First-class Batting and Fielding in New Zealand for 2002/03 (Ordered by Average)

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NameMatchesInnsNot OutRunsHSAve10050CtSt
CL Cairns (Cant)2219876*98.00011 
GG Robinson (ND)231149125*74.50100 
BB McCullum (Ot)351273105  68.25128 
RA Lawson (Ot)461326146  65.20111 
JD Ryder (CD)682365114*60.83113 
TG McIntosh (Auck)10173820157  58.57258 
MN Hart (ND)9144546201*54.60215 
CZ Harris (Cant)33110973*54.50011 
PG Fulton (Cant)8131628301*52.33125 
MJ Horne (Auck)9140671187  47.92232 
RJ Nicol (Auck)10162664147*47.42168 
CD Cumming (Ot)10182751128  46.93334 
RA Jones (Well)10204726128  45.37238 
GP Sulzberger (CD)11186540111*45.00225 
JM How (CD)10182704163*44.00239 
Mohammad Wasim (Ot)10171651108  40.68249 
SE Bond (NZ,Cant)4428152  40.50013 
JDP Oram (NZ,CD)47220296  40.40023 
NT Broom (Cant)58031663  39.50026 
SR Tendulkar (Ind)36119652*39.20021 
CM Spearman (CD)10171622117*38.87148 
TK Canning (Auck)9142465113  38.75108 
AC Barnes (Auck)7111380107  38.00117 
MH Richardson (NZ,Auck)11192638113  37.52128 
WC McSkimming (Ot)710422066*36.66015 
NKW Horsley (ND)10160582159  36.37137 
CJ Nevin (Well)1016153273  35.4605311
MS Sinclair (CD)47023879  34.00035 
CJ Cornelius (Cant)1213419*34.00000 
CB Gaffaney (Ot)8141436108  33.53124 
GJ Hopkins (Cant)10151451175*32.2120212
JEC Franklin (Well)813041387  31.76031 
NR Parlane (Well)1017247475  31.600417 
GR Stead (Cant)10150472111  31.46144 
MHW Papps (Cant)10150469114  31.26127 
AM Ellis (Cant)4639324*31.00002 
DL Vettori (NZ,ND)44012381  30.75010 
MG Orchard (ND)711227054*30.00024 
JAF Yovich (ND)1015529853  29.80021 
GR Todd (CD)713426461*29.33023 
LJ Woodcock (Well)610029280  29.20031 
MR Jefferson (Well)610417553  29.16010 
KD Mills (Auck)35111555  28.75011 
SL Stewart (Cant)47019768  28.14011 
MD Bell (Well)10202499114  27.72136 
PJ Wiseman (Cant)1015235491  27.23022 
AJ Redmond (Cant)58118459  26.28011 
BP Donkers (Cant)78410438  26.00000 
MR Gillespie (Well)3315249  26.00000 
RG Hart (NZ,ND)1114425972*25.900129 
LRPL Taylor (CD)55110256  25.50013 
PJ Franks (Cant)1205141  25.50000 
ME Parlane (ND)813130380  25.25010 
HJH Marshall (ND)1016137688*25.06023 
PJ Ingram (CD)917237484  24.93042 
JAH Marshall (ND)10160395112  24.681113 
MDJ Walker (Well)1015037062  24.660310 
BGK Walker (Auck)1011416767*23.85018 
RT King (Auck)1204747  23.50002 
SP Fleming (NZ,Well)46013355  22.16016 
RS Dravid (Ind)36013276  22.00012 
LJ Morgan (Well)2306630  22.00000 
PD McGlashan (Ot)710217347  21.6200151
NJ Astle (NZ,Cant)45010842  21.60003 
BBJ Griggs (CD)10121237100*21.541018 
JW Wilson (Ot)5408566  21.25012 
CR Pryor (Auck)1015325155*20.91013 
GT Donaldson (Well)1016131157  20.73027 
GR Loveridge (CD)46012134  20.16005 
V Sehwag (Ind)36011361  18.83011 
RM Frew (Cant)711020649  18.72005 
SB Bangar (Ind)36011270  18.66010 
GS Shaw (Auck)3321811*18.00001 
GL West (ND)4423531  17.50000 
HJ Shaw (Cant)1203224  16.00000 
MN McKenzie (Ot)10160248100  15.50109 
HT Davis (Auck)6516229  15.50001 
SC Ganguly (Ind)3507748  15.40000 
L Vincent (NZ,Auck)4719240  15.33003 
AJ Penn (Well)811311727*14.62003 
ND Morland (Ot)1013215332  13.90009 
MJ Mason (CD)1011015336  13.90001 
SB O'Connor (Ot)91149730  13.85004 
A Nehra (Ind)3524114  13.66000 
Harbhajan Singh (Ind)3506829  13.60003 
AR Adams (Auck)1202721  13.50000 
BP Martin (ND)7709334  13.28005 
KP Walmsley (Ot)7827821  13.00004 
IG Butler (ND)7726424  12.80002 
SB Styris (NZ,ND)4607533  12.50004 
BJ Nielsen (Auck)610111042  12.22000 
CD McMillan (NZ,Cant)5708426  12.00003 
LJ Hamilton (CD)81073612*12.00001 
JW Sheed (Ot)1016216434  11.71008 
MA Sigley (CD)6809034  11.250017 
DR Tuffey (NZ,ND)4413313  11.00003 
GW Aldridge (ND)5413212*10.66000 
DP Kelly (ND)3505026  10.00002 
DG Sewell (Ot)121107  10.00001 
WA Wisneski (Cant)5504829  9.60005 
JS Patel (Well)564198  9.50000 
IE O'Brien (Well)81044914*8.16001 
RA Young (Auck)101228023*8.000035 
AJ McKay (Auck)21088  8.00001 
BE Hefford (CD)101035316*7.57004 
AJ Hore (Ot)120158  7.50000 
VVS Laxman (Ind)3613723  7.40002 
AM Schwass (CD)7906625  7.33003 
Z Khan (Ind)2402819  7.00002 
AB Agarkar (Ind)2302112  7.00000 
IP Sandbrook (CD)12177  7.00001 
PA Patel (Ind)3503310  6.600081
RM Miller (Cant)120129  6.00000 
AD Turner (Well)231107  5.00000 
CS Martin (Cant)91143010*4.28001 
NM Daley (ND)11044  4.000021
RK Lynch (Auck)12075  3.50001 
GD Irwin (ND)12064  3.00002 
LG Howell (Auck)12044  2.00000 
TR Anderson (CD)11022  2.00000 
JM McMillan (Ot)66253  1.25000 
AM Wilkinson (Ot)11000  0.00000 
T Yohannan (Ind)233128* 002 
DJ Reddington (Ot)11100* 000 
SL Andrews (ND)11100* 001 





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