New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

438-9South Africa v Australia2005/06a17317
434-4Australia v South Africa2005/06a17317
379-7Cape Cobras v Lions2011/12a21572
359-2Australia v India2002/03a15035
358-4South Africa v India2013/14a23080
355-7EJ Barlow's XI v RG Pollock's XI1969/70a291
343-5South Africa v Pakistan2012/13a22534
342RG Pollock's XI v EJ Barlow's XI1969/70a291
338-5Lions v Titans2011/12a21610
332-5Transvaal v Eastern Province1982/83a3502
327-7South African XI v Australians1966/67a84
323-8Australians v South African XI1966/67a84
315-7New Zealand v Sri Lanka2009/10a19996
314-8Sri Lanka v South Africa2011/12a21699
312-4South Africa v Sri Lanka2011/12a21699
311-5Transvaal v Natal1978/79a2329
310-6South Africa v West Indies2003/04a15698
310-8Australia v Pakistan2002/03a14907
309Pakistan v South Africa2012/13a22534
307Lions v Cape Cobras2011/12a21572
306-6South Africa v New Zealand2002/03a14921
305-5Transvaal v Western Province1983/84a3964
304-2West Indies v South Africa2003/04a15698
303-5Transvaal v Western Province1982/83a3590
303-5Transvaal v Free State1996/97a10089
303-7Australia v South Africa2008/09a19736
302-6Free State v Transvaal1996/97a10089
302-6Lions v Dolphins2005/06a17010
301-7South Africa v Zimbabwe2004/05a16478
301Titans v Lions2013/14a22907
300-7Lions v Eagles2009/10a20234
300-8Lions v Titans2013/14a22907
299-6Eagles v Lions2009/10a20234
297-5Gauteng v South Western Districts2007/08a18839
296-8England XI v South Africa1989/90a6431
295-7West Indies v South Africa2007/08a18686
295-7Gauteng v South Western Districts2008/09a19186
293-5Transvaal v Eastern Province1983/84a3912
292-6India v Sri Lanka2002/03a14991
291-4South Africa v Arosa Sri Lanka1982/83a3487
290-6Free State v Transvaal1995/96a9777
289-3Cape Cobras v Lions2009/10a20105
288-7Western Province v Transvaal1970/71a462
287-8Titans v Lions2010/11a20920
287-9Transvaal v Western Province1970/71a462
286-6Lions v Cape Cobras2009/10a20105
281-6Transvaal v Boland1995/96a9771
281-8A Bacher's XI v JT Botten's XI1969/70a286
280-4Boland v Transvaal1995/96a9771
280-4South Africa v India2001/02a13734
279-3South Africa v West Indies XI1983/84a3893
279-5Northern Transvaal v Transvaal1996/97a10127
279-5India v South Africa2001/02a13734
277-4Transvaal v Western Province1982/83a3603
277-4Transvaal v Orange Free State1987/88a5476
277Sri Lanka v New Zealand2009/10a19996
276-6Eastern Province v Western Province1975/76a1595
276Lions v Titans2010/11a20920
275-3Gauteng v North West2009/10a20299
275-6Transvaal v Impalas1993/94a8288
275-6Natal v Gauteng1997/98a10869
275-8Western Province v Transvaal1982/83a3603
275-8Australia v West Indies2009/10a19994
273-5Transvaal v Border1994/95a9131
273-7Gauteng v North West1997/98a10758
272-4Lions v Eagles2007/08a18698
271-6Eagles v Lions2007/08a18698
270-7Transvaal v Western Province1989/90a6295
270-7Free State v Gauteng2005/06a17132
269-3Transvaal v Australian XI1985/86a4679
269-6Transvaal v Western Province1981/82a3254
268-7Australia A v South Africa A2002/03a14534
268-8Western Province v Transvaal1981/82a3254
267-6South Africa A v New Zealand A2004/05a16167
266-5South Africa v Pakistan1994/95a9051
266-8South Africa v Sri Lanka1997/98a11083
265-4Western Province v Northern Transvaal1985/86a4775
265-7Transvaal v Natal1981/82a3255
263-6Eagles v Lions2005/06a17089
263Natal v Transvaal1981/82a3255
261-3Lions v Dolphins2004/05a16262
259-6South Africa v Zimbabwe1996/97a10322
259-8South Africa A v Australia A2002/03a14534
259-9Transvaal v Natal1973/74a1092
258-5Transvaal v Border1984/85a4261
258-7Australia v South Africa1996/97a10419
258-7KwaZulu-Natal v Gauteng2000/01a13089
257-6Gauteng v North West2006/07a17703
256-3Lions v Titans2012/13a22196
256-8Zimbabwe v South Africa1996/97a10322
256South Africa v Australia2008/09a19736
255-2Gauteng v Namibia2010/11a21243
255-4Transvaal v Eastern Province1986/87a5044
255Titans v Lions2012/13a22196
254-5Transvaal v Northern Transvaal1983/84a3847
254-9Knights v Lions2011/12a21614
253-5Northern Transvaal v Transvaal1987/88a5492
253-7Namibia v Gauteng2010/11a21243
253-9Northern Transvaal v Western Province1985/86a4775
252-5Gauteng v Free State2001/02a14034
252-7Dolphins v Lions2005/06a17010
252Transvaal v Western Province1986/87a5150
252New Zealand A v South Africa A2004/05a16167
251-3Free State v Gauteng2001/02a14034
251-7Gauteng v Namibia2002/03a14828
250-6Western Province Boland v Lions2004/05a16257
250-6Griqualand West v Gauteng2005/06a17290
250-8South Africa v Australia1996/97a10419
250-8Gauteng v Northerns2004/05a16176
250-9Orange Free State v Transvaal1987/88a5476
250Dolphins v Lions2004/05a16262
250Lions v Knights2011/12a21614





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