Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain - Centuries in Test cricket

220  SM GavaskarIndia v West Indies1970/71t686
207  ED WeekesWest Indies v India1952/53t363
206  ED WeekesWest Indies v England1953/54t385
206  RT PontingAustralia v West Indies2002/03t1639
205*EH HendrenEngland v West Indies1929/30t189
201  NS SidhuIndia v West Indies1996/97t1361
196  BC LaraWest Indies v South Africa2004/05t1747
189  Wazir MohammadPakistan v West Indies1957/58t453
177  IVA RichardsWest Indies v India1975/76t775
174  DL AmissEngland v West Indies1973/74t731
172*PR UmrigarIndia v West Indies1961/62t528
167  FMM WorrellWest Indies v England1953/54t385
166*BE CongdonNew Zealand v West Indies1971/72t694
163*ML ApteIndia v West Indies1952/53t367
161  ED WeekesWest Indies v India1952/53t367
161  PD CollingwoodEngland v West Indies2008/09t1914
160  DS LehmannAustralia v West Indies2002/03t1639
158  AI KallicharranWest Indies v England1973/74t731
156  SM GavaskarIndia v West Indies1975/76t774
153  RB KanhaiWest Indies v England1967/68t635
148  MC CowdreyEngland v West Indies1967/68t635
148  GC SmithSouth Africa v West Indies2004/05t1747
147*S ChanderpaulWest Indies v England2008/09t1914
143  RM CowperAustralia v West Indies1964/65t584
143  KF BarringtonEngland v West Indies1967/68t627
143  CH LloydWest Indies v India1982/83t952
143*DL HaynesWest Indies v Pakistan1992/93t1220
142  AJ StraussEngland v West Indies2008/09t1914
140  SC GriffithEngland v West Indies1947/48t296
139  ED WeekesWest Indies v Australia1954/55t404
139  RB KanhaiWest Indies v India1961/62t528
136  SM NurseWest Indies v England1967/68t635
135  PBH MayEngland v West Indies1953/54t385
133  JDB RobertsonEngland v West Indies1947/48t296
133  DCS ComptonEngland v West Indies1953/54t385
133  RN HarveyAustralia v West Indies1954/55t404
132  GS SobersWest Indies v India1970/71t686
131*MJ PriorEngland v West Indies2008/09t1914
130  PR UmrigarIndia v West Indies1952/53t363
130  IVA RichardsWest Indies v India1975/76t774
130  PJL DujonWest Indies v Australia1983/84t983
129  KC BrathwaiteWest Indies v New Zealand2014t2125
128  SC WilliamsWest Indies v India1996/97t1361
127  AI KallicharranWest Indies v Australia1977/78t819
126  CL WalcottWest Indies v Australia1954/55t404
125  TT SamaraweeraSri Lanka v West Indies2007/08t1872
125*SO DowrichWest Indies v Sri Lanka2018t2306
124  CL WalcottWest Indies v England1953/54t385
124  SM GavaskarIndia v West Indies1970/71t686
123  LG RoweWest Indies v England1973/74t738
123  HA GomesWest Indies v India1982/83t952
123  IVA RichardsWest Indies v Pakistan1987/88t1096
122  BC LaraWest Indies v Australia2002/03t1639
121  KF BarringtonEngland v West Indies1959/60t488
121  RB KanhaiWest Indies v Australia1964/65t590
121  Mushtaq MohammadPakistan v West Indies1976/77t802
120  RC FredericksWest Indies v Pakistan1976/77t799
119  MC CowdreyEngland v West Indies1959/60t491
118  TW GraveneyEngland v West Indies1967/68t627
118  CH LloydWest Indies v England1967/68t627
117  BC BoothAustralia v West Indies1964/65t584
117  BF ButcherWest Indies v Australia1964/65t584
117  M AmarnathIndia v West Indies1982/83t952
117  SR TendulkarIndia v West Indies2001/02t1599
117  D GangaWest Indies v Australia2002/03t1639
115  BH PairaudeauWest Indies v India1952/53t363
115*BP PatelIndia v West Indies1975/76t774
113*A FlowerZimbabwe v West Indies1999/00t1490
112  AG GanteaumeWest Indies v England1947/48t296
112  DN SardesaiIndia v West Indies1970/71t683
112  KD WaltersAustralia v West Indies1972/73t718
112  G BoycottEngland v West Indies1973/74t738
112  GR ViswanathIndia v West Indies1975/76t775
111  AR MorrisAustralia v West Indies1954/55t404
110  CC McDonaldAustralia v West Indies1954/55t404
110  CL WalcottWest Indies v Australia1954/55t404
110  RB KanhaiWest Indies v England1959/60t488
109  BP NashWest Indies v England2008/09t1914
109  DM BravoWest Indies v New Zealand2014t2125
108  MJK SmithEngland v West Indies1959/60t488
107  GM CarewWest Indies v England1947/48t296
107*RR SarwanWest Indies v South Africa2004/05t1747
106*PJL DujonWest Indies v Pakistan1987/88t1096
106  MJ SlaterAustralia v West Indies1998/99t1448
105  LEG AmesEngland v West Indies1929/30t189
105  CA DavisWest Indies v India1970/71t686
104*JB StollmeyerWest Indies v India1952/53t367
104  SA DuraniIndia v West Indies1961/62t528
103*AI KallicharranWest Indies v India1975/76t775
103  DJ CullinanSouth Africa v West Indies2000/01t1538
102  SM GavaskarIndia v West Indies1975/76t775
102  RB RichardsonWest Indies v England1985/86t1039
102  Javed MiandadPakistan v West Indies1987/88t1096
102  RR SarwanWest Indies v Sri Lanka2007/08t1872
102  KP PietersenEngland v West Indies2008/09t1914
102  CH GayleWest Indies v England2008/09t1914
102  BKG MendisSri Lanka v West Indies2018t2306
101*JM ParksEngland v West Indies1959/60t491
101  AI KallicharranWest Indies v New Zealand1971/72t697
101*AC GilchristAustralia v West Indies2002/03t1639
100*Kapil DevIndia v West Indies1982/83t952
100*AR BorderAustralia v West Indies1983/84t983
100  CG GreenidgeWest Indies v New Zealand1984/85t1013
100*ML HaydenAustralia v West Indies2002/03t1639





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