Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

25Saurashtra v Bombay1951/52f19403
43Gujarat v Bombay1958/59f22488
44Saurashtra v Bombay1959/60f23098
55Saurashtra v Bombay1973/74f29849
57Sind v Bombay1947/48f17768
64Europeans v Muslims1937/38f16013
65East Zone v North Zone1945/46f17042
68Mysore v Bombay1941/42f16863
69Hindus v Muslims1938/39f16382
69Nawanagar v Bombay1946/47f17364
78Indian Board President's XI v Commonwealth XI1950/51f18942
78Saurashtra v Bombay1971/72f28997
79Saurashtra v Bombay1961/62f24013
79Gujarat v Bombay1966/67f26565
82India v Commonwealth XI1950/51f18972
84Europeans v Muslims1937/38f16013
85Gujarat v Bombay1964/65f25517
88India v New Zealand1964/65f25689
90Mysore v Bombay1971/72f29101
91Dr CR Pereira's XI v Sir Homi Mehta's XI1946/47f17355
92Western India v Bombay1944/45f16943
94Parsees v Hindus1945/46f17025
95Western India v Bombay1941/42f16835
95Rajasthan v Bombay1961/62f24171
97Holkar v Bombay1951/52f19503
99Saurashtra v Bombay1959/60f23098





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