Bowling in Sheffield Shield 1953/54 (Ordered by Wickets)

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IWG Johnson (Vic)145130606376-4616.37 41
R Benaud (NSW)169227831305-3327.70 20
VN Raymer (Qld)173053738287-10026.35 10
BJ Flynn (Qld)141617816278-14830.22 21
JW Wilson (SAus)251191887265-8234.11 20
KG Horsnell (SAus)115117560256-8022.40 21
JC Hill (Vic)154539612255-4324.48 20
WA Johnston (Vic)192331916255-6136.64 10
RR Lindwall (NSW)125612561195-3829.52 10
RG Archer (Qld)155233568194-8729.89 00
J Drennan (SAus)120012559174-9232.88 00
CR Smith (Qld)125522566165-8235.37 10
RC Roxby (NSW)90311462155-8430.80 10
RB Simpson (NSW)6635390145-3727.85 10
KR Miller (NSW)92518405143-5028.92 00
HF Lambert (Vic)80814360136-5527.69 10
HR Gorringe (WA)75710416134-6532.00 00
RH Price (WA)69210368125-8330.66 10
JF Power (Vic)101413497123-4641.41 00
JD Bratchford (Qld)64012274103-3527.40 00
HN Dansie (SAus)66413278104-5327.80 00
JW Burke (NSW)61214293106-6029.30 10
AM Fagan (NSW)5601123493-4926.00 00
KD Mackay (Qld)7601524375-4334.71 10
AT Preen (WA)580728873-7241.14 00
RB Strauss (WA)6561230574-5643.57 00
AK Davidson (NSW)382716664-5027.66 00
JS Manning (SAus)6171926162-3843.50 00
CA Watts (SAus)800643153-9186.20 00
KA Archer (Qld)252413231-1044.00 00
BA Rigg (WA)152016132-4653.66 00
AS Byfield (WA)4802922-814.50 00
JW O'Reilly (NSW)13624922-2924.50 00
PL Ridings (SAus)18419121-1245.50 00
AJTS Bailey (SAus)254611322-8456.50 00
RN Hiern (SAus)304213322-5366.50 00
EL Carter (Vic)288418221-5391.00 00
GB Hole (SAus)432422022-60110.00 00
RI Maddocks (Vic)81011-00.00 00
EK Cotton (NSW)15244311-2643.00 00
RB Sarre (WA)7924911-3649.00 00
AR Morris (NSW)7215011-550.00 00
EA Toovey (Qld)24300    
R Harvey (Vic)8030    
D Tallon (Qld)8040    
CJ Pinch (SAus)8060    
JH de Courcy (NSW)8060    
RE Briggs (NSW)8060    
ID Craig (NSW)8070    
L Pavy (WA)80100    
EJ England (WA)80110    
CE Harvey (Qld)241200    
RN Harvey (Vic)240240    
DK Carmody (WA)371310    
JL Clark (NSW)1763560    
JW Rutherford (WA)22441150    





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