First-class Bowling in New Zealand for 1971/72 (Ordered by Average)

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JD Riley (Well)8100    
JV Coney (Well)16110    
DW Neal (CD)5040    
JR Carson (Auck)8060    
JG Gibson (ND)4060    
MP Baker (CD)240120    
JC McLeod (ND)160120    
DP Lloyd (ND)482240    
JW Calder881310    
R McGill (ND)1284510    
JFM Morrison (Well)1282700    
DH Payton (CD)81011-00.0000
CRW Dickel (Ot)17554044-4010.0000
RO Collinge (Well)72019221177-2813.0011
GA Powell (Ot)184102822-2514.0000
BAG Murray (Well)6411411-1414.0000
GD Alabaster (Ot)131947359255-5114.3620
JC Alabaster (Ot)119032329225-7114.9510
RA Roy (Ot)14353022-2315.0000
B Andrews (Ot)113875229155-1915.2610
KA Nicholson (Ot)18466544-3816.2500
BE Congdon (Well)17646642-4416.5000
ML Ryan (Cant)58420174103-3017.4000
ADG Roberts (ND)17647342-2718.2500
BF Hastings (Cant)3201911-1519.0000
RJ Hadlee (Cant)4409194104-4219.4000
MG Webb (Ot)104827408217-4919.4210
CM Kirk (Cant)114159378195-4819.8910
RW Morgan (Auck)70414268134-3220.6100
NGS Smith (Auck)336712464-7720.6600
AR Hounsell (Cant)84517376185-5020.8810
BG Hadlee (Cant)4004222-2821.0000
HJ Howarth (Auck)211776663315-3421.3810
RD Cox25886533-6521.6600
BR Taylor (Well)166750500235-3721.7320
EK Gillott (ND)169157655296-7922.5810
JC Williams (Auck)65415251114-4922.8100
A Puna (ND)68313325145-7723.2110
BW Yuile (CD)89024293124-6024.4100
BJ McKechnie (Ot)12062611-2626.0000
WA Greenstreet (Well)125635411155-3427.4010
JM McIntyre (Auck)4901419672-4228.0000
TG Beatson (ND)14335822-3429.0000
RH Ellis (CD)360418963-2831.5000
GT McConnell (Well)101820420136-8732.3010
B Dunning (ND)78422327103-6932.7000
JH Howell (CD)87720394124-12632.8300
JAJ Cushen224410033-10033.3300
V Pollard (Cant)6723317152-5234.2000
GE Vivian (Auck)528827583-8034.3700
KO Campbell (Ot)2801110533-4135.0000
AB Jordan (CD)95222404114-5836.7200
DR Hadlee (Cant)335416342-4340.7500
RS Cunis (Auck)25648421-2442.0000
DG Trist (Cant)8882530472-2643.4200
BL Cairns15254811-4848.0000
JD Smith (ND)328810522-3652.5000
H Unka (ND)7541927953-7155.8000
MJF Shrimpton (CD)288117931-1259.6600
DU Patel (ND)19268011-5980.0000
RA Baddeley (Auck)4481017421-2787.0000
RB McCullough (Well)18459311-6393.0000
BDM Furlong (CD)6591627511-39275.0000





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