Minor Counties Trophy Matches played on The Avenue Sports Club Ground, March (18)

1st June 1997 MCC Trophy 1997 First RoundCambridgeshire v Cheshiremint269
17th May 1998 MCC Trophy 1998 Group 7Cambridgeshire v Norfolkmint287
7th June 1998 MCC Trophy 1998 Group 7Cambridgeshire v Suffolkmint316
27th June 1999 ECB 38-County Cup 1999 Group 7Cambridgeshire v Northamptonshire Cricket Boardmint427
18th June 2000 ECB 38-County Cup 2000 Group 5Cambridgeshire v Bedfordshiremint467
3rd June 2001 ECB 38-County Cup 2001 Group 5Cambridgeshire v Leicestershire Cricket Boardmint547
19th May 2002 ECB 38-County Cup 2002 Group 3Cambridgeshire v Bedfordshiremint612
20th June 2004 MCCA Knock-Out Trophy 2004 Second RoundCambridgeshire v Cumberlandmint699
15th May 2005 MCCA Knock-Out Trophy 2005 First RoundCambridgeshire v Suffolkmint713
30th April 2006 MCCA Trophy 2006 Group 4Cambridgeshire v Hertfordshiremint731
29th April 2007 MCCA Trophy 2007 Group 4Cambridgeshire v Oxfordshiremint769
11th May 2008 MCCA Trophy 2008 Group 4Cambridgeshire v Dorsetmint816
31st May 2009 MCCA Trophy 2009 Group 4Cambridgeshire v Lincolnshiremint874
25th April 2010 MCCA Trophy 2010 Group 4Cambridgeshire v Suffolkmint890
1st May 2011 MCCA Trophy 2011 Group 4Cambridgeshire v Lincolnshiremint935
25th May 2014 Unicorns Knockout Trophy 2014 Group 2Cambridgeshire v Bedfordshiremint1087
24th April 2016 Unicorns Knockout Trophy 2016 Group 3Cambridgeshire v Norfolkmint1145
15th May 2016 Unicorns Knockout Trophy 2016 Group 3Cambridgeshire v Lincolnshiremint1164





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