Cricket in Australia in 1987/88

List of all First-Class matches
List of all ListA matches
Season's First-class Averages for Batting or Bowling
Season's ListA Averages for Batting or Bowling
Auckland Youth in Australia 1987/88
Australian Bicentennial Match 1987/88
Australian Women's Cricket Championships 1987/88
Benson and Hedges World Series Cup 1987/88
England in Australia, New Zealand and Pakistan 1987/88
McDonald's Cup 1987/88
National Country Cricket Championships 1987/88
New Zealand in Australia 1987/88
Old England XI in Australia 1987/88
Other matches in Australia 1987/88
Sheffield Shield 1987/88
Sri Lanka in Australia 1987/88
Sri Lanka Young Cricketers in Australia 1987/88
St Alban's College in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji 1987/88
Tooheys State Cup 1987/88
Age Group Cricket
Under-17 Cricket
Australian Wool Corporation Australian Under-17 Championships 1987/88
Under-18 Cricket
Women's Australian Under-18 Championships 1987/88
Under-19 Cricket
Barclays Bank Australian Under-19 Championships 1987/88
McDonald's Bicentennial Youth World Cup 1987/88
West Indies Young Cricketers in Australia 1987/88
Under-21 Cricket
Women's Australian Under-21 Championships 1987/88
Cricket in New South Wales
Cup Cricket
Tooheys Country Cup Challenge 1987/88
League Cricket
Sydney First Grade 1987/88
Cricket in Victoria
League Cricket
Victoria Cricket Association Premiership 1987/88





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