Bowling in Plunket Shield 2015/16 (Ordered by Average)

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AF Milne (CD)138124444-3111.00 00
BE Scott (Ot)198512174-7417.28 00
EJ Nuttall (Cant)35413202115-7218.36 10
AM Ellis (Cant)164690613335-5218.57 10
C Viljoen (Ot)53729231113-4421.00 00
C Munro (Auck)3301212962-1721.50 00
LH Ferguson (Auck)134548686315-3722.12 30
DAJ Bracewell (CD)81027404185-6022.44 20
MJ McClenaghan (Auck)75426399174-3823.47 00
TG Southee (ND)3901219985-5624.87 10
TD Astle (Cant)161531887355-5025.34 10
DJ Grobbelaar (Auck)121438635253-2725.40 00
C de Grandhomme (Auck)97239438174-3125.76 00
SC Kuggeleijn (ND)162550981385-3225.81 10
BS Smith (CD)5422611-1726.00 00
LV van Beek (Cant)96334474186-5726.33 10
NG Smith (Ot)16258033-8026.66 00
BR Hampton (ND)53111323124-7826.91 00
AD Day (Well)16268133-4827.00 00
KA Jamieson (Cant)105034574215-4727.33 10
NA Patel (CD)136547744275-7127.55 20
JD Baker (ND)186189925335-6328.03 10
TA Boult (ND)252817165-9728.50 10
WSA Williams (Cant)243711543-1328.75 00
HK Bennett (Cant)81023524185-5429.11 10
AK Kitchen (Ot)434526293-3629.11 00
TS Nethula (Auck)1891441137396-13229.15 31
IS Sodhi (ND)90312643227-10229.22 20
RJ McCone (Cant)59426294103-3629.40 00
MJ Henry (Cant)110640595204-8329.75 00
MR Quinn (Auck)99130536184-8129.77 00
N Wagner (Ot)3181415155-10130.20 10
NL McCullum (Ot)17359232-7230.66 00
MD Bates (Auck)122550584195-4830.73 10
AP Devcich (ND)90325494164-4330.87 00
JDS Neesham (Ot)60118375122-1731.25 00
MD Craig (Ot)91240483155-7932.20 10
JS Hunter (Ot)96032501154-4733.40 00
AY Patel (CD)2394691449436-11733.69 31
JS Patel (Well)2185891098326-7734.31 10
ZN Gibson (ND)306421764-6236.16 00
NJ McAndrew (Auck)5101925772-4736.71 00
SG Borthwick (Well)444233493-10137.11 00
DS Hutchinson (Well)134345834225-11637.90 10
SHA Rance (CD)5232226873-6138.28 00
CM Smith (Ot)103145502134-3538.61 00
IG McPeake (Well)76722585153-4039.00 00
BJ Arnel (Well)2284781264325-5139.50 20
DJ Mitchell (ND)6022828072-3540.00 00
RM Hira (Cant)15938122-4040.50 00
SR Wells (Ot)98933531133-5940.84 00
JA Duffy (Ot)175962983245-9640.95 10
KD Richards (CD)391728873-7741.14 00
TC Bruce (CD)226416942-1742.25 00
LR Dudding (CD)5161634983-8543.62 00
TC Goodin (ND)7513135284-5044.00 00
MB Bacon (Well)385826463-2744.00 00
MB McEwan (Well)7083336282-4245.25 00
A Verma (Well)66617503112-3045.72 00
GR Hay (CD)144110021-850.00 00
JA Clarkson (CD)261915232-3650.66 00
NB Beard (Ot)348130864-17751.33 00
RM Phillips (Ot)6681444183-6255.12 00
JG Walker (ND)8643044684-8755.75 00
MD Rae (Ot)306916933-5456.33 00
S Hicks (Auck)290717432-4358.00 00
BM Tickner (CD)1734271318214-6562.76 00
AW Mathieson (CD)4681431652-6263.20 00
BJ Small (CD)4501426643-4366.50 00
TG Johnston (Cant)4701421431-271.33 00
GH Worker (CD)8812050574-5872.14 00
CJ Bowes (Cant)13257311-2273.00 00
JA Raval (Auck)12807811-4178.00 00
MS Chapman (Auck)168210511-60105.00 00
LJ Woodcock (Well)252913111-27131.00 00
BJ Watling (ND)6100    
B Popli (ND)6100    
MHW Papps (Well)2010    
LRPL Taylor (CD)6040    
DR Flynn (ND)6040    
WA Young (CD)6040    
NF Kelly (ND)24170    
PG Fulton (Cant)18070    
HD Rutherford (Ot)12070    
KS Williamson (ND)42390    
RR O'Donnell (Auck)363100    
BE Soper (Ot)452130    
JJ Boult (ND)300250    
MG Bracewell (Ot)240250    
JD Gibson (Well)663290    
NT Broom (Ot)361310    
TF van Woerkom (Cant)814430    
MJ Santner (ND)1449560    
MJ Taylor (Well)721600    
JL Finnie (Ot)1260990    
RF Badenhorst (Ot)9611230    





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