First-class Bowling in Australia for 1889/90 (Ordered by Average)

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GE Palmer (Vic)241120    
J McKenzie (SAus)664120    
JW Trumble (Vic)11412180    
TP Ryan (Tas)420220    
H Wilson (Tas)482260    
J Worrall (Vic)725280    
EG Phillips (SAus)600300    
H Donnan (NSW)600420    
W Over (Vic)24015820    
RT Smith (Vic)6032633-268.6600
H Trumble (Vic)124575412298-11014.2032
GS Pennefather (Tas)198108666-8614.3310
WL Sidebottom (Tas)3011511-1515.0000
H Haldane (SAus)2411511-1515.0000
PC Charlton (NSW)68730230157-4415.3310
JC Reedman (SAus)48325173105-5017.3010
RW McLeod (Vic)83948284165-3017.7510
CTB Turner (NSW)92163263146-9718.7821
WA Richardson (NSW)18667744-4319.2500
GHS Trott (Vic)85945379186-1021.0521
A Jarvis (SAus)264129144-6522.7500
GT Parkin (SAus)3622311-2323.0000
TW Garrett (NSW)84763234104-4423.4000
JF Wilson (Tas)5722411-2424.0000
G Giffen (SAus)97355352127-10429.3310
JJ Lyons (SAus)204511032-7936.6600
JJ Ferris (NSW)5522521252-2242.4000
W Bruce (Vic)304208821-2044.0000
S Morris (Vic)21078921-2044.5000
J Drysdale (Vic)168135211-2152.0000
EJK Burn (Tas)11456411-6464.0000
CJ Eady (Tas)18087411-7474.0000





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