bamyan)
Mohammad Shirzad (Afghanistan Under-19s)
Mohammad Shoaib (Helmand Under-16s)
Mohammad Sohail (Nangarhar Under-16s)
Mohammad Suliman (Khost Under-16s)
Mohammad Tariq (Zabul Under-16s)
Mohammadullah (Kochian)
Mohammadullah (Afghanistan Disabled, Afghanistan Physical Disability XI)
Mohammadullah (Khost, Logar)
Mohammadullah (Paktia Under-16s)
Mohammadullah (Khost)
Mohammadullah Halimi (Paktika)
Mohammadullah Hamkar (Band-e-Amir Region, Kabul)
Mohammad Wali (Ghazni)
Mohammad Wali (Afghanistan Under-19s, Shaheen Cricket Club)
Mohammad Wasim
Mohammad Wasim (Amo Region, Balkh)
Mohammad Yamin (Afghanistan Under-17s, Afghanistan Under-19s)
Mohammad Yasir (Logar Under-16s)
Mohammad Younas (Helmand Under-16s)
Mohammad Younas (Zabul Under-16s)
Mohammad Younas (Zabul)
Mohammad Younes (Nooristan)
Mohammad Younus (Herat)
Mohammad Yousuf (Afghanistan Disabled)
Mohammad Zahid (Herat)
Mohammad Zahir (Amo Region, Band-e-Amir Region, Kabul Region, Logar)
Mohammad Zahir (Ghazni)
Mohammad Zareef (Boost Region Under-16s, Zabul Under-16s)
Mohammad Zubair (Nangarhar Under-17s)
Mohib (Logar Under-17s)
Mohib (Kunduz)
Mohibullah (Kunduz Under-16s, Kunduz Under-17s)
Mohibullah (Mis Ainak Region)
Mohibullah Paak (Afghanistan, Amo Region, Kabul Region)
Mohibullah Shinwari (Logar)
Mohmadullah (Logar Under-17s)
Mohmadullah (Paktika Under-17s)
Mohmadullah (Kunduz Under-16s, Kunduz Under-17s)
Mohmmad Sami (Kandahar)
Moqadas Karimzai (Gorbat Cricket Club)
Mosaver Yousifzai (Ghor)
Mosawer Yousufzai (Sulimangar Lions)
Mubariz (Maidan Wardak Under-17s)
Mubariz (Kabul Cricket Club)
Muhammad Anwar (Zabul Under-17s)
Mujahid Khan (Afghanistan)
Mujahid Shorash (umpire, referee)
Mujeeb Zadran (Afghanistan, Band-e-Amir Dragons, Boost Defenders, Brisbane Heat, Comilla Victorians, Comilla Warriors, Hampshire, Kings XI Punjab, Middlesex, Nangarhar Leopards, Speen Ghar Region)
Mujib Rahman (Gorbat Cricket Club)
Mujib Zazai (Afghan Rangers Cricket Club)
Munir Ahmad (Afghanistan A, Afghanistan Under-23s, Amo Region, Amo Sharks, Boost Defenders, Boost Region, Kandahar)
Murtaza Khan (Nimroz)
Murtaza Khan (Band-e-Amir Region)
Musa Khan (Logar)
Musawer (Band-e-Amir Region Under-16s, Parwan Under-16s, Parwan Under-17s, Terra Defenders)
Muslim Khan (Herat)
Muslim Musa (Amo Region, Band-e-Amir Dragons, Band-e-Amir Region, Boost Defenders, Boost Region, Kabul Zwanan, Speen Ghar Region)
Muslim Zazai (Afghanistan Under-16s)
Mustafa (MECC Cricket Club)
Mustafa Ayoubi (Kabul Under-16s)
Mustafa Orykhail (Bamyan)





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