First-class Bowling in England for 1846 (Ordered by Average)

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HM Curteis (Sx)4100    
WC Bruce4050    
E Bushby (Sx)4050    
T Box (MCC,Sx,Eng,Play)80100    
WP Pickering (Sy,Eng,GEng,Gent)480270    
JM Lee (CU,GEng)6000295-?0.0031
GE Yonge (OU)9200247-?0.0021
G Brockwell (Sy)000237-?0.0011
D Day (Sy)000206-?0.0031
S Soames (OU)4400178-?0.0011
ST Clissold (CU)8000176-?0.0010
GP Ottey (CU)2400166-?0.0010
A Girling (Man)000145-?0.0020
RF Skelton (Shef)000137-?0.0020
T Hunt (Man)000127-?0.0011
TM Adams (Kent,Eng)00094-?0.0000
J Bayley (MCC,Sy)00085-?0.0010
S Dakin (Nth)00074-?0.0000
H Sampson (Shef)00074-?0.0000
P Smith (Shef)00066-?0.0010
FP Fenner00063-?0.0000
C Randolph (OU)00053-?0.0000
J Sherman (Man)00054-?0.0000
J Womack (Man)00053-?0.0000
S Redgate (Nth)00053-?0.0000
TC Lewis00044-?0.0000
E Hinkly (Kent)00032-?0.0000
A Walker (CU)00033-?0.0000
J Leith (CU)00032-?0.0000
WH Davies (OU)00032-?0.0000
WFJ Lautour (MCC,GEng)00033-?0.0000
J Bentley (Shef)00022-?0.0000
W Carter (Kent)00011-?0.0000
RT King (CU,GEng)00011-?0.0000
B Wake (Shef)00011-?0.0000
WJ Banks (Kent)2801811-?0.0000
FE Tinley0000    
E Martin (Kent)0000    
E McNiven (CU)0000    
F Pilch (Kent,Eng,GEng)0000    
G Butler (Nth,Play)0000    
HT Wroth (CU)0000    
CRF Loch (OU)44000    
E Sopp (Sx)4030    
AJD Diver16260    
E Napper (Sx,Gent)3601133-33.6600
WR Hillyer (Kent,MCC,Eng,Play)1503203831527-286.83156
WA Commerell (MCC,GEng)4401522-157.5000
W Martingell (Kent,MCC,Sy,Eng,Play)4100139476-247.7230
C Arnold156698236-658.9042
HGG Duff (GEng)28007887-409.7510
W Clarke (MCC,Eng,Nth,Play)2049108396-?9.8131
FW Lillywhite (MCC,Eng,Play)856142101029-?10.00125
A Mynn (Kent,MCC,Sx,GEng,Gent,Nth)1106323531048-?11.03114
J Wisden (Sx,Eng)6209214337-?11.2620
H Parker7603532-2511.6600
W Denison (GEng)2760111106-7212.3310
FH Hervey-Bathurst (MCC,GEng,Gent)2850112236-?14.0031
J Dean (MCC,Sx,Eng,GEng,Play)106836405616-4015.0052
WP Mynn (Kent,Gent)1601711-1717.0000
JF Fagge320012174-7617.2800
CG Taylor (MCC,Sx,Eng,GEng,Gent)2241135156-?19.2810
CJ Harenc2400128114-?21.3300
G Picknell (Sx)25609343-2623.2500





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