First-Class Matches played on Yeshwant Club Ground, Indore (44)

(count excludes the 2 matches in which no play was possible)
14th December 1935 Australia in India and Ceylon 1935/36  Central India v Australiansf15209
19th December 1935 Ranji Trophy 1935/36 East ZoneCentral India v Rajputanaf15214
17th October 1937 Ranji Trophy 1937/38 East ZoneCentral India v Rajputanaf15971
21st December 1937 Lord Tennyson's XI in India 1937/38  Central India v Lord Tennyson's XIf16008
10th December 1938 Ranji Trophy 1938/39 East ZoneCentral India v United Provincesf16385
8th November 1941 Ranji Trophy 1941/42 East ZoneHolkar v United Provincesf16836
6th February 1943 Ranji Trophy 1942/43 East ZoneHolkar v Bengalf16876
17th December 1943 Ranji Trophy 1943/44 East ZoneHolkar v United Provincesf16894
18th January 1945 Ranji Trophy 1944/45 East ZoneHolkar v Bengalf16947
15th December 1945 Ranji Trophy 1945/46 East ZoneHolkar v Biharf16989
2nd March 1946 Ranji Trophy 1945/46 Semi-FinalHolkar v Mysoref17047
22nd March 1946 Ranji Trophy 1945/46 FinalHolkar v Barodaf17057
30th January 1947 Ranji Trophy 1946/47 East ZoneHolkar v Bengalf17419
8th February 1947 Ranji Trophy 1946/47 Semi-FinalHolkar v Northern Indiaf17426a
16th January 1948 Ranji Trophy 1947/48 East ZoneHolkar v United Provincesf17808
21st February 1948 Ranji Trophy 1947/48 Semi-FinalHolkar v Delhif17836
20th March 1948 Ranji Trophy 1947/48 FinalHolkar v Bombayf17847
28th October 1948 West Indies in India, Pakistan and Ceylon 1948/49  Holkar v West Indiansf18146
3rd December 1948 Ranji Trophy 1948/49 1st RoundHolkar v Central Provinces and Berarf18163
7th March 1949 Ranji Trophy 1948/49 Semi-FinalHolkar v Barodaf18228
21st October 1949 Commonwealth XI in India, Pakistan and Ceylon 1949/50  Holkar v Commonwealth XIf18531
27th January 1950 Ranji Trophy 1949/50 East ZoneHolkar v Bengalf18596
26th February 1950 Ranji Trophy 1949/50 East ZoneHolkar v Biharf18613
9th December 1950 Commonwealth XI in India and Ceylon 1950/51  Holkar v Commonwealth XIf18979
26th February 1951 Ranji Trophy 1950/51 Semi-FinalHolkar v Hyderabadf19055
17th March 1951 Ranji Trophy 1950/51 FinalHolkar v Gujaratf19065
13th October 1951 Marylebone Cricket Club in India, Pakistan and Ceylon 1951/52  Holkar v Marylebone Cricket Clubf19385
30th January 1952 Ranji Trophy 1951/52 East ZoneHolkar v Bengalf19483
22nd February 1952 Ranji Trophy 1951/52 Semi-FinalHolkar v Servicesf19500
17th January 1953 Ranji Trophy 1952/53 Central ZoneHolkar v Uttar Pradeshf19890
12th March 1953 Ranji Trophy 1952/53 Semi-FinalHolkar v Maharashtraf19928
31st October 1953 Commonwealth XI in India 1953/54  Holkar v Commonwealth XIf20255
19th February 1954 Ranji Trophy 1953/54 Quarter-FinalHolkar v Eastern Punjabf20354
6th March 1954 Ranji Trophy 1953/54 Semi-FinalHolkar v Bengalf20361
13th March 1954 Ranji Trophy 1953/54 FinalHolkar v Bombayf20364
31st December 1954 Ranji Trophy 1954/55 Central ZoneHolkar v Rajputanaf20728a
5th March 1955 Ranji Trophy 1954/55 Semi-FinalHolkar v Barodaf20783
2nd April 1955 Ranji Trophy 1954/55 FinalHolkar v Madrasf20790
16th December 1955 Ranji Trophy 1955/56 Central ZoneMadhya Bharat v Madhya Pradeshf21141
22nd December 1956 Ranji Trophy 1956/57 Central ZoneMadhya Bharat v Rajasthanf21588
20th December 1957 Ranji Trophy 1957/58 Central ZoneMadhya Pradesh v Uttar Pradeshf22049
25th January 1958 S Mushtaq Ali's Testimonial Match 1957/58  Holkar v Indian Board President's XIf22112
14th January 1959 Ranji Trophy 1958/59 Central ZoneMadhya Pradesh v Rajasthanf22576
19th January 1959 Ranji Trophy 1958/59 Central ZoneMadhya Pradesh v Vidarbhaf22586
27th November 1960 Ranji Trophy 1960/61 Central ZoneMadhya Pradesh v Rajasthanf23505
15th December 1960 Ranji Trophy 1960/61 Central ZoneMadhya Pradesh v Vidarbhaf23531





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