First-class Bowling in West Indies for 1946 (Ordered by Average)

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KR Rickards (Jam)240170    
JED Sealy (Trin)13105464-399.0000
JKC Holt (Jam)3201011-1010.0000
JH Cameron (Jam)15334443-3211.0000
CW Bailey (Jam)8006543-5216.2500
HHH Johnson (Jam)251510065-3316.6610
GA Headley (Jam)344813785-3317.1210
KH Weekes (Jam)340710752-1821.4000
PEW Jones (Trin)5503237115-7321.5410
AR Bonitto (Jam)22479342-5323.2500
FJ Cameron (Jam)5781122293-5624.6600
GH Mudie (Jam)6161021673-5730.8500
CCR Skeete (Trin)320018866-9931.3310
LR Pierre (Trin)19119533-6931.6600
RL Fuller (Jam)400720762-4834.5000
E Constantine (Trin)5921122752-3645.4000
AL Trestrail (Trin)240411422-5857.0000
CL Pouchet (Trin)14425711-5757.0000
GE Gomez (Trin)400316621-5083.0000
W Ferguson (Trin)499326031-3986.6600





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