Pakistan Players (E)


Ebad Ullah (Candyland)
Ebad Ullah (Karachi Zone VI Under-19s)
Ehatasham (Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science and Technology, Sukkur)
Ehetsham Baig (Superior University, Lahore)
Ehetsham Baigh (Superior University, Lahore)
Ehmar Aziz (Kalat Under-19s)
Ehmar Tahseen (Sialkot Schools, Sialkot Under-16s)
Ehsan (Sargodha Under-19s)
Ehsan Adil (Baluchistan Warriors, Faisalabad, Faisalabad Wolves, Federal Areas, Habib Bank Limited, Lahore Blues, Lahore Qalandars, Lahore Whites, Pakistan, Pakistan Under-23s, Punjab, United Bank Limited, Water and Power Development Authority)
Ehsan Ahmed (Gujrat)
Ehsan Akbar (Mianwali Under-19s)
Ehsan Akbar (Mianwali Under-19s)
Ehsan Ali (Faisalabad Under-19s)
Ehsan Ali (Karachi Zone IV Under-19s)
Ehsan Ali (Pakistan Army)
Ehsan Ali (Thatta Under-19s)
Ehsan Ali (Lahore West Zone Blues Under-19s, Lahore West Zone Whites Under-19s)
Ehsan Ali (Evacuee Trust Property Board)
Ehsan Arshad (Nowshehra Under-19s)
Ehsan Ayub (Faisalabad)
Ehsan Ayub (Lahore City Whites Under-19s, Lahore Under-19s)
Ehsan Butt (Allied Bank Limited, Islamabad, Lahore City, Rawalpindi)
Ehsan Butt (Railways Greens)
Ehsan Butt (Gujranwala, Gujranwala Under-19s, Sialkot Under-19s)
Ehsan Elahi (Lahore B, Punjab)
Ehsan Elahi (Dera Ghazi Khan Under-19s)
Ehsan Elahi (Khanewal)
Ehsan Ishtiaq (Pakistan Education Board)
Ehsan Karim (selected for Muzaffargarh Under-19s)
Ehsan Khan (Hong Kong, Rawalpindi)
Ehsan Khan (Dadu, Dadu Under-19s)
Ehsan Khan (selected for Tank Under-19s)
Ehsan Khan (Tank)
Ehsan Khan (Kohat)
Ehsan Mani
Ehsan Masood (Pakistan Ordnance Factories, Sheikhupura Under-19s)
Ehsan Mukhtar (Sialkot Schools)
Ehsan Qadir (Sahiwal)
Ehsan Rafiq (Kasur)
Ehsan Riaz (Quetta)
Ehsan Salik (Pakistan Universities, Quetta)
Ehsan Shah (Higher Education Commission)
Ehsan Sharif (Jhang Under-19s)
Ehsan Shehzad (Mandi Bahauddin)
Ehsan Sheikh (Sheikhupura Under-19s)
Ehsan-ul-Haq (Lahore East Zone Whites Under-19s)
Ehsan-ul-Haq (Punjab University, Lahore, Railways)
Ehsan-ul-Haq (Dacca University)
Ehsan-ul-Haq (Baluchistan, Quetta)
Ehsan-ul-Haq (Jhelum, Jhelum Under-19s)
Ehsan-ul-Haq (selected for Upper Dir)
Ehsan-ul-Haq (Bahawalnagar Under-19s)
Ehsan-ul-Haq (Jhelum)
Ehsanullah (Dera Ismail Khan)
Ehsanullah (Kalat, Kalat Under-19s)
Ehsanullah (Makran)
Ehsanullah (Sibi)
Ehsanullah (Pakistan Army)
Ehsanullah (Tank Under-19s)
Ehsanullah (Upper Dir)
Ehsanullah (Federal Government Boys High School 2)
Ehsanullah (Quetta Schools, Quetta Under-19s)
Ehsanullah (Kohat Under-19s)
Ehsanullah (Peshawar)
Ehsanullah (Dera Ismail Khan Under-19s)
Ehsanullah (Dera Ghazi Khan)
Ehsanullah (Federally Administered Tribal Areas Under-19s)
Ehsanullah (Loralai Under-19s)
Ehsanullah (Kalat Under-19s)
Ehsan Ullah (Pishin Under-19s)
Ehsan Ullah (Karachi Zone VII Under-19s)
Ehsan Ullah (Islamabad North Zone Under-19s)
Ehsanullah (Quetta Bears)
Ehsan Ullah (Quetta Under-19s)
Ehsanullah Afridi (Pakistan Customs)
Ehsanullah Ayaz (Dadu)
Ehsanullah Danish (Abbottabad, Abbottabad Under-19s)
Ehsan Ullah Jnr (Kalat Under-19s)
Ehsan Ullah Jun (Kalat Under-19s)
Ehsanullah Khan (Lahore City B)
Ehsanullah Khan (Kohat, Kohat Under-19s)
Ehsanullahn (Bannu Under-19s)
Ehsanullah Qureshi (Sukkur Under-19s)
Ehsan Umar (Thatta)
Ehsan-ur-Rehman (Azad Jammu and Kashmir Under-19s)
Ehtasham Saleem (Multan, Multan Under-19s)
Ehtasham-ul-Haq (umpire)
Ehtesham Akbar (Multan)
Ehtesham Ali (Azad Jammu and Kashmir Under-16s)
Ehtesham Anwar (Rawalpindi Under-16s)
Ehtesham Bukhari (Kohat Under-19s)
Ehtesham Elahi (Hyderabad Under-16s)
Ehtesham Haider (Khanewal, Khanewal Under-19s, Multan Under-19s)
Ehtesham Hasan (Dera Ghazi Khan)
Ehtesham Khaliq (Rawalpindi)
Ehtesham Khan (Attock Under-19s)
Ehtesham Khan (Pakistan Under-16s, Quetta Under-16s)
Ehtesham Qadir (Azad Jammu and Kashmir Under-19s)
Ehtesham Raza (umpire)
Ehteshamuddin (Lahore, Lahore A, Lahore Greens, National Bank of Pakistan, National Bank of Pakistan B, Pakistan, Pakistan International Airlines, Pakistan Under-25s, Punjab, Punjab University, Lahore, United Bank Limited)
Ehteshamuddin (House Building Finance Corporation)
Ehteshamuddin (Abbottabad, Peshawar)
Ehteshamuddin (Quetta Under-19s)
Ehteshamuddin (Karachi Zone VI Under-19s)
Ehtesham-ud-Din (Peshawar Under-19s)
Ehtesham Ul Haq (Gujranwala)
Ehtesham-ul-Haq (umpire)
Ehtesham-ul-Haq (Okara Under-19s)
Ehtesham-ul-Haq (Chagai Under-19s)
Ehtesham-ul-Haq (Chakwal Under-19s)
Ehtesham-ul-Haq (Faisalabad Under-16s)
Ehteshamul Khan (umpire)
Ehtesham Younis (Gujranwala)
Ehtesham Younis (Rawalpindi Under-16s)
Ehtisham (Government Allama Iqbal Graduate College, Sialkot)
Ehtisham (Hazara University, Abbottabad)
Ehtisham (Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science and Technology, Sukkur)
Ehtisham Ahmed (Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Jam Shoro)
Ehtisham Ali (Kasur, Kasur Under-19s)
Ehtisham Ali (Kasur)
Ehtisham Ali (Jhelum Under-19s)
Ehtisham Baig (Narowal)
Ehtisham Elahi (Okara Under-19s)
Ehtisham Iftikhar (Mandi Bahauddin Under-19s)
Ehtisham Sheikh (Government Degree College, Hyderabad)
Ehtisham Sultan (Abbottabad, Abbottabad Falcons)
Ehtisham-ul-Haq (Mansehra Under-19s)
Ehtisham-ul-Hasan (Vehari Under-19s)
Ehtisham-ul-Hasan (Vehari Under-19s)
Ehtisham-ul-Haq (Mansehra Under-19s)
Ehtsham Ali (Sheikhupura Under-19s)
Ehtsham Hassan (selected for Jhelum Under-19s)
Ehtshamul Hasan (Hafizabad Under-19s)
Ehtsham Ullah (Haripur Under-19s)
Ehtsham Ullah (Abbottabad Under-19s)
Eidy Amin (Bannu Under-19s)
Eiraj Kamal (Chakwal)
Ejaz (Bagh)
Ejaz (Baluchistan Under-19s)
Ejaz Ahmed (selected for Naushki Under-19s)
Ejaz Ahmed (selected for Turbat Under-19s)
Ejaz Ahmed (selected for Naushki Under-19s)
Ejaz Ahmed (selected for Naushki Under-19s)
Ejaz Ahmed (Karachi Zone VII Under-19s)
Ejaz Ali Silachi (Sibi Under-19s)
Ejaz Hussain (Pakistan Eaglets)
Ejaz Khan (Peshawar Under-16s)
Ejaz Rana (Sind University)
Ejaz Rasheed (Faisalabad)
Ejaz Younis (Quetta)
Elahi Bakhsh (Larkana)
Elahi Bukhsh (Larkana Under-19s)
Elahi Bux (Naseerabad Under-19s)
Elizbeth David (Sialkot Schools Under-17s Women)
Elizebath Barkat (Baluchistan Women, Lahore Women, Pakistan Women, Punjab Women, Saif Sports Saga Women, State Bank of Pakistan Women)
Ellahi Bukhsh (Quetta Under-19s, Turbat, Turbat Under-19s)
Ellahi Bukhsh (Turbat)
Emaduddin (Pishin Under-19s)
Emad-ud-Din (selected for Pishin Under-19s)
Eman Ahmed Khan (Karachi Zone V Under-19s)
Eman Khan (selected for Sahiwal)
Eman Sheikh (Karachi Zone VII Under-19s)
Emmad Ali (Lahore Eagles, Lahore Lions, Lahore Ravi, Lahore Shalimar)
Emmad Irfani (Lahore Blues Under-19s)
Enam Ullah (AO Cricket Club)
Eraff Saqib (Cricket Saudi International)
Eraj (East Pakistan Sports Federation Under-19s)
Eraj Zehrab (Hyderabad Under-19s Women)
Ertiza Anwar (Upper Dir Under-19s)
Eshan Alam (selected for Hyderabad Under-19s)
Essab Khan (Dera Ismail Khan Under-19s)
Essa Khan (Naushki Under-19s)
Essa Khan (Rajanpur Under-19s)
Essa Khan (Peshawar Under-19s)
Etsham Hassan (Jhelum Under-19s)
Ezatullah (Pishin)
Ezzatullah Khan (selected for Islamabad North Zone Under-19s)





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