First-class Bowling in United States of America for 1883 (Ordered by Average)

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G Wright (USA)24600    
LW Wister (Phil)6040    
H MacNutt (Phil)242130    
ER Ogden (USA)323140    
L Furniss540370    
FE Brewster (Phil)18011550    
G Lane (USA)222305497-266.0010
W Bottomore (USA)167144064-226.6600
EW Clark (Phil)365711-57.0000
T Dale (USA)116162733-279.0000
WC Lowry (Phil)36819140145-1210.0010
HR Cleverley (USA)3092110874-4815.4200
JB Thayer (Phil)10854833-1716.0000
DS Newhall3411611-1616.0000
WL Brewster189115033-3316.6600
R Hargrave6021811-1818.0000
G Bromhead (USA)13865632-3918.6600
AM Wood12056132-4120.3300
CA Newhall (Phil)133194221-1721.0000
S Law (Phil)226139842-2724.5000
H Tyers (USA)19077833-4426.0000
DP Stoever (Phil)15695211-4452.0000
S Handford12626111-3861.0000





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