ListA Bowling in Ireland for 2006 (Ordered by Average)

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G Chapple (Eng)240140     3.50
RJ Logan (Ham)60160     16.00
AGAM McCoubrey (Ire)240180     4.50
SD Udal (Ham)601260     2.60
AR White (Ire)420350     5.00
RSC Martin-Jenkins (Sx)600420     4.20
LE Plunkett (Eng)600480     4.80
PJK Mooney (Ire)1020920     5.41
JTA Bruce (Ham)5703144-317.751014.253.26
KA Parsons (Sm)2902433-248.00009.664.96
RL Johnson (Sm)422911-99.000042.001.28
SM Ervine (Ham)6022122-2110.500030.002.10
PD Collingwood (Eng)3002622-2613.000015.005.20
LJ Wright (Sx)6005644-5614.001015.005.60
RJ Kirtley (Sx)6024633-4615.330020.004.60
GM Andrew (Sm)4203522-3517.500021.005.00
JD Lewry (Sx)5513722-3718.500027.504.03
SJ Harmison (Eng)6005833-5819.330020.005.80
IR Bell (Eng)3003922-3919.500015.007.80
AC Botha (Ire)12618243-3220.500031.503.90
SI Mahmood (Eng)4212111-2121.000042.003.00
AD Mascarenhas (Ham)5404822-4824.000027.005.33
Mushtaq Ahmed (Sx)6022611-2626.000060.002.60
AV Suppiah (Sm)3602611-2626.000036.004.33
CM Willoughby (Sm)4803411-3434.000048.004.25
D Langford-Smith (Ire)118013943-6334.750029.507.06
CL White (Sm)5403511-3535.000054.003.88
KJ O'Brien (Ire)126010731-2835.660042.005.09
DT Johnston (Ire)204218652-4037.200040.805.47
CT Tremlett (Ham)6003911-3939.000060.003.90
JWM Dalrymple (Eng)5405111-5151.000054.005.66
JF Mooney (Ire)132017133-7957.000044.007.77
WK McCallan (Ire)150013722-4368.500075.005.48
Saqlain Mushtaq (Ire)9017311-3873.000090.004.86





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