Rutland Recreation Ground, Ilkeston - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in first-class cricket

4JA CresswellNottinghamshire v Derbyshire1926f11737
4WW WhysallDerbyshire v Nottinghamshire1927f12152
4AC RevillWorcestershire v Derbyshire1950f18716
4AC RevillSussex v Derbyshire1952f19595
4NW HillDerbyshire v Nottinghamshire1958f22358
4DHK SmithNorthamptonshire v Derbyshire1969f27943
3WW WhysallDerbyshire v Nottinghamshire1926f11737
3AG SlaterEssex v Derbyshire1927f11940
3H StorerNottinghamshire v Derbyshire1931f13477
3LF TownsendIndians v Derbyshire1932f14036
3TS WorthingtonNottinghamshire v Derbyshire1933f14284
3LB FishlockDerbyshire v Surrey1934f14714
3WHR AndrewsDerbyshire v Somerset1936f15388
3H GimblettDerbyshire v Somerset1936f15388
3TB MitchellNottinghamshire v Derbyshire1936f15484
3BH BelleDerbyshire v Essex1937f15882
3AV PopeKent v Derbyshire1939f16497
3AE AldermanNottinghamshire v Derbyshire1946f17251
3GH PopeLeicestershire v Derbyshire1947f17552
3JW SeamerDerbyshire v Somerset1948f17929
3AC RevillNottinghamshire v Derbyshire1950f18780
3DB CarrNottinghamshire v Derbyshire1951f19286
3JG LangridgeDerbyshire v Sussex1952f19595
3DC MorganNottinghamshire v Derbyshire1958f22358
3C ForbesDerbyshire v Nottinghamshire1965f25887
3JA OrmrodDerbyshire v Worcestershire1966f26429
3MH PageNottinghamshire v Derbyshire1967f26872
3GS SobersDerbyshire v Nottinghamshire1971f28820
3RDV KnightDerbyshire v Gloucestershire1975f30712
3PE RussellGloucestershire v Derbyshire1975f30712
3JRT BarclayDerbyshire v Sussex1976f31042
3AJ Harvey-WalkerNorthamptonshire v Derbyshire1976f31139
3EJ BarlowMiddlesex v Derbyshire1977f31609
3Younis AhmedDerbyshire v Surrey1978f32071





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