First-class Bowling in England for 1844 (Ordered by Average)

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T Sewell (MCC,Sy,Eng,Play)4020    
T McConnell (Man)12030    
W Jackson32450    
M Ewen (Pet)8050    
W Marcon (OU)40080    
FP Fenner30000179-?0.0021
GE Yonge (OU)000127-?0.0010
HE Moberly (OU)00093-?0.0000
H Royston (MCC)4801395-?0.0010
GP Ottey (CU)2400083-?0.0000
TF Hughes (CU)3960065-?0.0010
F Pilch (Kent,Sy,Ham,MCC,Play)19011764-?0.0000
CG Whittaker (Kent,MCC)1680043-?0.0000
G Brockwell (Sy)300032-?0.0000
W Sykes (CU)00033-?0.0000
EW Dowell (CU)720022-?0.0000
HT Wroth (CU)900022-?0.0000
TL French (CU)00022-?0.0000
EG Hartnell (CU)600022-?0.0000
JM Taylor (CU)1540021-?0.0000
VSC Smith (OU)00011-?0.0000
T Snow1840011-?0.0000
EM Dewing (CU,MCC,GEng)440011-?0.0000
HGG Duff (MCC)00011-?0.0000
C Arnold600011-?0.0000
TM Adams (Kent)16000    
R Ringwood52000    
R Bodle (Ham)48050    
S Dakin (Nth)820664-31.0000
J Hall (Yor)14402975-184.1410
J Sherman (Man)144050116-134.5421
J Chapman5651832-76.0000
FH Hervey-Bathurst (Eng,GEng,Ham,MCC)621226255-?6.5010
FE Tinley (Nth)6002133-217.0000
W Clarke (Eng,Nth)78930262326-268.1831
A Mynn (Ham,Kent,Gent,Nth)3139188161278-548.50127
D Day (Ham)659071196-218.8731
L Birch (Man)12006774-409.5700
FW Lillywhite (Sx,Eng,MCC,Play)273615281157-?9.60145
J Hodson (Sx,Eng)352087116-369.6610
E Napper (Sx,Pet)2680109126-2710.9010
CG Taylor (MCC,Sx,Eng,GEng,Gent,Pet)8300268437-?11.1651
C Randolph (OU,GEng)122045268-?11.2521
S Redgate216159585-7211.8710
WR Hillyer (Kent,MCC,Play)39301611391427-4111.98166
W Denison (GEng)210010895-7512.0010
J Womack (Yor)16206153-2312.2000
J Buttery2821311-1313.0000
W Martingell (Kent,Sy,MCC,Play)9660178255-?13.6910
W Napper (Pet)12405642-1814.0000
J Dean (Sx,Eng,MCC,Pet,Play)22660653665-3814.1940
C Ward (Yor)1801511-1515.0000
E Sopp (Sx,Pet)3201711-1417.0000
JF Fagge (Kent,Gent)2520103114-6517.1600
J Bayley (MCC,Sy)4600129255-6918.4241
G Picknell (Sx)338011185-3618.5010
B Good (Ham,MCC,Nth)234010733-8435.6600





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