Lowest Career Bowling Strike Rate for South Africa Under-19s in Under-19 Int Twenty20 matches

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(Qualification: 20 balls bowled)
  Balls Mdns Runs Wkts BB SRate 4wI 5wI
TP Kaber2401722-1712.00--
AJ Pienaar4803842-1512.00--
GL van Buuren2401722-1712.00--
RJ Engelbrecht2401322-1312.00--
CWJ Fortune2403322-3312.00--
LB Williams2402822-2812.00--
AJN Price4205233-2414.00--
KO Rafferty72011353-2914.40--
MJ Nofal4804332-2816.00--
S Pillay5424831-718.00--
KK Jennings6009432-3120.00--
DR Deeb2403211-3224.00--
LI Vaaltyn4806921-2224.00--
NL Mgenge3604811-2636.00--
JD Vandiar3603211-1536.00--
R Henry3606011-3436.00--
CJ August4205111-2242.00--
P Subrayen4805511-2948.00--

The list shows the top 18 occurrences





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