New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in first-class cricket

4PL WinslowTransvaal v Rhodesia1956/57f21628
4JPD FlanaganGriqualand West v Transvaal B1965/66f26149
4GM DenTransvaal v Eastern Province1968/69f27638
4KA McKenzieWestern Province v Transvaal1974/75f30342
4DD DyerWestern Province v Transvaal1977/78f31847
4B DudlestonTransvaal v Rhodesia1978/79f32403
4PG AmmTransvaal v South African Universities1984/85f35500
4CD MitchleyBoland v Transvaal B1984/85f35586
4NR RhodesNorthern Transvaal B v Transvaal B1995/96f41981
4E LiebenbergTransvaal v Boland1996/97f42724
4AJ SeymoreWestern Province v Gauteng1998/99f43924
4DN CrookesKwaZulu-Natal v Gauteng1998/99f43969
4AM BacherBoland v Gauteng1998/99f44199
4SC CookBoland v Gauteng2009/10f52324
3TL GoddardEngland v South Africa1956/57f21589
3MC CowdreySouth Africa v England1956/57f21589
3DJ InsoleSouth Africa v England1956/57f21589
3PNF MansellTransvaal v Rhodesia1956/57f21628
3PM WalkerAustralians v Transvaal1957/58f22091
3RB SimpsonSouth Africa v Australia1957/58f22120
3JP Fellows-SmithBorder v Transvaal1959/60f22974
3S O'LinnWestern Province v Transvaal1961/62f24131
3GG RitchieInternational Cavaliers v Transvaal1962/63f24669
3VEJ DickinsonTransvaal B v Rhodesia1963/64f25098
3EJ BarlowEngland v South Africa1964/65f25639
3D Mackay-CoghillNatal v Transvaal1965/66f26093
3EJ DraperTransvaal B v Griqualand West1965/66f26149
3RB SimpsonTransvaal v Australians1966/67f26532
3A BacherAustralians v Transvaal1966/67f26532
3EJ BarlowAustralians v Transvaal1966/67f26532
3NJ FrangosTransvaal v Rhodesia1966/67f26569
3RB SimpsonSouth Africa v Australia1966/67f26589
3EJ BarlowNatal v Transvaal1967/68f27070
3AP HaxtonTransvaal B v Border1968/69f27551
3DD DyerTransvaal B v Natal B1968/69f27655
3RG PollockTransvaal v Eastern Province1969/70f28004
3HR LanceNatal v Transvaal1970/71f28499
3EJ BarlowTransvaal v Western Province1970/71f28578
3KA McKenzieNatal v Transvaal1971/72f28961
3KA McKenzieNatal B v Transvaal B1972/73f29488
3SD RobertsonTransvaal v Rhodesia1972/73f29524
3D Mackay-CoghillWestern Province v Transvaal1972/73f29544
3JH du PreezTransvaal v Rhodesia1974/75f30478
3JH du PreezTransvaal v Rhodesia1974/75f30478
3AJ KourieNatal v Transvaal1975/76f30828
3EJ BarlowTransvaal v Western Province1976/77f31353
3DD DyerEastern Province v Transvaal1976/77f31373
3DD DyerNatal v Transvaal1978/79f32373
3HR FotheringhamNatal v Transvaal1978/79f32373
3RG PollockWest Indies XI v South Africa1982/83f34486
3HR FotheringhamWest Indies XI v Transvaal1983/84f34969
3RG PollockWest Indies XI v South Africa1983/84f35038
3AJ KourieNatal v Transvaal1984/85f35539
3LJ BarnardTransvaal v Northern Transvaal1985/86f36063
3L PotterTransvaal B v Griqualand West1985/86f36082
3D BestallTransvaal v Natal1985/86f36090
3W KirshNorthern Transvaal B v Transvaal B1986/87f36680
3LP VorsterWestern Province v Transvaal1986/87f36698
3KA McKenzieAustralian XI v South Africa1986/87f36706
3MJ MitchleyNatal B v Transvaal B1987/88f37375
3ST ClarkeTransvaal v Orange Free State1987/88f37401
3LP VorsterOrange Free State v Transvaal1987/88f37401
3NE WrightNorthern Transvaal B v Transvaal B1988/89f37758
3AC HudsonTransvaal v Natal1988/89f37841
3CEB RiceNatal v Transvaal1988/89f37841
3M MichauTransvaal v Eastern Province1989/90f38309
3M MichauTransvaal v Eastern Province1993/94f40856
3PJR SteynTransvaal v Orange Free State1993/94f40970
3FP SchoemanTransvaal B v Orange Free State B1994/95f41299
3MD CroweSouth Africa v New Zealand1994/95f41356
3N PothasNatal v Transvaal1994/95f41420
3LJ KoenTransvaal v Eastern Province1994/95f41643
3CB LambertTransvaal v Northern Transvaal1995/96f42137
3SD JackNorthern Transvaal v Transvaal1995/96f42137
3D JordaanTransvaal v Free State1995/96f42247
3AM BacherBoland v Transvaal1995/96f42287
3LJ WilkinsonGauteng v Free State1997/98f43384
3HA ManackFree State v Gauteng1997/98f43384
3KR RutherfordNortherns v Gauteng1997/98f43511
3DN CrookesEastern Province v Gauteng1998/99f44232
3AJ SeymoreEastern Province v Gauteng1998/99f44232
3GFJ LiebenbergGauteng v Free State1999/00f44891
3DN CrookesFree State v Gauteng1999/00f44891
3DN CrookesBorder v Gauteng1999/00f44936
3JM ArthurGauteng v Griqualand West2000/01f45299
3GC SmithSri Lanka v South Africa2002/03f46862
3DJ JacobsGauteng v North West2003/04f47518
3GC SmithLions v Western Province Boland2004/05f48215
3DJ van WykGauteng v Free State2004/05f48232
3GC SmithEngland v South Africa2004/05f48424
3ND McKenzieWarriors v Lions2005/06f48893
3WL CoetseeCape Cobras v Lions2005/06f48910
3DJ VilasGriqualand West v Gauteng2006/07f49979
3J SymesNortherns v Gauteng2007/08f50599
3AM PhangisoGauteng v Northerns2007/08f50599
3G SnymanGauteng v Namibia2007/08f50646
3Z de BruynLions v Warriors2008/09f50980
3BC de WettGauteng v South Western Districts2008/09f50998
3JG StrydomGauteng v South Western Districts2008/09f50998
3RR HendricksGauteng v Griqualand West2008/09f51286
3JH KallisAustralia v South Africa2008/09f51471
3PJ MalanGauteng v Northerns2010/11f52967
3DA HendricksNamibia v Gauteng2010/11f53021
3DJ van WykLions v Dolphins2011/12f53371
3S BurgerBorder v Gauteng2012/13f54617
3RR RossouwLions v Knights2013/14f55489





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