First-class Bowling in England for 1945 (Ordered by Average)

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AL Hassett (AusSer)1010    
RS Whitington (AusSer)12080    
RT Morgan180130    
HS Squires (RAF)240150    
AB Sellers (Yor)240170    
P Vaulkhard300190    
TM Sharp362210    
CH Palmer180230    
RG Gallaugher421270    
RB Rae (La)360290    
AW Roper (AusSer)421300    
M Leyland (Yor)1328440    
DB Carr (Eng)1385490    
NW Harding670500    
JF Parker1081550    
R Eckersley (Yor)960620    
WE Bowes (Yor)108102233-227.3300
JA Richardson (Yor)4812322-2311.5000
CFT Price (AusSer)21449973-1814.1400
AWH Mallett270811784-2714.6200
WE Phillipson (Eng)44419171106-5817.1010
DR Cristofani (AusSer)77120359195-4918.8920
EP Robinson (Yor)4261913674-6119.4200
AE Nutter (La,RAF)291513775-5719.5710
RS Ellis (AusSer)148567498255-2419.9221
RS Hodge192210955-8221.8010
ADG Matthews (RAF)71327334155-6622.2620
R Pollard (Eng,La)131146679286-7524.2520
RJ Partridge (RAF)10827333-4124.3300
GH Pope (Eng)102946419175-5824.6410
A Booth (Yor)318257733-4925.6600
J Pettiford (AusSer)348520783-6225.8700
CG Pepper (AusSer)164160737274-5727.2900
DVP Wright (Eng)135542631235-9027.4321
AC Roberts16868333-8327.6600
FT Badcock3761219476-16627.7110
JWA Stephenson (Eng)282416765-11627.8310
AG Cheetham (AusSer)4511121373-4730.4200
RWV Robins (Eng)351225084-7031.2500
WB Roberts (La,Eng)4922716452-2432.8000
L Hutton (Eng,Yor)210016752-1233.4000
KR Miller (AusSer)85825336103-4233.6000
JA Young16246822-6834.0000
A Coxon (Yor)77126374104-3937.4000
JGW Davies (Eng)3721715942-3539.7500
RG Williams (AusSer)117645519133-10939.9200
F Hartley (La)9024411-4444.0000
TE Bailey165410321-3351.5000
WE Hollies (Eng)4521233663-11556.0000
WJ Edrich (Eng,RAF)648735461-1959.0000
LH Gray16877011-7070.0000
AR Gover (Eng)220414121-5170.5000
LN Constantine12628011-5380.0000
J Langridge (Eng)216613011-49130.0000
TL Pritchard258317911-145179.0000





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