First-class Bowling in New Zealand for 1960/61 (Ordered by Average)

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DN MacLeod (CD)12020    
LB Reade (CD)6020    
IR Hartland (Cant)18230    
JW Guy (NZ,Well)1040    
GE Lowans (CD)12050    
RW Morgan (Auck)483110    
AH Preston (Well)423120    
CJ Lyttelton361190    
RR Lindwall1146220    
JT Murray (MCC)241230    
CR Satherley (ND)120411-44.0000
RM Harris (Auck)7771921-49.5000
PGZ Harris (NZ,Cant)9983533-811.6600
GT McConnell (Well)368299685-5312.0010
CW Smith4202422-2412.0000
BE Congdon (CD)4851411-014.0000
RW Blair (Well)141590448317-3014.4520
JR Reid (NZ,Well)1750120547376-6314.7820
JDF Larter (MCC)144877534365-5614.8310
B Sutcliffe (Ot)3048161104-4116.1000
LA Clark (Auck)1585109421266-2916.1910
RC Motz (NZ,Cant)1741100549337-4816.6321
MP Donnelly3203521-017.5000
FJ Cameron (NZ,Ot)153493439255-2517.5610
BD Morrison (Well)71459196113-3217.8100
AM Moir (Ot)148884575326-5317.9631
JS Parson (Cant)144123721-718.5000
NT Woods (Ot)73860191103-5119.1000
WB Norman (Auck)123488367194-8219.3100
ME Chapple (Cant)55930196105-5619.6010
JC Alabaster (NZ,Ot)2559127961495-4719.6130
LC Butler (Well,NZ)113488299154-4119.9300
JA Hayes14456033-1920.0000
JWF Kiddey (Cant)1347107383197-2420.1521
RS Cunis (Auck)5343118596-7220.5510
AG Duckmanton (Cant)100365338165-2921.1210
DA Allen (MCC)1342102404194-4421.2600
DD Beard (CD)1950120626295-8121.5810
KFH Smith (CD)94766306133-3723.5300
RW Barber (MCC)2289901070457-8923.7730
PB McGregor (Auck)9062511-1625.0000
AR MacGibbon (Cant)118281371143-1826.5000
D Wilson (MCC)101844402153-3726.8000
BA Bolton (Cant)3221313552-1827.0000
DR Smith (MCC)231996874324-3827.3100
N Puna (ND)102640426155-5428.4010
TE Shaw (ND)14458832-1729.3300
DC Currie (Cant)366328832-4229.3300
RE Reid (Well)5583621073-8830.0000
MC Langdon (ND)103435427145-4830.5010
DM Sayer (MCC)100945363113-3033.0000
RI Long (Ot)12573311-833.0000
GD Alabaster (ND)83942339107-5933.9010
KR Deas (Auck)4801624574-8135.0000
BW Yuile (CD)76337352104-2635.2000
DC Hoskin (ND)90627458124-10238.1600
JT Sparling (NZ,Auck)150591576153-3338.4000
AF Lissette (ND)7013627473-9539.1400
LD Andersen (Auck)6723028072-4140.0000
GA Bartlett (NZ,CD)163861689173-4740.5200
DV Spence (CD)228912932-5243.0000
JD Henderson (CD)4141326762-4144.5000
RE Sutton (Auck)24388921-1744.5000
EJ Sigley (Well)12685611-4656.0000
IB Leggat (CD)6953435064-6458.3300
EW Dempster (Well)6626011-6060.0000
NR Wilson (ND)302218432-4961.3300
DJ Vear (Ot)282226311-1963.0000
WE Russell (MCC)10857311-1173.0000
DRW Silk (MCC)180711911-22119.0000
GO Rabone162212711-81127.0000





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