United States of America Teams (S)


S Handford's XI
S Law's XI
S Welsh's Juniors XI
S Welsh's XI
S Young's XI
SA Willits' XI
Sacramento Cricket Association
Salt Lake City
San Diego
San Francisco
San Francisco County
San Francisco County A
San Francisco Seaman's Institute
San Fransisco Cricket Club Baseballers
San Fransisco Cricket Club Cricketers
San Jose
San Mateo and Marin County
San Mateo County
San Mateo I
San Mateo III
Sanderson Steel Works
Sanford Past
Sanford Present
Santa Barbara
Santa Clara Aces
Santa Clara Bees
Santa Clara County
Santa Clara I
Santa Clara II
Santa Clara III
Santa Clara Seas
Santa Cruz
Santa Monica
Sarasota Cricket Club President's XI
Scotch of New York
Scott's XI
SE Gregory's XI
Searle's XI
Seattle and Tacoma
Sefton (USA)
SF Blasters
Shakespeare (USA)
Sheffield (USA)
Shelton (USA)
Sherwood (Missouri)
Sherwood Club of Angora
Sherwood Club of Angora Second XI
Sherwood Field Club
Sherwood Lodge
Shrewsbury Mills
Sims New York West Indian
Single (USA)
Single of Alameda
Single of Baltimore
Single of Chelsea Club
Single of Longwood Club
Single of Lonsdale
Single of Roxbury
Single of San Francisco
Single of St George's Club of New York
Single of the New York and New Jersey Cricket Association
Single of the West India Club
Sioux City
Sir M Durrand's XI
Sir Robert Peel
Sirens (USA)
Skelerton Rovers
Smart Choice
Smyth's XI
Social Art Club
Somerset (USA)
Somerville British Americans
Somerville Second XI
Somerville Wanderers
Sons of St George (New York)
Sons of St George (San Francisco)
Sons of St George Second XI
South Barre
South Bay
South Berkshire
South Brooklyn
South Brooklyn Second XI
South East Region
South End (USA)
South End Club of Fall River
South End Club of Fall River Reserves
South Florida Cricket Association
South Florida Cricket Association President's XI
South Florida Cricket League
South Kearsarge
South Lowell Indians
South of United States of America
South Overbrook
South Park
South Providence
South Shore (USA)
South West Region
South Worcester
Southern California
Southern California Cricket Association
Southern California Cricket Association A
Southern California Cricket Association B
Southern California Cricket Association Combined XI
Southern California Cricket Association League
Southern California Cricket Association President's XI
Southern California Cricket Association South West Region
Southern California XI
Southern Illinois University
Southern Zone (USA)
Spartan (New York)
Spartan Field Club
Spartan I
Spice Island
Sporting Duchess Company
Sportsman (USA)
Spring Garden
Spring Valley
Springfield (USA)
Sri Lanka (New York)
SS Arabic
SS Arizona
SS Baltic
SS Brittanic
SS Campania
SS Canada
SS Canopic
SS Carmania
SS Catalonia
SS Celtic
SS Cephalonia
SS City of Berlin
SS City of Paris
SS Etruria
SS Franconia
SS Georgian
SS Germanic
SS Ivernia
SS Lucania
SS Lusitania
SS Majestic
SS Majestic Second XI
SS Minnesota
SS Minnetonka
SS Nestorian
SS Oceanic
SS Priscilla
SS Ramanic
SS Republic
SS Samaria
SS Saxonia
SS Scandanavian
SS Scythia
SS Servia
SS Teutonic
SS Umbria
St Ambrose Club
St Andrews (USA)
St Andrews of Hazlewood
St Austin's School
St Christopher
St Croix Veterans
St David's (USA)
St David's Colts
St David's Second XI
St George's Athletic Club
St George's Athletic Club Second XI
St George's Club and Philadelphia
St George's Club of Altoona
St George's Club of Boston
St George's Club of Brooklyn
St George's Club of Buffalo
St George's Club of Chicago
St George's Club of Chicago Second XI
St George's Club of Cleveland
St George's Club of Delaware
St George's Club of Hoboken
St George's Club of New York
St George's Club of New York Juniors
St George's Club of New York Second XI
St George's Club of Orange
St George's Club of Passaic
St George's Club of Pawtucket
St George's Club of Philadelphia
St George's Club of Roxborough
St George's Club of Schenectady
St George's Club of Schenectady Summer XI
St George's Club of Wilmington
St George's Club of Worcester
St George's Cricket League
St George's Norwalk
St George's Social Club
St Helena (USA)
St John's Athletic Association
St John's Military College, Wisconsin
St Johns (Massachusetts)
St Kitts (New York)
St Lawrence (Chicago)
St Lawrence Phoenix
St Lawrence Second XI (Chicago)
St Lawrence Zingari
St Louis
St Louis and District
St Louis Baseball Players
St Louis County Cricket Association
St Louis Cricketers
St Louis Married
St Louis Single
St Lucia (USA)
St Mark's (USA)
St Martin
St Mary's (Massachusetts)
St Matthews
St Paul Club
St Paul's (USA)
St Paul's School (Concord)
St Paul's School Alumni
St Paul's School Juniors
St Paul's School Masters
St Paul's School Next XV
St Paul's School Next XXII
St Paul's School Second XI
St Prior
St Ronald's
St Thomas (New York)
St Timothy
St Vincent (New York)
Stamford (USA)
Standard (Massachusetts)
Standard Reserves
Stanford A I
Stanford A II
Stanford A III
Stanford Cricket Academy
Stanford I
Stanford II
Stanford III
Stanford Supernovas
Stanford's XI
Star Cricket Club (USA)
Stars of Watertown
Stars United
Staten Island and New Jersey Athletic Clubs
Staten Island Athletic Club
Staten Island Athletic Club Second XI
Staten Island Cricket Club
Staten Island Cricket Club 1919
Staten Island Cricket Club 1920
Staten Island Cricket Club A
Staten Island Cricket Club Americans
Staten Island Cricket Club B
Staten Island Cricket Club Baseballers
Staten Island Cricket Club Cricketers
Staten Island Cricket Club English
Staten Island Cricket Club Footballers
Staten Island Cricket Club Juniors
Staten Island Cricket Club Next XXII
Staten Island Cricket Club Public Schools
Staten Island Cricket Club Second XI
Staten Island Cricket Club Summer XI
Staten Island Cricket Club Veterans
Staten Island Wanderers
Stenton Field Club
Stetson Athletic Association
Stone Cottage of Staten Island
Suffolk (USA)
Sunnyvale I
Sunnyvale II
Sunrise (USA)
Surrey (San Francisco)
Surrey Field
Sussex (New York)
Sussex Cricket Club (USA)
Sutcliffe's XI
Swansea (USA)





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