First-class Bowling in New Zealand for 1952/53 (Ordered by Average)

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T Meale (Well)36600    
RWG Emery (Cant)240290    
PGZ Harris (Cant)844470    
WR Perkins (Well)20451190    
JE Cheetham (SAf)362911-69.0000
FE Fisher (NZ,Well)132886374308-3412.4622
RS Challies (CD)204611985-5214.8710
JC Watkins (SAf)108292236154-2215.7300
EM Meuli (NZ,CD)171211676-6716.5710
HJ Tayfield (SAf)101369242145-6217.2810
GO Rabone (NZ,Auck)104444405236-3717.6010
HB Cave (CD)133170420237-3118.2621
RW Blair (NZ,Well)134760443238-3619.2611
GWF Overton (Ot)113460431224-4419.5900
FJ Cameron (Ot)171211054-7422.0000
MB Poore (NZ,Cant)84747319143-4822.7800
FW Stanley (Ot)104452444194-5123.3600
HJ Keith (SAf)222119642-1524.0000
HE Tapping (Auck)5523017273-2324.5700
B Sutcliffe (NZ,Ot)303715863-3126.3300
LD Smith (Ot)79740277102-2127.7000
DB Clarke (Auck)95534389144-3827.7800
KJ McNicholl (Cant)51319278104-5627.8000
W Bell (Auck)76835310114-8628.1800
CG Rowe (CD)24958832-3629.3300
JA Hayes (Cant)85722416143-5029.7100
EA Watson (Ot)4313111-631.0000
AM Moir (NZ,Ot)135035714236-4231.0420
AR MacGibbon (NZ,Cant)111239445146-5731.7810
LSM Miller (NZ,CD)5413211-1832.0000
ARA Murray (SAf)7085919363-3032.1600
JR Reid (NZ,Well)139272421133-6132.3800
MG Melle (SAf)3181013043-1732.5000
DD Beard (CD)8786024873-9135.4200
WJ Brown (Auck)110348357103-3735.7000
TB Burtt (NZ,Cant)1698102545153-5636.3300
IB Leggat (CD)6662328172-3040.1400
KR Deas (Auck)7824111-4141.0000
LC Butler (Well)5043113331-1744.3300
ERH Fuller (SAf)7003818743-2946.7500
DC Cleverley (CD)13264911-1449.0000
GF Cresswell (CD)3362410222-6351.0000
PNF Mansell (SAf)4862221042-7152.5000
AA Hunter (CD)12605811-3358.0000
EW Dempster (NZ)3121311311-84113.0000
RE Brown (CD)336612511-91125.0000
BWH Sergent (Well)4442612811-31128.0000
ME Chapple (NZ,Cant)3661417111-14171.0000





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