North Marine Road, Scarborough - Seven Wickets in an Innings in first-class cricket

9-24W RhodesCI Thornton's XI v Australians1899f5250
9-28JM PrestonYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1888f3332
9-31J BriggsLord Londesborough's XI v Australians1890f3566
9-121WE BowesYorkshire v Essex1932f14026
8-16T EmmettYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1877f2085
8-27R PeelYorkshire v South1896f4578
8-33S HaighYorkshire v Warwickshire1899f5137
8-33JA YoungMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1946f17340
8-35GH HirstPlayers v Gentlemen1900f5481
8-37A ShawMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1876f2004
8-41TE BaileyTN Pearce's XI v Indians1952f19812
8-44GG NapierMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1913f8994
8-52T EmmettYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1882f2573
8-53K AliWorcestershire v Yorkshire2003f47383
8-56WE BowesYorkshire v Leicestershire1936f15532
8-62GAE PaineWarwickshire v Yorkshire1934f14704
8-64AE TrottCI Thornton's XI v Yorkshire1899f5257
8-72WH LockwoodPlayers v Gentlemen1892f3807
8-72P CarrickYorkshire v Derbyshire1975f30700
8-74CTB TurnerAustralians v Lord Londesborough's XI1888f3333
8-74FR SpofforthMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1896f4583
8-76R AppleyardYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1951f19376
8-94EF FieldPlayers v Gentlemen1911f8416
8-162AEG RhodesDerbyshire v Yorkshire1947f17694
7-12CK FrancisMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1876f2004
7-12R HendersonI Zingari v Yorkshire1877f2083
7-18R IllingworthEngland XI v England Under-25s1971f28889
7-19D WilsonYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1969f27966
7-21GH HirstYorkshire v Leicestershire1901f5625
7-22J BriggsLord Londesborough's XI v Australians1888f3333
7-23FS TruemanYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1955f21056
7-24S ChristophersonGentlemen v Players1885f2958
7-24EP RobinsonYorkshire v Hampshire1946f17299
7-25GA LohmannSouth v North1891f3677
7-26DG PhadkarIndians v TN Pearce's XI1952f19812
7-28GH HirstLord Londesborough's XI v Marylebone Cricket Club South African Touring Team1910f8125
7-29W MycroftMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1877f2085
7-31W BarnesMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1881f2450
7-35E PeateYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1880f2349
7-35H VerityYorkshire v Warwickshire1939f16693
7-37HW ForsterI Zingari v Gentlemen of England1888f3330
7-38GH HirstYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1893f3962
7-39A HillYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1875f1928
7-39WE BowesYorkshire v Glamorgan1933f14364
7-40E SmithYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1893f3962
7-40DR SmithGloucestershire v Yorkshire1961f23870
7-41BS BediNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire1976f31256
7-42Wasim AkramM Parkinson's World XI v Marylebone Cricket Club1989f38279
7-43E WainwrightYorkshire v Leicestershire1896f4553
7-44R AppleyardYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1954f20669
7-44RJ SidebottomYorkshire v Middlesex2014f55711
7-46W BatesYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1878f2184
7-46CTB TurnerAustralians v Lord Londesborough's XI1890f3566
7-46S HaighYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1897f4803
7-46ER WilsonYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1919f9513
7-46GB StevensonYorkshire v Northamptonshire1981f33735
7-47SMJ WoodsGentlemen of England v I Zingari1890f3559
7-49DR SmithMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1960f23455
7-51A CoxonYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1950f18936
7-51R IllingworthEngland XI v Young England1963f24990
7-52AD BaxterMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1935f15178
7-53R PeelCI Thornton's XI v Australians1896f4579
7-54WE BowesYorkshire v Sussex1939f16625
7-56W RhodesYorkshire v CI Thornton's XI1899f5257
7-56S HaighYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1904f6500
7-58GS ChappellAustralians v TN Pearce's XI1972f29324
7-59JW HitchPlayers v Gentlemen1913f8995
7-60R PeelYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1892f3806
7-61AG SteelI Zingari v Gentlemen of England1886f3079
7-61FJ ShacklockM Sherwin's XI v Lord Hawke's XI1889f3375
7-61FW MilliganGentlemen v Players1898f5012
7-61GOB AllenCI Thornton's XI v South Africans1924f11079
7-62SMJ WoodsGentlemen of England v I Zingari1889f3430
7-63J BriggsNorth v South1891f3677
7-63MK BoreYorkshire v Derbyshire1977f31745
7-64W MeadMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1897f4803
7-67FR SpofforthGentlemen of England v I Zingari1888f3330
7-67W MeadMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1895f4361
7-68T EmmettYorkshire v I Zingari1881f2451
7-68LN ConstantineWest Indians v HDG Leveson-Gower's XI1928f12547
7-71FR SpofforthAustralians v I Zingari1884f2831
7-71WE BowesYorkshire v Glamorgan1931f13654
7-72TF SmailesYorkshire v Middlesex1936f15497
7-73R IllingworthYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1968f27474
7-73P WilleyTN Pearce's XI v New Zealanders1978f32239
7-75MW TateMarylebone Cricket Club Australian Touring Team v CI Thornton's XI1925f11413
7-76GG MacaulayYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1927f12164
7-77OW HermanHampshire v Yorkshire1946f17299
7-82EP RobinsonYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1947f17737
7-83JM GregoryAustralian Imperial Forces v CI Thornton's XI1919f9516
7-87JW HitchMarylebone Cricket Club Australian Touring Team v Lord Londesborough's XI1911f8418
7-87RES WyattMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1935f15178
7-89R IllingworthYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1964f25373
7-91AE RelfMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1910f8122
7-91CP BuckenhamMarylebone Cricket Club South African Touring Team v Lord Londesborough's XI1910f8125
7-92D WilsonYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1963f24989
7-100JM SimsMarylebone Cricket Club v Yorkshire1934f14799
7-110R PeelNorth v South1895f4363
7-111GG MacaulayYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1923f10741
7-114FR SpofforthAustralians v I Zingari1884f2831
7-114E WainwrightYorkshire v CI Thornton's England XI1898f5016





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