Bowling in Australia for 1939/40 (Ordered by )

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RH Robinson (NSW)8100    
AL Hassett (Vic)8070    
T Allen (Qld)16080    
LH Bandy (WA)80120    
KS Jeffreys (WA)160280    
RE Rogers (Qld)481300    
AEO Barras (WA)481330    
PL Ridings (SAus)1281770    
DK Carmody (NSW)000    
RA Saggers (NSW)000    
DG Bradman (SAus)000    
BA Barnett (Vic)000    
CM Solomon (NSW)000    
AE Read (WA)000    
SJ McCabe (NSW)000    
KR Miller (Vic)000    
GE Tamblyn (Vic)000    
CDP Hansen (Qld)000    
RS Whitington (SAus)000    
CL Badcock (SAus)000    
D Tallon (Qld)000    
IS Lee (Vic)000    
FL Teisseire (SAus)000    
M Inverarity (WA)000    
L Michael (SAus)000    
CGR Stibe (Qld)000    
JHW Fingleton (NSW)000    
RA Hamence (SAus)000    
SG Sismey (NSW)000    
PJ Beames (Vic)000    
OI Lovelock (WA)000    
CW Walker (SAus)000    
JA Jeffreys (WA)000    
DH Fothergill (Vic)000    
WA Brown (Qld)000    
WCJ Bryce (Qld)000    
EJR Moyle (SAus)000    
AD Watt (WA)241611-66.0000
J Tregoning (SAus)240911-99.0000
WJ O'Reilly (NSW)197452832558-2315.1262
TE Klose (SAus)115145304184-2316.8800
MB Cohen (NSW)12737344-2518.2500
J Stackpoole (Qld)4592268126-7222.3310
CV Grimmett (SAus)3551571654736-5722.6594
KL Ridings (SAus)6412311-1223.0000
JA Ellis (Qld)5492283125-11023.5810
JM Kierse (SAus)8032511-1925.0000
AG Chipperfield (NSW)8812611-1026.0000
AG Cheetham (NSW)9678524194-7527.5700
DT Ring (Vic)169911986345-12329.0010
JG Lush (NSW)392420672-2629.4200
PL Dixon (Qld)109118521174-6730.6400
CG Pepper (NSW)1921181033315-4933.3220
G Burton (SAus)618330195-9933.4410
SG Barnes (NSW)11206721-633.5000
FA Ward (SAus)1919191144336-10534.6620
AG Zimbulis (WA)289021763-13136.1600
RB Scott (Vic)14403813214-3538.7100
IWG Johnson (Vic)9838519134-6139.9200
HNJ Cotton (SAus)378220353-7840.6000
GG Cook (Qld)10799575143-5541.0700
MW Sievers (Vic)139218623143-1844.5000
CW Puckett (WA)19548922-8944.5000
CWT MacGill (WA)440722354-4944.6000
G Eyres (WA)488722552-6545.0000
MG Waite (SAus)198934766173-1245.0500
H Mudge (NSW)5605111-4551.0000
CL McCool (NSW)7215111-5151.0000
LO Fleetwood-Smith (Vic)13654885174-7752.0500
VR Gibson (SAus)3441410521-2052.5000
CP Christ (Qld)130521652123-8754.3300
RA Halcombe (WA)176111022-5155.0000
AW Roper (NSW)168013121-2665.5000
JE Walsh (NSW)154013121-2665.5000
GG Baker (Qld)440427842-6569.5000
GA Gooma (Qld)247015921-2779.5000
LWT Tallon (Qld)336128632-10495.3300
FPJ Gilmore (NSW)200113911-56139.0000
D Watt (Qld)298227811-51278.0000





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