First-class Bowling in New Zealand for 1947/48 (Ordered by Average)

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HT Pearson (Auck)6050    
FR Crawford (Well)6060    
AJ Reece (Cant)120190    
SR Ravouvou (Fiji)180280    
AJ Wendt (Fiji)481280    
FB Smith (Cant,SIs)240280    
JM O'Sullivan (Ot)844350    
DS St John (Ot,SIs)540460    
EW Dempster (Well)962630    
JG Leggat (Cant,SIs)30111-11.0000
RWG Emery (Cant)5431111-1111.0000
SN McGregor (Ot)3011111-611.0000
R Allen (Well)12635843-4314.5000
LJ Groves (Ot)241513496-8814.8810
VJ Scott (Auck,NIs)15038053-5916.0000
AW Roberts (Ot)5883914595-6216.1110
HJ Apted (Fiji)5503521-1317.5000
DC Cleverley (Auck)4802316093-3017.7700
ETT Cakobau (Fiji)42020205115-7218.6310
SM Viliame (Fiji)56232212116-3419.2710
JF Booker (Cant)19878443-4121.0000
A McLean (Well)86142304144-2521.7100
JE Hollywood (Auck)5062020394-8622.5500
LD Smith (Ot)62217275124-4722.9100
MJ Fenn (Fiji)140251666296-9422.9631
RF Cook (Cant)168211854-4123.6000
EA Watson (Ot)6622411-1324.0000
J Cowie (Auck)73129292126-9424.3310
PA Snow (Fiji)143110142-6025.2500
C Burke (Auck)109034457184-5925.3800
TB Burtt (Cant,SIs)153657666267-12125.6121
RH Scott (Cant,SIs)75721367146-9826.2110
RM Murray (Well,NIs)136649657254-5926.2800
PAT Small (Cant,SIs)115647442154-5229.4600
VAC McArley (Ot)15045922-2829.5000
IT Logavatu (Fiji)124265480164-4630.0000
B Sutcliffe (Auck,Ot,NIs)3481215453-3530.8000
DS Wilson (Well,NIs)121551480153-4032.0000
RE Hitchcock (Cant)222116152-2632.2000
VG Brooker (Auck)240159733-7432.3300
DD Taylor (Auck,NIs)150510331-334.3300
FE Hemmingson (Auck)106245483144-3534.5000
CA Snedden (Auck,NIs)5642222863-3838.0000
GWF Overton (Ot,SIs)116239549144-11439.2100
RS Challies (Well,NIs)73718453114-7041.1800
JC Little (Well)3361020953-4141.8000
RH Robinson (Ot,SIs)113930502124-11241.8300
PW O'Malley (Cant,SIs)6004411-2844.0000
KT Aria (Fiji)294913433-6644.6600
GK Cakobau (Fiji)5101026052-4852.0000
TA Freeman (Ot)9072637072-4852.8500
AR MacGibbon (Cant)7883232662-2454.3300
JA Hayes (Auck)288911322-8556.5000
JW Gosling (Fiji)234311721-5558.5000
WA Hadlee (Cant,SIs)12036111-2061.0000
SR O'Neill (Well)18686311-5063.0000
DP Dumbleton (Well)300913322-8666.5000
WM Anderson (Cant)10846711-1767.0000
CG Snook (Cant)6243721431-2571.3300
IW Payne (Ot)19868311-3683.0000
MG Browne (Well)306616821-5384.0000
OC Cleal (Auck)294168811-588.0000
AC Roberts (Auck)18079911-4699.0000
NV Burtt (Cant)210611111-38111.0000





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