First-class Bowling in New Zealand for 1923/24 (Ordered by Average)

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JA Dunning (Ot)16020    
HC Alloo (Ot)8090    
GR Gregory (Cant)16090    
CJ Oliver (Cant)80100    
AE Irving (Auck)240130    
JJM McMullan (Ot)160130    
JH Hutchings (Well)320270    
AS Player (Auck)720520    
RJ Coates (Auck)1041610    
HR White (Well)800640    
TJE Andrews (NSW)12834155-418.2010
ATE Punch (NSW)2402107104-2410.7000
AA Mailey (NSW)130720603377-10816.2941
A Anthony (Auck)240411362-1418.8300
CS Everett (NSW)101412470246-3519.5820
CG Macartney (NSW)105243272133-2620.9200
SG Smith (Auck,NZ)139521761308-6525.3622
DC Collins (Well,NZ)324223293-525.7700
DJ McBeath (Cant,NZ)140211741275-3127.4430
CFW Allcott (Auck)124832524196-3827.5731
HM McGirr (NZ,Well)128213695256-5227.8020
A Galland (Ot)216211742-1829.2500
ANC Snedden (Auck)429518863-931.3300
WM Douglas (Ot)6648350114-7531.8100
HSTL Hendry (NSW)122942419138-3332.2310
AWS Brice (Well)134917715226-5432.5021
EG McLeod (Auck)192213042-4032.5000
RC Torrance (Ot)96423445135-5234.2310
AW Alloo (Ot,NZ)179330893266-13634.3431
HC Watson (Well)5603511-1635.0000
DM Sandman (Cant)720133694-5337.3300
CCR Dacre (Auck,NZ)12827521-1437.5000
JS Hiddleston (Well,NZ)520630184-4237.6200
WHR Cunningham (Cant)101612498134-8338.3000
WR Patrick (Cant)238311932-2139.6600
RJ Read (Cant)456521652-6343.2000
H Wilson (Auck)504226963-12144.8300
EHL Bernau (Well)272314132-6947.0000
EO Blamires (Ot,NZ)740941184-5651.3700
M Henderson (NZ,Well)517432062-7353.3300
CA Holland (Well)256117332-6057.6600
RO Talbot (Cant)152011721-3458.5000
JSF Shepherd (Ot)288313621-2968.0000
RC Blunt (NZ,Cant)11017811-1978.0000
GR Dickinson (Ot)608342722-173213.5000





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