First-class Bowling in Australia for 1939/40 (Ordered by Average)

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AD Watt (WA)241611-66.00 00
J Tregoning (SAus)240911-99.00 00
WJ O'Reilly (NSW)197452832558-2315.12 62
TE Klose (SAus)115145304184-2316.88 00
MB Cohen (NSW)12737344-2518.25 00
J Stackpoole (Qld)4592268126-7222.33 10
CV Grimmett (SAus)3551571654736-5722.65 94
KL Ridings (SAus)6412311-1223.00 00
JA Ellis (Qld)5492283125-11023.58 10
JM Kierse (SAus)8032511-1925.00 00
AG Chipperfield (NSW)8812611-1026.00 00
AG Cheetham (NSW)9678524194-7527.57 00
DT Ring (Vic)169911986345-12329.00 10
JG Lush (NSW)392420672-2629.42 00
PL Dixon (Qld)109118521174-6730.64 00
CG Pepper (NSW)1921181033315-4933.32 20
G Burton (SAus)618330195-9933.44 10
SG Barnes (NSW)11206721-633.50 00
FA Ward (SAus)1919191144336-10534.66 20
AG Zimbulis (WA)289021763-13136.16 00
RB Scott (Vic)14403813214-3538.71 00
IWG Johnson (Vic)9838519134-6139.92 00
HNJ Cotton (SAus)378220353-7840.60 00
GG Cook (Qld)10799575143-5541.07 00
MW Sievers (Vic)139218623143-1844.50 00
CW Puckett (WA)19548922-8944.50 00
CWT MacGill (WA)440722354-4944.60 00
G Eyres (WA)488722552-6545.00 00
MG Waite (SAus)198934766173-1245.05 00
H Mudge (NSW)5605111-4551.00 00
CL McCool (NSW)7215111-5151.00 00
LO Fleetwood-Smith (Vic)13654885174-7752.05 00
VR Gibson (SAus)3441410521-2052.50 00
CP Christ (Qld)130521652123-8754.33 00
RA Halcombe (WA)176111022-5155.00 00
AW Roper (NSW)168013121-2665.50 00
JE Walsh (NSW)154013121-2665.50 00
GG Baker (Qld)440427842-6569.50 00
GA Gooma (Qld)247015921-2779.50 00
LWT Tallon (Qld)336128632-10495.33 00
FPJ Gilmore (NSW)200113911-56139.00 00
D Watt (Qld)298227811-51278.00 00
RH Robinson (NSW)8100    
AL Hassett (Vic)8070    
T Allen (Qld)16080    
LH Bandy (WA)80120    
KS Jeffreys (WA)160280    
RE Rogers (Qld)481300    
AEO Barras (WA)481330    
PL Ridings (SAus)1281770    





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